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Percy Jackson Fan Fictions

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Normal. I don't even remember what that word means anymore. I used to be a perfectly sweet (Not!) tween and now I am running for my life from the minotaur. (half man-half bull from Greek mythology. Keep up with your history!) My name is Alexandra Lee Thomas. I am trying to escape the minotaur with my best friend's Jordan Micheal Hurt and Grace Koman. We reach the secret cave located in Mnt. St. Helens. I pull the trigger and the boulder launches from 20 ft. Then I pull the switch that opens the door. We ran in and the door slammed shut, plunging us into darkness. "ALEX! YOU WERE NOT KIDDING WHEN YOU SAID WE WOULD BE IN TROUBLE IF WE WENT WITH YOU TO COLORADO!" Gracie yelled. I cringed. Gracie is usually sweet as a blueberry. If she is yelling, she is MAD. "Sorry," she almost whispered. "No," I say. "you are right. I have a knack for getting people in trouble." Jordan snorts. "Hey Alex, can we get some light?" she askes. I find my way to the fireplace and point my finger. Large flames came shooting out, illuminating the tidy (ish) cave. Gracie squealed. "Jordan can you charge the computer?" I ask. Jordan, who is piling her strawberry-blonde hair on top of her head, nods. I brush my red hair out of my face. There is a bright blue snap and the computer is ready. "Hello!" shouts Raegen Blois. Oh, yeah! Reagan is another "sweet" tween. She is a tech wiz and can logic her way out of (or into)any situation. “Hey, Rea!” We yell. “Gracie?” Rea askes. Gracie sighs and follows. I don't know why, but she is embarrassed that she can do umm ANYTHING. She can control the water, do the stuff Jordan and I can...hold on, I smell more smoke. “Rea, did you start another kitchen fire,” I ask. She peeks out the door. “Ummm,” Gracie, Jordan, and I started laughing.
After a dinner of burnt salmon and rice, we do the usual fight on who will keep watch. “I’ll do it,” I say. Everything goes quiet and the girls stare at me. Then they shrug and lay down. I follow their example. Soon, I drift off into a deep, dreamless sleep. The suddenly BOOOM! There is a big flash of green light.

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94 days ago
plus I wanna know- are the boys monsters
94 days ago
yes foxhowl - correct
455 days ago
You could work on it some more but it is okay. Could be better but still okay.