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Skyffrey: May I Have This Kiss?

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In Skyffrey: May I have This Kiss?, Skye gives Jeffrey a second chance. He comes back to the Penderwicks' house, but he doesn't want that second chance. All he wants is for Skye to love him back. He will do anything to get her to love him. Even if that means kissing her and getting slapped afterward. Will Skye give in to this relationship or will she shun Jeffrey once again?

    Skyffrey: May I Have This Kiss?: Skye was fuming. All three of her sisters--well, the original sisters, anyway--had just scolded her for kicking Jeffr
    Skyffrey: May I Have This Kiss?:
    Skye was fuming. All three of her sisters--well, the original sisters, anyway--had just scolded her for kicking Jeffrey out of the house two days ago. Even Rosalind, who had just returned home from college for spring break and was usually the calm sister, had yelled at her. Yelling was Skye's job! Little did she know, her sisters were having a MOOPS (well, actually a MOOPSMS, a Meeting of Older Penderwick Sisters Minus Skye) in Batty's room. "I don't believe what Skye told us," Rosalind was saying. Skye had lied and told them that Jeffrey had tried to get Skye to play the piano again, something Skye already hated. "Skye may hate when Jeffrey does that, but that isn't enough for Skye to kick him out. Something else must've happened."
    "Maybe he started talking about romance to her." This, of course, was Jane, who couldn't help but add romance into the situation.
    "She does hate that...." Batty agreed.
    "Yeah, but still..." Rosalind began, but she stopped. Her eyes grew wide. "No, wait! I think I have it." Jane's eyes widened, too. She had caught on.
    "Maybe he confessed his undying love for her!" she gasped dreamily.
    "Undying love for who?" Skye was poking her head through the door.
    "Oh...nobody," Rosalind assured her.
    "Yeah, right. Wait, are you having a MOOPS?"
    "Well, technically, it's a MOOPSMS, you know a Meeting of Older Penderwick Sisters Minus Skye--" Batty began.
    "Batty!" Jane scolded.
    "You're talking about what happened with Jeffrey! When I--"
    "Kicked him out of the house?" Batty interrupted.
    "Shunned him?" Rosalind continued.
    "Pushed him away from the family forever, not even caring about those who love him and care for him?" Jane finished. Everyone stared at her. "Sorry, I can't help it!"
    "Yes, you can," Skye countered.
    "No, I can't." Rosalind gave Jane her oldest sister glare, something she usually reserved for Skye.
    "Anyway, did Jeffrey say he loved you or something?" she asked.
    "Really?" Batty narrowed her eyes.
    "Fine! Yes! How'd you know?"
    "Well, it's sort of obvious that he's in love with you," Jane explained. "I always notice the way he stares at you. He was shot by Cupid's arrow."
    "Jane, shut up," Skye mumbled.
    "Why don't you love him?"
    "I can't! He's my best friend, and I don't want a one-sided relationship with my best friend. That would be so awkward!"
    "You can't push him away," Batty stated. "We all love him."
    "I know, I'm sorry."
    "Call him and invite him over for dinner," Rosalind demanded.
    "Fine!" Skye stormed out.

    Five hours later, Iantha exclaimed, "Time for dessert!" She rose from her chair at the dinner table and returned momentarily with a container of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Everyone ate and ate. It was delicious! After, everyone dispersed. Rosalind and Iantha went off to the kitchen to wash the dishes, Jane opened the door for her friend Artie and two Donovans, Mr. Penderwick slipped into his office to study, Batty played with Ben and Lydia, and Skye and Jeffrey went off to talk in Skye and Jane's room.
    "So...." Jeffrey and Skye began at the same time. They laughed, and Skye punched his arm like the old days.
    "You first," Skye sighed.
    "OK, well, why don't you love me?"
    "I don't know, I just don't!" Skye ejaculated.
    "OK, OK! You're gorgeous, you know."
    "I'm not, so stop saying that."
    "You are. Skye, I love you, and you can't stop that."
    "I wish I could!"
    "Well, you can't," Jeffrey snapped, which was unlike him.
    "Fine!" Skye's voice broke. Jeffrey knew she was thinking about Mrs. Penderwick, not Iantha, but Elizabeth because Skye resembled her. He edged closer until he was inches away. Before Skye realized, he was kissing her. She was in paradise, bliss, she couldn't explain it. Wait, this was wrong! Skye suddenly pulled away.
    "Jeffrey!" Skye slapped Jeffrey in the face.
    "Ow, Skye!"
    "How could you?"
    "How couldn't I?"
    "But--go, just go."
    "Fine," Jeffrey gasped, defeated. Then he was gone.

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56 days ago
We need more skyfrrey👍They are so perfect!!
665 days ago
I do ship them but I didn't like this if this was a real fanfic you should have more chapters not skye shutting down Jeffery in like 2.5 seconds as them being besties right after like nothing happened.
1039 days ago
Jeffrey and Batty forever I love the Penderwicks books favorite series ever!
1047 days ago
I also think that Jeffrey should end up with Batty. It sounds so perfect to me!
1047 days ago
I didn't really like it, just saying.
1311 days ago
#TheGlisteningPizza A guy likes me and I’m four years older.
1328 days ago
I love these fanfic stories! I want more Skyffrey!
1467 days ago
Love this fanfic! Skyffrey forever!
1492 days ago
#TheGlisteningPizza, you know that you don't need to be older than someone to like them, first of all. Second, I read "the actual Penderwick books" as well, and he liked Skye first. (He never liked Jane!) It seemed that he liked Batty at the end of the Penderwicks At Last. Also, this a fanfic, so it doesn't have to be in the actual story. The point of a fanfic is for a fan to create their own story. So...yeah, I can't really say much else.
1504 days ago
splash time
1513 days ago
Uh, I have a question. How can Jeffrey like Skye if she's older than him? I read the actual Penderwick books... and Jeanne Birdsall made it look rather clear that he liked Batty or Jane.
1604 days ago
Hi, guys! @SpiritCat, ikr! I hope you liked this story. @CutieLocks, hi! Yeah, thx for checking 'em out! Hope you liked this, too.
1607 days ago
Oh good grief Skye! Just accept you're meant to be with him!
1607 days ago
Hi GryffindorChaser! I've seen you in a lot of quizzes!
1611 days ago
Thx so much, @ugh! Check out, Skyffrey: Denial!
1629 days ago
love this.