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Divergent Fan Fiction: Giselle

4 Chapter - 1.173 Words - Developed by:
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This is a Divergent fan Fiction. It follows the same storyline as Divergent (Written originally by Veronica Roth) but the characters names are different and I made slight adjustments.

    I wake on the morning of the day I've been dreading for the whole of my teenage life. The Aptitude test day. The day I will find out which faction I belong in. Amity, Candor, Abnegation, Erudite and Dauntless are the five factions. "Giselle, its time to get dressed," calls my mother.I pull the covers off of myself, and walk downstairs. My mother is dressed in your typical Dauntless clothes, a grey shirt with a black leather jacket, paired with a Black skirt. My mother sets my breakfast (toast) on the table before me, then exits the room. I eat as quickly as possible. I walk over to the sink, and place my plate on the side next to it. I run upstairs to get dressed. I put on a black crop top, and black leggings. I pull my blond hair over my shoulders, and proceed to tie it into a side plait. I walk over to the mirror and look at myself. I am of average height, and I am not extremely pretty. But I am not ugly either. I walk downstairs and see my mother and father at the dinner table. I ask "How are you?" To my mother and father. "I'm good. Excited for the test?" They both reply. "Not particularly,"
    "I think it's time for you to leave for the aptitude test now," My father said.

    I run down my street. I hear another door open slightly in front of me to my left, and my friend Heather walks out. She walks next to me. "Hey Giselle," She says grinning."Hi Heather," I reply. "How are you?" She asks.
    "I'm good," I reply. "Last one to the train loses?" She smirks. I start running as fast as I can. "Hey, no fair!" She calls. She also starts running. I end up reaching the train just before her, and as it slows slightly I leap onto it. She jumps on as well, and almost slips off. I giggle slightly, and she glares at me. Three other Dauntless children like us sit by the wall separating train carts, and I say "Hi Dakota, Xavier and Silvia, " Dakota smiles at me, Xavier waves, and Silvia says hi back. The train is silent all the way there, and tension is in the air. Usually we would all laugh and joke around, but everyone is nervous, and deep in thought. I realize that we are now at the city center, and I tap Heather on the shoulder. She looks up at me and I motion towards the city, and she stands up. Heather adjusts her position and shuffles a bit. She then jumps out of the train, and lands gracefully on her feet. 'My turn,' I think. Xavier, Silvia and Dakota also stand. I can see Heather, a blur in the distance, about to enter the city. I think 'This is it.Time to go.' As I hurl myself out the train.

    I spent what felt like hours in the waiting room. I had figured out they were calling us in in reverse alphabetical order. They had just called in one if my old classmates Illusia, and that meant that Heather was next. The door opposite me opened and a woman wearing red and yellow stepped out. 'Must ve from Amity' I thought as she called out "Heather Jackson," Heather stood up, weakly smiled at me, then entered the room. About 10 other people had already been called in, and there were only four of us left; Myself, Dakota, Fiona and Avril. I checked my watch. Ten minutes had already passed. I shuffled in my seat a bit to get in a more comfortable position. The door opened again, and the woman called out "Giselle Diazs," I slowly raised myself from my seat, and the woman stepped sideways to allow me to enter the room. She introduced herself as Sarah. Sarah sat me down on an odd looking chair, and handed me a yellow liquid in a test tube. "Drink up!" She says, in the cheerful manner people from Amity usually speak in. I glance down at it, then back up at her. Without taking my eyes off her, I swallow it. I then close my eyes.

    When I open my eyes, I'm stood in my elementary school classroom, and there are two baskets in front of me. "Choose!" A woman's voice booms over my shoulder. "Why?" I ask. "Choose!" The voice is more demanding this time. I look in the baskets. In one there is cheese. In the other there is a knife. I pick up both. The woman screams in frustration. The scene around me blurs and fades. I am now standing in a room covered with mirrors. Just as I am about to walk up to one, I hear a ferocious snarl behind me. I spin around and see a bloodthirsty dog. I can tell by the look in its eyes it wants to rip me to pieces. 'What do I do?' I think, as the dog snarls again. I throw the cheese at it, with no success other than that the dog glanced at the cheese briefly. It snarled again, this time running towards me. I can't kill it, I can't. So instead I surrender. I drop to my knees and lower my head. I squeeze my eyes closed. The snarling stops. Something licks my face. I open my eyes and I see a small, cute puppy. "Good boy," I say whilst stroking it. "Puppy!" I hear a little girl yell. The puppy is no longer a puppy though, its back to a bloodthirsty beast. The little girl screams, and I launch myself onto the dog. I close my eyes hoping this scenario will end. When I open them, an old man was stood opposite me. "Do you know this man?" He is holding up a photo of my father. "Why?" I fold my arms. "DO YOU KNOW THIS MAN!" He yells at me. "No," I say. He screams and the things around me disappear, fading gradually.

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1424 days ago
OK so I've kinda given up writing this one because I made a new one and I just forgot to update, sorry
1444 days ago
This is a work-in-progess, will be adding a new chapter every day or two days. Hope u like it!