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Venting, Advice, and Chat Room!

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I’m Fox, and I have created this for people to make friends, vent about their worries, and get advice. All ages, genders, etc. are welcome! I hope to meet you!

    Hello! I’m Fox, and I would love to get to know you. This is a safe place for you to vent about your worries, help people, and make friends! Welcome to the community!


    No judging

    All are allowed, but if you are banned, then please leave

    No arguing

    Have fun

    I hope to meet you soon, and I hope I can help you with your problems. See you in the comments!

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42 days ago
I know how you feel. I used to suffer myself with not drinking... I still do. My best friend gave me Hell. But they also saved me from it. It's just the cycle of friendship. Try to eat normaly. I know it's hard, but just try.
42 days ago

I'm feeling like giving up again. I thought it's getting better, but I was wrong. The time to do it is coming every night closer.

Today I noticed, that my bestfriend is making my life way better and more brighter, but she is making me feel worse at the same time. I didn't talked to her and I'm sure I never will.

My eating problems are a little better now, but I feel no or not long hunger.

I also almost passed out at the shopping center today, because I forgot to drink. I wasn't thirsty for once, but my bestfriend kinda forced me to drink.

Well, because I didn't eat anything there, these 2 guys who were with us are now thinking I'm having an eating disorder. May a little one...

I have a week Holidays right now, so I can have at least a little rest.

It is evening and very late I'm my place, so Good night from me❤
43 days ago
Glad ur doing better Daisy.
43 days ago
I’m sorry but what….?
How is everyone?
I’m loving myself a bit more and have gained enough strength to ignore the hate voice in my head. But I won’t be online every day…. Maybe once a week to start off with. Hope y’all r good! 💜❤️
47 days ago
Oh no...
47 days ago
OH also-how sweeet hes so ashamed of himself hes taking it out on OTHER PEOPLE 🥹
47 days ago
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Cameron is so desperate he's going for young girls!!! AW bcs he has no life and has to go one sites like that!! Aw-I feeel so bad for him!! 🥹🥹🥹
47 days ago
cameron why are u saying rude stuff if your gonna be rude just leave
49 days ago
51 days ago
Of course. Take as long as you need.
51 days ago
Hey y’all

I think you will b an amazing mom, Aleen.
And shad, u r amazing and just let life take its course.
Ryan ppl who r insecure of themselves bully others. Don’t take notice of them, they usually want a reaction, so don’t give them what they want, ik it hurts but ur strong.

I’m gonna take some time off from the sight. I rlly need to work on myself for a bit. I might be gone for a week. I hate myself rn and just need to get thru some rough things and not be too distracted. I rlly hope y’all r ok. And r happy or able to find happiness coz that’s my fav feeling ever.
Love u giys
52 days ago
but the thing is I have literally never been bullied EVER until 7th grade but I think the guy who is bullying me might have some problem mentally but idk
53 days ago
Your welcome and thats good but its fine if u dont fully forgive him bc of what he called u
53 days ago
Well, that's good I guess, Ryann. Good you reported it.
53 days ago
@aleen thx for the advice I told the principal and then the kid actually said sry but im not sure if I actually fully forgive the kid even tho i said i did
53 days ago
I'm not gonna be an easy target, believe me XD.
53 days ago
No im just saying they do it for attention or drama its not really worth arguing with them but at the same time dont be letting them disrespect u bc if u do there gonna keep doing and u could become an easy target.
53 days ago
Just because I'm not in 8th doesn't mean I don't have to worry about it.
53 days ago
Also guys im starting to have second thoughts abt keeping the baby i keep having mixed feelings like i really dont want to give him or her up but i dont think im gonna be mentally stable enough to take care of another kid but then again if i cant there are 3 other ppl that can help out but idk im just keep on overthinking and stressing abt it
53 days ago
ryann dw abt that 7th graders do dumb things to get attention all the time