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Wild Dogs- FanFiction

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This is a wild dog/ wolf pack fanfic. It’s based in a small abandoned town, near a lake. Your name is Luka, a small wolf dog who can hardly fight for himself but can survive in anything.

Ch. 1Alone...

(First Person)

You were laying down in a uncomfortable basket. It was just the right size for you.

The leader calls your name and you grunt as you get up. Your leg had been attacked by a cat not too long ago.

You limp over to your leader, whom was almost three times your size.

“Yes?” You say, shyly.

“What happened to your leg? I saw you limping earlier...”

You’re in shook, everyone’s watching. And your leader sits with an inpatient tapping from her tail.

“I..I got attacked by a cat...”

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139 days ago
Interesting! I liked it. I few spelling errors. I got a little confused with what was happening from time to time.you should do a backstory on the rouge. It does feel as if they are mixed with human emotionally. I do love that there is no cussing!
Overall it was really good. I will love to see more!