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Skyffrey: Christmas Surprise

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Hi, guys! I am SO SORRY that I haven't updated in a long time. I have been SUPER busy. Enjoy!

In this chapter, it's Christmas time! Yes, the season of joy, family, sleigh rides, and snowmen! It has been two months since Jeffrey first confessed his love for Skye. He has been invited to the Penderwick's Christmas celebration, much to Skye's annoyance. Skye manages to avoid him up until it's time to open gifts. Then, when she opens Jeffrey's gift, the whole room goes quiet. What is the present? Oh, and there's a surprise at the end. What is it? Find out in Skyffrey: A Christmas Surprise.

    Skyffrey: Christmas Surprise
    Skye Penderwick woke up with the covers thrown to the other end of the bed. "Dang it!" she muttered. She pulled the blankets back up to her chin. Even with her warm comforter covering her entire body, she was still freezing because she only ever wore shorts and a T-shirt to bed, and the heat in her house had stopped working a week ago.
    Skye shut her eyes tight even though she knew that once she woke up she couldn't go to sleep again. Suddenly, she heard someone playing the piano downstairs. It had to be Batty because, although Jeffrey had been invited to their Christmas celebration, which was for "family ONLY," she had argued, he wasn't coming until later. But this music was too advanced to be Batty. She instantly recognized it as a Beethoven symphony, and Batty had told her just days ago that it would take her YEARS to learn those songs. And it couldn't be another Penderwick because the Penderwicks had what they called "a bad instrumental history."
    Skye reluctantly rolled out of bed and dragged herself down the stairs, rubbing her eyes as she went. When she got to the living room, she stopped and stared at the young man perched on the piano bench. "Jeffrey? What the heck are you doing here?" she yelled.
    Jeffrey whipped around and smiled. "Hey, Skye..."
    "Don't you hey me!" Skye snapped. "Answer me first!"
    "Skye, it's 11:08 already!" he replied, pointing at the clock on one of the end tables.
    "Oh." For a moment, Skye was without words. Then-- "Jeffrey, you know better than to play when I'm sleeping! Isn't that kind of rude?"
    "I know, Skye," he whispered, standing and reaching to hug her, but she pushed him away and stomped back up to her room to get ready.
    By the time she got back down, the house was filled with breakfast-y smells. "Dad's making pancakes!" Batty sang as Skye passed her. Skye walked right to the kitchen to ask Iantha if she could help, but then she saw that Jeffrey was there and left again.
    Breakfast was loud. Jeffrey, Mr. Penderwick, and Ben were having an animated conversation on music in movies, and all the women were chatting about shopping and other things Skye wasn't interested in. She rested her head in her hands and stared at the wall. She could feel Jeffrey's eyes on her, penetrating her as though they could see into her soul. Skye ignored him purposefully until Mr. Penderwick announced,
    "Gift time!" Everyone rushed to the living room where the Christmas tree, adorned in tinsel and all the family ornaments, sheltered large piles of presents, big and small, and very colorful. To Skye, present-opening was a daze, until Jeffrey handed her a small, square-ish package wrapped in blue wrapping paper with yellow mathematical symbols. Skye was hesitant. Everyone was still talking to each other noisily, so she thought, "I'd better open it while no one's looking." She tentatively tore off the wrapping, and instantly she stopped breathing. It was a box like she'd seen only twice before: when Mr. Penderwick had proposed to Iantha and when her older friend Charlotte had sent a photo of the box her husband had used to hold her engagement ring.
    This could not be happening! They were too young, seventeen! Then, suddenly, she could feel everyone's eyes on that small box. They were all silent, waiting, wondering. Then-- "Open it." This was Jeffrey.
    Skye swallowed and slowly opened the box. Inside was a beautiful piece of jewelry: a necklace that said Algebra in silver cursive. Jeffrey gulped and said, "It goes with that geometry bracelet Jane got you last year." Skye sighed a great sigh of relief. Then, she got up and made her way to Jeffrey. She hugged him. It was not a hug of lovers, but a hug of friends.
    "Thank you," she whispered. Then she realized that everyone was watching and pulled away gently.
    Then everyone began talking again, and all was normal. Skye could feel a loud pounding in her chest that was slowly quieting itself. "Whew," she thought.
    Later, after dinner, she left the downstairs bathroom with her new necklace on and bumped into Jeffrey, who was standing right outside the door, playing with his sweater sleeve. "Oh, sorry," Skye said.
    "You're fine," Jeffrey mumbled quietly. "Hey, the necklace looks great on you."
    "Oh, yeah, thanks again. I really do like it."
    "You looked scared when you opened it."
    "Yeah, well, I thought, well, we all thought--"
    "Yeah, I figured. I had a hard time deciding what box to put it in, but this was the nicest one I had." Skye smirked.
    "You know I don't actually care, right?" she laughed.
    "Yeah, but I do," he said. He was serious. Suddenly, she stopped smiling. All was silent. Skye noticed that they were very close. She could've counted the freckles on his nose if she'd wanted to. Then, Jeffrey's lips were on hers, and it felt better than she'd thought it would have. His lips were warm and soft, much better than last time. His arms wrapped around her, closing her in a warm embrace. And then she realized, this was meant to be. This wasn't wrong at all. She understood now. She understood why everyone loved the thought of them together. She loved it, too.

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550 days ago
I do ship them but I didn't like this if this was a real fanfic you should have more chapters not skye shutting down Jeffery in like 2.5 seconds as them being besties right after like nothing happened.
925 days ago
Jeffrey and Batty forever I love the Penderwicks books favorite series ever!
932 days ago
I also think that Jeffrey should end up with Batty. It sounds so perfect to me!
932 days ago
I didn't really like it, just saying.
1197 days ago
#TheGlisteningPizza A guy likes me and I’m four years older.
1213 days ago
I love these fanfic stories! I want more Skyffrey!
1352 days ago
Love this fanfic! Skyffrey forever!
1377 days ago
#TheGlisteningPizza, you know that you don't need to be older than someone to like them, first of all. Second, I read "the actual Penderwick books" as well, and he liked Skye first. (He never liked Jane!) It seemed that he liked Batty at the end of the Penderwicks At Last. Also, this a fanfic, so it doesn't have to be in the actual story. The point of a fanfic is for a fan to create their own story. So...yeah, I can't really say much else.
1390 days ago
splash time
1398 days ago
Uh, I have a question. How can Jeffrey like Skye if she's older than him? I read the actual Penderwick books... and Jeanne Birdsall made it look rather clear that he liked Batty or Jane.
1489 days ago
Hi, guys! @SpiritCat, ikr! I hope you liked this story. @CutieLocks, hi! Yeah, thx for checking 'em out! Hope you liked this, too.
1492 days ago
Oh good grief Skye! Just accept you're meant to be with him!
1492 days ago
Hi GryffindorChaser! I've seen you in a lot of quizzes!
1496 days ago
Thx so much, @ugh! Check out, Skyffrey: Denial!
1514 days ago
love this.