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Venting, Advice, and Chat Room!

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I’m Fox, and I have created this for people to make friends, vent about their worries, and get advice. All ages, genders, etc. are welcome! I hope to meet you!

    Hello! I’m Fox, and I would love to get to know you. This is a safe place for you to vent about your worries, help people, and make friends! Welcome to the community!


    No judging

    All are allowed, but if you are banned, then please leave

    No arguing

    Have fun

    I hope to meet you soon, and I hope I can help you with your problems. See you in the comments!

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4 hours ago
Daily reminder: you’re an amazing, beautiful, and kind person. Don’t let anyone push (I had a typo and accidentally typed ouch instead 🤣) you down. Spend time with your friends, do your homework, and do whatever makes you happy. Tea and aleen, this is mostly for you guys. But still for the general populace. Make sure to make the best out of life :)

Tea, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re going through that. Keep on pushing. You’re a strong girl and I know you can do it.

Aleen, I’m so sorry to hear about everything that’s happening with your life!! It sounds like things might be looking up though. Keep on going!!

Best of luck to all of you!!
— Fox
10 hours ago
also @Tea_ILM, u needa eat more. even if food dont taste as good cuz the Corona thing u still need 2. try 2 eat a little more please.
10 hours ago
hey hey hey @Tea_ILM please dont think like that. u have a bright future ahead of u. everything will get better, i promise. everything takes time. and u should keep trying not 2 harm urself in any way. its not worth it. ik it is addicting and it is hard 2 stop doing it, but u just gotta keep on trying. never give up. and yea school sucks. u might not need school, but school helps with jobs sometimes. try 2 think 1 good though about urself, or ur future everyday. it might help a bit maybe. and im deeply sorry, for how u r feeling❤these feelings dont last. and all the negative things u think about urself, arnt true. they never will be. ur a talented, beautiful, sweet person🤍
13 hours ago
@aleen, im glad things r getting better for ya. im really glad, and im sorry u had 2 go though all that. thats horrible. ur a very strong person yk
I know, but the thing is, I was clean for a very long time. Over month. I promised my bestfriend not to do it. And I tried to keep it. But it got all too much.
I know I need to do the school stuff, but I can't see a reason why.
I can't see a reason why I should be in school or something like that. Nothing about life makes sense to me.
If I think about my future, my job or love life, there is nothing. I can't think of it. Because then I'm starting to think of a reason why i would need it.
I'm having the same day all the time. I need a break from it. But I know it wouldn't work.
If I only could listen to music while class... it would help me so much. In the 6th grade I did it all the time. No one noticed.
I don't care if I have good grades or not. But if I don't have good ones, my parents like "I see, that's because of your phone!" And then they would take it. What am I doing then? I couldn't write with anyone or listen to music. And if I don't listen to music for a while, I slowly start to panic for some reason. It's like I'm having a Panic attack, but music stops it and also let it out If I don't listen. I also haven't ate much. I got Corona and everything tastes terrible. I stopped eating. I ate some cake yesterday, but that was it

It's just so complicated. Well, see you after school, Bye
It was all really hard for me to go through and it still is but im just glad its over.
So basically what happened is that for about a couple of years my dad would t**ch me and he would also do yk other things like that and when i would tell my mom she would say i was lying or say she didn't care and also she would get drunk and would become really abusive when she was.
Wow. What did your dad and your mom do if I may ask?
So he going to go to jail for 10 years and my mom lost custody of me so im going to go live with my uncle and cousins and things are getting better for me ive been getting straight A's :) but i just wanted to gie u guys an update so ya
oop sorry my wifi is bad
guys so my dad is going to go to jail for 10
I’ve seen her in our document for our book and that’s about it.
IKFK I haven't seen her in DAYZ
Fr thooooooo. And WHERE THE HELL IS SAPH
I think maybe aspfv, tbh. Aspfv is having so much drama rn. I think you should take a break from that 🤣
Nah you’re good. I was just taking a break for a bit. Also, should I take another break for a week? From allthetests, or should I just take a break from aspfv??
Tea! Not to be rude, but I agree, ur friend doesn’t sound like she’s linstening to u or there to help! U need school, even if u hate it and I understand u hate it in a different way from all the other students but still. U seriously have so much potential, like Fox said. U need to be strong…. And yes pls pls pls break the addiction to cutting ur self. We love u tea. And yes they are signs u aren’t to commit! Pls don’t! And like mentioned below…. We r here for u the whole way! Love u tea!

Btw XD….and sry Fox….I just wasn’t sure if u we’re gonna start doing the daily reminders yet or not. U can start doing them if ur ready to.

And thanks for the kind words! Hope everyone is going alright. And tea… pls don’t commit!
Tea ik what your going through i went through something similar before for a couple of years and rubber bands don't always work just know that if it doesnt and you feel like cutting go otp with someone or go around ppl and dont leave try not to hold or be around any sharp objects think of the future when youll finish school get your degree a good job and eventually a family youll be much happier right now bc of your age its gonna be hard but you have to push through because good things dont come easily so work hard in school so you can have a good future try to block out all the negative things and focus on the positive things if there arent any positive things try to make something become positive ik school is hard and teachers are mean but its common for them to be like that and the rude students dw abt them bc they r just insecure abt their selfs i promise you can get through this keep your head high and try not to do anything and if u do its ok just try not to next time you can do this.
Yeah, break the addiction to sh. It might be hard, yes, but you can do it. Please don't kill yourself.
You may always have that feeling of no home, but you always will deep inside. Your instincts are telling you to stay in this world. It’s too early to leave!! You have so much potential. So don’t give up now. You can do it whether you want to or not. Not to be rude, but don’t be lazy and slack off school. Find a close group of friends, study hard, and keep. On. Going. Break the addiction to sh. I know you can do this. So start doing so. We’ll be here the whole way. Just please, don’t do this. Don’t throw your life away. You mean so fùcking much to me. Please don’t throw it all away.