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Blank Canvas

2 Chapter - 589 Words - Developed by:
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Some short stories about the unavoidable anguish and suffering of life...oh well, I was kidding...(inspired primarily by the Hunger Games)(P.S. NOT fanfiction)

Bound by Morals

Failure results in death.

The victim was forced to kneel before you. Her eyes were wide with fear. She did not struggle, yet her frail body shook uncontrollably.

You raised your arm and prepared to pull the trigger, wiping the sweat off your brow.

"No, don't! Please spare me! I have two children at home and they will die if there is no one to care for them! Please!" She begged in a shrill voice.

You stared at her, your expression revealing nothing of your internal conflict. Somewhere in your mind a voice hissed:kill.

"Please, just for my children!" she pleaded, wringing her hands, her face contorted with pain.

You hesitated. You knew the consequences. It isn't worth it...is it? Could the taking of innocent lives be justified if it was for a greater good? Was there not enough blood and conflict in the world?

But if you fail...you would die.

The weak do not deserve your pity. Only the strong can survive.

Pity no one, for pity is a barrier to power.

This is the moral code that you've been condemned to follow.

Your hand trembled as you pointed the pistol at her temple.


Her voice ended abruptly.


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936 days ago
That was intense