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Ivytail, daughter of a myth (Ivytails journey pt. 1)

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8 Chapter - 749 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 730 taken-The story is currently being written

Ivytail is NOT an actual cat from the Warrior Cats books! She is completely made up, and this is only pt. 1 of her journey to find the truth about her past. pt.2 coming soon!

Ivytail was born a beautiful, healthy kit to a she-cat only known by the legend surrounding her. (it'll be in chapter 4!) No one knows who her father is, only that he was a Riverclan tom. Ivytail was born into Riverclan, and learned to swim, hunt, and was raised by Willowshine, the medicine cat's apprentice. Ivytail's mother had abandoned her right after her birth. She had run away, the day before she was 6 moons old. She was abducted by two legs, before she escaped them at only 8 moons old. She joined Swampclan, and soon worked her way up to warrior, where she earned the name 'Ivytail'. She began teaching kits to swim, but soon discovered that there was something different about her. She began a journey to find Willowshine, to find out about her past. It all begins on a misty night, on the edges of Swampclan territory...

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181 days ago
Agree with 142 days ago , but if you take the qiuz make a real warriors name for yourself, for Starclan's sake!
322 days ago
Ivypaw from power of three became Ivypool. Read the books before you comment pls.
493 days ago
I'm ok with ivypelt btw
493 days ago
I just realized.... Ivypaw from Shadowclan does grow up to be Ivytail, actually, Ivytail!
500 days ago
Ivy, apparently there is a cat named Ivypaw in the Warrior Cats: Power of Three: The Sight book. Could it be that this Ivypaw grew up to be Ivytail? Or, if she had a different name, had a daughter or granddaughter named Ivytail?
506 days ago
I liked it but no use using 4 CHAPTERS to say sorry..... But I ❤ Warriors, always loved the name ivyfeather ivyleaf ivystar ivytail anythimg IVY.