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Girl Talk 🩷 Venting/Advice🪻

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I made this as a page to talk about whatever you need to. My first intention was a place to talk about crushes or relationships, but then I realized that I'd rather create a community of strong and kind women that can support and help each other. I hope we can all sort out whatever we came to this page to talk about, and I wish us all the best down the road. XO, A

    hello! I think it's safe to introduce myself (being completely honest this time) my name is something I do not want to reveal quite yet, so I'll go by A.
    I )do not want to be ridiculed about or judged by my age, so I'll share when I'm comfortable
    I want you to know about me so that you know a bit about the girl that you're talking to.
    1- my favorite color is lavender
    2- I'm a competetive swimmer
    3- I'm straight (but support lgbtqia+)
    4- I have atelophobia (the fear of not being perfect
    5- I'm an aquarius and a HUGE zodiac person
    6- I'm basically always doing my nails
    7- I'm quite artistic
    8- romance novel stan
    9- love indie music
    10- I pretend to be more confident and tougher than I actually am
    I'm so excited to get to know this community of women

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5 hours ago
5 hours ago
Im sorry Im a boy but can I point out @Max @Dragon @Joshua @AllTheTests.com are literally the same person
Look at their numbers they're all 03224
3 days ago
Hey how is everyone! 💜
3 days ago
I don't need help. Silvia and Marco got what i needed.
3 days ago
Now where was i?... OH RIGHT! Anyway, is there anything we can help you with, Joshua?
3 days ago
Please stop it, Max.
3 days ago
gerls omlee hunh? u takin abut gerlee stuf? I hat gerlee stuf. I dot lik dolies an dreses. u gerls ar stupid.
3 days ago
Max, this is a girls only site.
3 days ago
hey gerls! waz gust kheki
3 days ago
Hope you're feeling better now joshua! I didn't even know this happened to you...
3 days ago
Once i had a period at elementary school and my parents didn't pack me anything in my backpack. Then my french emmersion teacher (Miss pheobe) told me she could help my situation. then my parents got to school early and let me stay up late watching TV.

I'm Dragon's older sister by the way :)
3 days ago
11 days ago
I will not be active on this site June 10- August 12th-ish. But you guys can help each other without me! That's what this site is all about!!!
XO, a