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Skyffrey: Denial

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Skyffrey: It's everyone's favorite Penderwick fanfiction couple! Skye and Jeffrey, they are perfect for each other, and I was really upset that they didn't end up together! That's when I decided to start writing Skyffrey fanfiction stories! In this chapter, Denial, Jeffrey realizes his love for Skye and confesses it, but unfortunately, Skye doesn't feel exactly the same way. What is she to do?

    Skyffrey: Denial: Jeffrey Tifton was playing the piano downstairs. Even though Jeffrey was Skye's best friend and she enjoyed having him over for
    Skyffrey: Denial:
    Jeffrey Tifton was playing the piano downstairs. Even though Jeffrey was Skye's best friend and she enjoyed having him over for the weekend with her family, she hated when he played music and woke her up. He was seventeen! He should know better! "Ugh!" she groaned impatiently. She rolled out of bed, her blond hair a mess, and trudged down the stairs toward Jeffrey and the piano. "Did you have to wake me up?" Skye yawned, plopping down on the bench next to him.
    "Sorry," Jeffrey, who was already dressed, replied, turning to Skye but not bothering to stop playing. "Beethoven's Eroica."
    "I'm playing Beethoven's Eroica."
    "Jeffrey, you know I couldn't care less, right?" Skye stated.
    "Yes, but I can't help trying to make you care." Jeffrey finally finished playing but began another song. Skye sighed helplessly but leaned slightly into Jeffrey, just so she could fall asleep again in comfort. For a moment, Jeffrey gasped, but his playing didn't slacken. The feel of Skye's head on his shoulder and her hand on his leg was just too much. He abruptly halted.
    "What? What's wrong?" Skye jerked and rubbed her eyes sleepily.
    "N-nothing." Skye gave him her yeah-right-you're-hiding-something look, which she knew he couldn't hide from.
    "So are you going to tell me?"
    "I guess...."
    "Skye," Jeffrey's soft green eyes met Skye's beautifully and insanely blue ones, and he continued, "I can't help but notice that..."
    "That what?"
    "You're so beautiful, you know," he finished quietly, not daring to look for fear that Skye would kill him with her glares.
    "I--what! What has gotten into you, Jeffrey Tifton?" She stood up, her eyes suddenly fiery and--was that worry?
    "Skye, you've known that I always had a crush on you!" Jeffrey stood up as well, finally meeting Skye's eyes.
    "No, I didn't! I mean, I knew that at Point Mouette five or six years ago, you kept asking if you thought we'd ever get married to each other, but I just thought that was because--I don't even know!" Skye was tugging her hair, which meant that she was stressed.
    "No, well, when we first met, I didn't really like you that much since you knocked me out, when we started to be friends, I realized that I had noticed how pretty you were. And then you just got prettier, and now I can't stand not knowing if you love me or not!" Jeffrey's face was bright red, a bad sign, Skye knew.
    "Well--well, I don't," Skye stammered. She felt like crying but was too embarrassed. Her very own BFF Jeffrey was in love with her, but she didn't want to think about love right now!
    "Oh." was all Jeffrey murmured. "Well, OK." He slowly sat down again on the bench and closed his eyes, trying to block out the image of the gorgeous girl in front of him.
    "I'm sorry, Jeffrey, I am, but--you have to leave." Jeffrey opened his eyes wide.
    "Fine. I will." He brushed past her and headed up to where he was staying. There, he piled everything into his suitcase, not bothering to be neat anymore. All he could think about was that his true love didn't love him back.
    Meanwhile, Skye was in her room getting dressed. She put on a black shirt and black shorts. She was between misery and--concern? She didn't know. All she could think about was that she was her best friend's true love, and she couldn't love him back.
    Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, they met by the front door. Neither said a word. Skye opened the door, and Jeffrey made to go through it. Skye nearly shut it, but then, she whipped around and ran at Jeffrey. She hugged him but whispered playfully, "Don't think this means anything."
    "I know." Jeffrey smiled.
    "You can come back in a week, I guess," Skye sighed, punching his arm like the old days.
    "Thanks." Then he was gone.
    He would come back, but Skye wouldn't feel the same way about him as she always had.

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52 days ago
We need more skyfrrey👍They are so perfect!!
661 days ago
I do ship them but I didn't like this if this was a real fanfic you should have more chapters not skye shutting down Jeffery in like 2.5 seconds as them being besties right after like nothing happened.
1035 days ago
Jeffrey and Batty forever I love the Penderwicks books favorite series ever!
1043 days ago
I also think that Jeffrey should end up with Batty. It sounds so perfect to me!
1043 days ago
I didn't really like it, just saying.
1307 days ago
#TheGlisteningPizza A guy likes me and I’m four years older.
1324 days ago
I love these fanfic stories! I want more Skyffrey!
1463 days ago
Love this fanfic! Skyffrey forever!
1488 days ago
#TheGlisteningPizza, you know that you don't need to be older than someone to like them, first of all. Second, I read "the actual Penderwick books" as well, and he liked Skye first. (He never liked Jane!) It seemed that he liked Batty at the end of the Penderwicks At Last. Also, this a fanfic, so it doesn't have to be in the actual story. The point of a fanfic is for a fan to create their own story. So...yeah, I can't really say much else.
1500 days ago
splash time
1509 days ago
Uh, I have a question. How can Jeffrey like Skye if she's older than him? I read the actual Penderwick books... and Jeanne Birdsall made it look rather clear that he liked Batty or Jane.
1600 days ago
Hi, guys! @SpiritCat, ikr! I hope you liked this story. @CutieLocks, hi! Yeah, thx for checking 'em out! Hope you liked this, too.
1603 days ago
Oh good grief Skye! Just accept you're meant to be with him!
1603 days ago
Hi GryffindorChaser! I've seen you in a lot of quizzes!
1607 days ago
Thx so much, @ugh! Check out, Skyffrey: Denial!
1625 days ago
love this.