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To Be A Demigod (lightning thief fan fiction)

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I haven't finished it yet. But young girl named Ashley is always fighting monsters and watching her back. Her stress levels are so high that she has a non stop adrenaline rush the day she got cursed

Chapter 1I'm running. From what I didn't know. All that I knew was when the teacher morphed into a... a thing, I don't even know what t
Chapter 1

I'm running. From what I didn't know. All that I knew was when the teacher morphed into a... a thing, I don't even know what to call it, I knew I needed to get out of there.

Let me explain what's going on. I am what you would call a demi God. How a child becomes a demigod is, if when they were born, their mom or dad had an attraction to one of the Gods. I am a different case entirely. BOTH my parents are gods. I am a daughter of Zeus and Athena. They sent me into the mortal world to be “normal”, which is what I was doing when I had a run-in with a beast or monster.

As I'm running I hear an explosion off to my right. I look over my shoulder and see Sean, my boyfriend, run out of a classroom coughing. “teacher... Ex... plode?” I ask panting. Sean nods and we run out the front doors. I'm searching my pockets for my keys when I hear a screech. I stop at my car and look at the school. Three leathery hags are flying around the school. I'm frantically trying to put the key in the lock, when Sean takes it. “get in, Ash” he says softly opening the door. I nod and get in on the other side. Sean starts the car and we skid out of the parking lot. “Damn this year! The one year I hoped to be monster-free! Di-Immortals” Sean yells. I could tell he was pissed. A lot. Just at the monsters, but because he was a Demi God. Seans dad is Hermes, god of Messages, and thieves. He looks just like his dad too. Technicolor eyes, red hair, fantastic lopsided grin... Well, he relates. I on the other hand am nothing like my parents. I have eyes that change from blue to gray, black hair, and crazy ideas.

“Yeah, I hoped so too, but we have to get out of here” I said softly. He makes a noise of anxiety. “I knew this, but where? Don't you dare say camp half-blood because you know you hate going there!” He says looking at me. I nod, “I know, but it's my only option. We need to consult the oracle. And who knows, maybe Stephen isn't the head of camp any more!” I tell him with more confidence then I felt.

He pulls over at our apartment, and turns to me. “You wish. The Gods are just being pissy assholes to us.” He says and lightly kisses me. I grin. “you never know. Now let's go pack.” I retort and get out. As I walk up the steps I notice something looks off. Sean is about to put the key in the lock. I grab his wrist and motion to be quiet. I push on the door and it swings open. Sean and I look at each other. I reach in my boot and pull out a knife. Sean pulls out a pair of scissors and flicks them open. It turns into a short sword. We charge inside to see a massive hell hound digging through my apartment complex. It turned and saw us, and snarled. I step forward and it pounces. I fall backwards as it landed on me. Sean keeps taking hits at the hellhound trying to get its attention. I start thinking critically about what to do, while I hold the dog's head away from my neck. “Ash, this is not the time to think” shouts Sean, who had seen my eyes change color. I glanced and him and nodded.

Then I concentrated on my anger and energy. A clap of thunder sounded, distant but getting closer fast. The hellhound shifts suddenly and bites my shoulder deep. I bite back a scream. “Come on...” I think. Suddenly lightning shoots through the window and hits the hound. It vaporizes in a wisp of smoke. I go limp, all my strength gone. Sean bolts over and drop to his knees. “The Fates Taxi is coming. I'll get you to camp, just... Just hang on.” he says gently. I nod trying not to blackout.

The last thing I heard is the screech of a brake, then everything went black.

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1218 days ago
cool story pretty good
1218 days ago
wasn't athena zeus's daughter?
1368 days ago
I thought that Zeus is Athena's father lol. Otherwise good story.
1592 days ago
That’s an awesome story!!!!!!!! I would assume that she dies, but you said that it’s not finished so I can’t wait for more!!!!!!!!
2008 days ago
Awesome! But isn’t the Oracle in the attic? Or did they move her?