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Venting, Advice, and Chat Room!

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I’m Fox, and I have created this for people to make friends, vent about their worries, and get advice. All ages, genders, etc. are welcome! I hope to meet you!

    Hello! I’m Fox, and I would love to get to know you. This is a safe place for you to vent about your worries, help people, and make friends! Welcome to the community!


    No judging

    All are allowed, but if you are banned, then please leave

    No arguing

    Have fun

    I hope to meet you soon, and I hope I can help you with your problems. See you in the comments!

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58 days ago
Good that they support you.

Tea I think it was to keep the population up and not decreasing. That's really what I think.
58 days ago
It's good that they support you. Also, why is it illegal? I heard of it, but I never really understood why and I never asked because I never needed to now.
58 days ago
ok so i dont have a choice bc were i live abortion is completely illegal and i have to have the baby and even after i have it im gonna keep it because i don want him or her to go through something like i did and my boyfriends parents completely support this and will with me and my kid.
58 days ago
I agree with Daisy. Is abortion legal? Do you want to go through with this?
58 days ago
I did some research and it’s pretty risky giving birth at ur age. There r some negative side effects. Is abortion legal where u live???

And a daily reminder!
Usually I try to find a quote that relates to the situations of ppl on here. But I really like this one.
“You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.”
Love u all!
59 days ago
tysm for the advice im gonna talk about with them for a while i will keep u guys updated on whats gonna happen
59 days ago
yeah listen to Daisy
59 days ago
Yeah, u r living with his parents too right? Cause u wouldn’t have a house of ur own and therefore the baby would have to stay where ever ur living so u need to make sure his parents r good wth the concept.
59 days ago
Daisy's right. Maybe you could also talk with his parents if they could help you if you keep it.
59 days ago
Holly cràp! That’s so amazing…. Yet terrible at the same time!
I fûcking hàte the fûcking hô3 that thought it’d be okay to r@pe u! U r beautiful and smart and funny and amazing! U r still 13 u have so much ahead of u and don’t need that sorta responsibility! But if u r willing to take on that task to raze a child… a new beautiful human…. Than I encourage u to do what u feel is right. But also speak with ur bf. Coz if I was in ur place I’d def have a long convo with my bf especially if I cod see us long term.
This must be SUPER scary, I’m only 13 too and couldn’t imagine how rough that’d be. This is a blessing but also a nightmare for someone so young to experience.
Keep us updated and best of luck! ❤️💜😁😊
59 days ago
So sorry to hear that Aleen. I wish I could help you or give at least a advice.
59 days ago
idk what to do like if i should keep it or not because if i dont im basically taking away someones life and if i keep it idk how things would go but im only 13 so idk what to do and this all is stressing me out.
60 days ago
UR PREGNANT!? Im sorry Aleen
60 days ago
You’re two weeks pregnant? Oh… man…
60 days ago
guys.... they ran some more test to make sure nothing else was wrong and while thy did they found out that im almost 2 weeks pregnant and idk what to do just as things are getting less bad something else happens
60 days ago
I feel better rn but my arm hurts even worse at least i got only one more day in here tho but i heard them talking about putting me in a mentle health hosital for a little while and im freaking out bc i dont want to go in there
60 days ago
60 days ago
THANK GOD ALEEN!! Im glad ur okkk!
60 days ago
Omg u scared me so bad! Why’d u do that Aleen? I know things are hard but ur handling it so well! We love u!

And daily reminder! U r loved. Even if u don’t love urself, there will always been someone that loves u and appreciates u for who u r. Remember u r loved, don’t let ur thoughts tell u otherwise!

61 days ago
Oh thank God! At least you're alive!