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Wings of Fire

1 Chapter - 617 Words - Developed by:
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This is about when Burn burned down a scavenger den.

    The scream echoed around the village. The smoke billowed from the houses. Shortly after, the village was in ashes. This was disastrous. Could Macaw survive this- or would she be dead by the end of the day?

    1 day earlier…….
    Macaw walked out of her house and looked around the village. Everything seemed normal. But there was the threat of death hanging out over their heads every day. Which was why when they woke up, they had to go outside and stare at the sky for what seemed like forever. Why did they have to do this? Blame the human-eating dragons.

    We knew Macaw did not like this, but she is an obedient girl who wanted to survive the day (as in every day). Suddenly, Macaw’s head shot up in time to see lots of yellow sand dragons flying overhead. Every human outside instinctively stood under their large porches, so that the sand dragons would not be able to see them. But they must have sighted the village-if they did, that meant death, death, and what a surprise-more death.

    Macaw watched as the dragons flew around and around the village as if to suss out the village to see what it’s defences were. Which were a bunch of trees and nothing else, mind you. The humans held their breath as if that would magically send the dragons flying (eye roll). After about ten minutes of the sand dragons’ “lets’ suss out this human village” process, the dragons flew away slowly.

    The humans then returned to their daily go-about, way more cautiously and slowly than before. Every branch cracking noise would send them into “trying very hard not to go into fits of hysteria and panic” mode. At least Macaw was one of the few to try and find out what the sound was and then hide if necessary. It was kind of funny to see the villagers frightened by every small noise.

    Night came, without any more dragon patrols that the village could see. Suddenly, a burst of fire lit up the sky, startling everyone in the village into “PANIC AND HIDE AT THE SAME TIME” mode. The sand dragons were back- and in greater numbers. This was unusual dragon activity- the dragons usually only appeared once every 3 months. This though, twice in one day, there must be something going on- something involving lots of death for this village.

    The next day, the sand dragons were back- this was the extremity of strange dragon behavior. Why were they back again? Suddenly the dragons swooped down low, opened their mouths, and breathed fire on the village. The houses caught alight very fast and the screams began.

    Through the haze of smoke, we could see Macaw running for the safety of the trees. “Please make it, please make it, please make it, please make it,” We prayed furiously. Suddenly the dragons ceased fire and flew away, leaving the burning village behind. We survived, Macaw survived, we knew we needed a new village. But all we cared about at that moment was all of us were alive- that was all that mattered.

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595 days ago
This was cool and interesting- I like it!