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You Are Amazing!

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This is an advice page where you can chat to each other, make new friends, get advice, give advice.

    Hi guys,

    Welcome to my advice page for both genders! You might already know me from my other advice page, so please feel welcome to talk to me when I am on.

    Be kind
    Have fun
    No swearing

    This advice page is dedicated to Liv who has been on my other page lots asking for advice and just being a truly great friend to me.

    Stay Safe,
    Miss Know It All.

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3 days ago
@Miss Know It All

I’m so late replying to everything but…

Have fun in London!

I’m glad the movie went well! That movie was soo sad though! But it was still really good!

Oh and the date that you said about was soooooooo cute! 🥰

Oh and btw I still haven’t asked him out I really don’t know how and what to do! 💜
7 days ago
Movie went well but I cant be on for the next week and 3 days because we are going to London!!! Btw I live in Australia.
13 days ago
oooh sounds fun! lol i loved that movie
13 days ago
We are whatching Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 because I know that he liked and has whatched 1 and 2 but not 3...
13 days ago
I just booked tickets for the cinema. Is that good enough???
13 days ago
It does kind of feel suspicious though because yesterday it was on 500 and something.
13 days ago
Wow! I never thought that we would get to 1000 takers! Now I will complete the deal and ask him out...
14 days ago
wow we already got to 1000 takers
16 days ago
ik i dont know you that well, but im so happy for you! sounds like you had a great time
16 days ago
16 days ago
Ok so he came in the most cutest outfit and for the first 10 or so minutes we just looked at each other, not knowing over to say. Then the waiter came over and asked if we were ready to order twice until we noticed her. We both said that we wanted spagheti, and lemonade to drink at the same time! Instead of having 2 plates of the same thing we shared 1 big one. It was soo romantic!!!

When the meels came we started to get into the swing of it. We talked and then he insisted on paying the bill. He said that I was beautifull and he loved my hair!!! Then I had my first kiss with him and we walked home together!!!
17 days ago
Ooooooooooh @Miss Know It All
I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU! I am a little late replying so how did it go?
17 days ago
19 days ago
OMG he littrally asked me out for saturday!!! We are going out together to this restaurant that opened nearby. I cannot wait!!!
19 days ago
Ok I will reply now...
19 days ago
@Miss Know It All

Maybe try to meet him somewhere? You could reply back and say something like ‘Yeah I’d like that do you have a place in mind?’

I’m not very good at advice but I hope it helps!
21 days ago

Today he txtd me and asked me if I wanted 2 meet him somwhere. I still havn't replied bc idk what 2 say. I want 2 but i am 2 nervous. What should i do???
22 days ago
@Miss Know It All
Aww that’s really cute! I’m so happy for you!!!
23 days ago
Thanks for the update!!!
23 days ago
Today I got released from hospital and there was a party at my house. My crush was there and apparently he came to visit me when I was in hospital. I thought that that was really sweet of him as he is soo scared of hospitals. I think now we are bf and gf...