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Venting, Advice, and Chat Room!

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I’m Fox, and I have created this for people to make friends, vent about their worries, and get advice. All ages, genders, etc. are welcome! I hope to meet you!

    Hello! I’m Fox, and I would love to get to know you. This is a safe place for you to vent about your worries, help people, and make friends! Welcome to the community!


    No judging

    All are allowed, but if you are banned, then please leave

    No arguing

    Have fun

    I hope to meet you soon, and I hope I can help you with your problems. See you in the comments!

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20 days ago
I am so sorry guys. I'm back after 50 days :(
My I-Pad is dead forever now so I have to use my laptop.
I am still reading the chat...
20 days ago
Omg I actually can't my anxiety is getting so bad, my mom won't let me get therapy and I keep getting rlly scared and it's so bad, like a couple nights ago everything kept going black and light again and I was so scared and also I always feel sick and get shaky and I hate the way I look and cry when I look in a mirror and I get so many panic attacks it's crazy
21 days ago
Hi, so, I was listening to music while trying to sleep and I remember something. We learned in school, that if you do something you like, want to do or want to learn, then you're more successful. But, then how are they expecting me to be good at everything in school? We once had to choose between the subjects french, BWR, math and art. I didn't want to pick math, because I hate it and I'm bad at it. I didn't want to pick BWR, because its boring and more for people that wants to work with computers and in building. I didn't want to pick art, because I don't like it, if i need to draw something, I dont want to draw. So, french was the only thing left, but I didn't liked that either. I like English, but french is more difficult and I'm not interested. I need to pick one, so I was taking french, because my friends took it. But I'm not happy with it. One of my friends is changing subjects. I want to change too, but to what? I hate my new class. They are really rude and I really don't know how they even got in this school. My teacher are all... teachers? I mean, they are making sure we're okay, but they are giving us so much homework, that we don't have much left for hobbys or anything else. That's why I'm doing everything in the evening at like 22:00 til midnight. For me, every single thing is useless. I'm gonna be honest, if I wont see any reason till Christmas, I may not going to live any longer
25 days ago
@Tea I know how it feels after I get in fights (usually with my parents) I sometimes want to dye but then when I think about it ik that there are people in the world who need me to exist. and there are people who need you to continue existing I hope your mental situation gets better soon bc there are people out there who love you and NEED YOU to stick around and besides your friends NEED YOU around bc they care abt u!
25 days ago
Tea_ILM don't think of doing anything bad to yourself please you are such a valuable person and even if your in pain I promise it will go away and everything will be ok I'll be thinking about you and hoping everything works out! You deserve life and happiness you are so special remember that
26 days ago
You all got lucky because my friends couldn't leave me alone and I didn't want to do it in front of them
26 days ago
Sorry, but I will try today, so Goodbye maybe
26 days ago
Tea, don't you fúcking dare! Please!
26 days ago
I'm done with everything now. I can't do it anymore. Its getting worse every day and there isn't any sight of hope. I still dont feel real or alive, I still want to die and I still don't see a reason left to live. It could be a goodbye, idk for sure
28 days ago
That's bad Hannah. I'm sorry to hear that.
lonercat, I think I heard this sentences in a movie or else before? But if you feel like that, I'm sorry to hear that too
28 days ago
I just had the worst panic attack of my life like literally it's been an hour and I'm still shaking
28 days ago
I hate everyone, my father my mother, my friends I don't want to depend on anyone, it's like they never stay with me. But I hate it at the same time I dont want to be alone
33 days ago
ty daisy and thats a really good thing your getting better and dw im sure you will do great giving him a hug
34 days ago
Aleen, ur unlucky (if we can call it that) streak, might come to an end… u never know. Good things come to those who deserve them… and u r one of THE most deserving people! I hope ur life gets better soon.
How is everyone else?

I have been feeling a lot better, mentally, recently. I am beginning to love who I am. And my friends r pretty good and my fam situation is good, school isn’t too bad and my boyfriend and I are working out super well! But I’m scared bc I said I’d hug him tmrw…. And I don’t hug people much so ima fûck it up, probably. But I secretly really REALLY wanna hug him so… Need all the luck I can get ☠️
Love u guys!
35 days ago
im so done with this u guy s know how i was pregenet well i had a miscarriage a couple days ago and ive been feeling so depressed and suicidal dont even see the point of living anymore i just dont get why bad things keep happing to me
38 days ago
Well I mean we talked about it he said he had an appointment I mean at least he had a reason
38 days ago
So sorry to hear that Ryann. I wish I could give you advice or help, but I also never felt heartbroken or felt in love with someone. Have you asked your crush why he is ghosting you?
40 days ago
never felt heartbroken till now at least
40 days ago
hi everyone so i asked my crush to the halloween dance he said yes and then ghosted me and I feel like i have no reason to exist I am trying to move on but
i dont know how i have never felt heartbroken
41 days ago
Heyyyyy Tea!! Don't give up yet!! Your best friend loves you so much!! Don't forget about all of the people who love and care for you. You're just as important and talented as everyone else. Remember to eat!! PLEASE DRINK WATER!! I wish you the best of luck. Thank you for being an AMAZING friend to me -- Fox