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Wings of Fire: The Black Continent

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Fennec is sent to the Black Continent to escape the war raging in Pyrrhia. But can she escape the prophecy that could mean death to her fellow SandWing?

    Hello, I am Anastasia Chance, or Anna. This is my first story, and I am excited to share my ideas! Anastasia Chance is a pen name, and I hope you enjoy reading Wings of Fire: The Black Continent!

    “Remember, it will be safer in the new continent,” Gazelle said, twining her tail with her little sister’s.

    Fennec looked at her like she was crazy. “How so?” She spoke. “The SandWings won’t be there to protect me from the wildlife there.”

    “You’ll be fine,” Cholla said. “Me and Gazelle will be going to Jade Academy, and you’ll be going to the Black Continent.”

    Fennec gave both of her sisters a crazy eyed look. “I’m not so sure I like its name. It’s not very...” She paused. “...comforting.”

    Bighorn, Dingo, Skeleton, Warthog, Pyramid, and Pharoh all laughed.

    “Sis, it will be fine!” Psamathe assured her. She smiled sweetly.

    Fennec frowned. “I couldn’t come home, though...” She grumbled.

    “Younger dragonets like you have to go to the Black Continent. You’ll be safer from war,” Skeleton said, hugging his little sister.

    “Fennec!” Someone called and walked in. It was a ginormous SandWing Fennec knew to be her father, Hyena, Queen Date, his wife, by his side.

    “It’s time for you to go, Fennec,” Queen Date ordered. “Sandstone will accompany you.”

    “Why can’t I just fly, mum, or stay to help fight?” Fennec begged.

    “We’ve been over this, it’s all the way across the world, Fennec,” Hyena said. “Now the boats leaving. You two can take off once you see Cheetah in the sky.”

    Fennec growled a bit and stepped out to see the handsome Sandstone saying goodbye to his many girlfriends and fans.

    “Let’s go, Sandstone,” Fennec snarled.

    “Please, call me Sand,” Sandstone said and winked at Fennec.

    “Not in your wildest dreams. I am going to hate being stuck on a boat with a total...um...” Fennec wondered.

    “Dreamboat?” Sandstone said and the females squealed in delight.

    Fennec shook her head sharply and lifted off.

    Sandstone looked a bit aggravated and followed her.

    In silence, they boarded the boat.

    In silence, the got to the halfway point.

    In silence, they ate their bread, hawk, and drank their water.

    Finally, Fennec broke the silence. “Why is the whole of Pyrrhia at war again?” She whispered.

    For the first time, Sandstone was serious. “I don’t know...but everyone’s blaming it one NightWings and SandWings becoming an alliance.”

    “Why?” Fennec murmured.

    “Because we wanted to help the weaker tribes...I guess,” Sandstone said.

    “How come you’re never serious?” Fennec suddenly burst out. Sandstone looked mad.

    “How come you’re never attracted to men, only your studies and training?” Sandstone shot back.

    “Because there are no good ones!” Fennec growled.

    “Then because I think there are so many good girls to fall for, but mainly you!” Sandstone shouted. He covered his snout immediately. “Forget I said that.”

    “It will be very, very difficult,” Fennec murmured.

    They saw Cheetah and grabbed their stuff, rain pouring down, and flew after him.

    “So, kids, I’ll take you to the academy-” Cheetah said.

    “The academy!” Fennec and Sandstone both shouted.

    “Well, you kids need to stay educated while you’re here!” Cheetah said like it was obvious.

    Well, it wasn’t. And even with the tribes having enforced schools...

    ...Fennec had never been to school in her life.

    “Those are the dorms you’ll sleep in. Now get some rest, you have school tomorrow,” Cheetah said.

    “Well, uh, bye...” Sandstone said and walked into his dorm.

    Fennec walked into her dorm room, and it was completely empty.

    Well, almost.

    There was a NightWing in the corner, grumbling in her sleep, and a black RainWing, seeming distraught and upset.

    Of course, her bright, glimmering, golden scales stood out, and immediately the RainWing looked up right away, and immediately copied her scales, flicking her tail to try and make it looked barbed. Of course, that woke the NightWing up, who accidentally fell out of her hammock.

    “What is the name of life are you doing, Chimpanzee!” The NightWing shouted at the female RainWing.

    “I’ve been t-trying to master everyone who came into here, D-Deathchaser!” The RainWing, apparently Chimpanzee, stuttered.

    “Stop!” Fennec said suddenly. “Who are you guys?”

    “I’m Ch-Chimpanzee...” The RainWing said nervously.

    “I’m Deathchaser,” The NightWing said. “Who’re you?”

    “I’m Fennec...a SandWing,” Fennec answered.

    “Obviously,” Chimpanzee and Deathchaser said simultaneously.

    “We saw you come in with that...other dragon,” Chimpanzee said, a little braver.

    “Sandstone. He’s flirty, beware!” Fennec said sarcastically.

    Suddenly, all three dragons laughed like crazy.

    “Uh-oh, here comes flirty!” Deathchaser jokes.

    “Look out, he has batty eyelashes!” Chimpanzee giggled.

    Suddenly, there was some silence.

    “I don’t like guys,” Chimapanzee suddenly offered. “I like girls.”

    “I don’t like anyone in general,” Deathchaser said.

    Fennec nodded. “Me neither...” She broke off in a yawn.

    “We should sleep,” Chimpanzee said.

    “Dibs on the hammock!” Deathchaser shouted and curled up into it.

    “For some reason, I want to sleep in the mini-cave,” Chimpanzee said.

    Then I’ll sleep on the platform...

    Fennec crawled onto the platform, the moonlight hitting her scales perfectly.

    This is perfect...


    “WAKE UP!” Someone suddenly screamed. Cheetah, Sandstone, and three other males were behind him.

    Cheetah was holding a scroll. The IceWing and SkyWing were giant, but the SeaWing was terribly small.

    Cheetah opened the scroll while Fennec, Deathchaser, and Chimpanzee were having their ears bled out while the four others were screaming.

    “SHUT UP ALL OF YOU!” Cheetah screeched. All the dragonets shut up immediately and Cheetah read the scroll. “In this order, the dragonets shall come, the dragonet of Night shall come first, leading Ice to come. Soon the Sky will brighten, and Rain will fall. After the Seas will rise, pulling back the Sand. Two clawfuls, they are. They will bring the end to the war of Sand and Rain. Sand and Ice will fall in love, and soon new dawn will be.”

    “Huh-?” Deathchaser mumbled. “You came screaming into our room just to recite that stupid prophecy that was given to Pyrrhia?”

    “She’s definitely blind,” The SkyWing grumbled.

    Fennec gave him a quick glare and a menacing flick of her poisonous tail to shut him up.

    “Me and my mate, Rosebud, think you dragonets are those mentioned in the prophecy and the famous scroll, Sand’s Child,” Cheetah said.

    “Hogwash,” Chimpanzee mumbled.

    “I can see it,” Fennec said. “But doesn’t part of the prophecy says, but one clawful of sand shall wash away to be replaced by Mud?” Fennec shuddered. “As in death?”

    “Er, yes,” Cheetah said.

    “Have we even met the ugly dragons behind you?” Deathchaser said coldly. Fennec and Chimpanzee snickered.

    “EXCUSE ME, BUT I AM EXTREMELY HANDSOME!” Sandstone barked at all of them.

    “Your head is swollen because of the size of your ego,” Chimpanzee scoffed.

    “I’m Snow Leopard,” The IceWing said. “And yes, these three are extremely ugly.”

    The SkyWing shot Snow Leopard with an angry look. “I’m Phoenix,” He growled. “And am tempted to kill this piece of carrion over here.” He flicked his wing towards Snow Leopard and the two started wrestling with each other.

    “It’s good to meet you...kind of,” The SeaWing said shyly. He looked at Chimpanzee and gawked at how she was changing from IceWing, to SkyWing, to SeaWing, to SandWing, to NightWing, back and forth. “I-I’m Crawdad.”

    “I’m the only handsome, sane one around here, and I’m Sandstone, lovely lover of that one,” he said, flicking his tail towards Fennec.

    “IS NOT!” Fennec growled.

    “Don’t you just love her feistiness?” Sandstone said.

    “My bets are on him dying,” Deathchaser hissed.

    “Who are you girls, anyway?” Snow Leopard asked curiously. “Just wondering.”

    “I’m Princess Deathchaser, heir to the NightWing throne,” Deathchaser introduced regally.

    “You lie,” Chimpanzee snorted.

    “It was worth a shot,” The NightWing said with a shrug.

    “I’m Chimpanzee...” Chimpanzee said. “...and I like copying dragon’s scales. Like, a lot.”

    “I caught that,” Phoenix murmured unkindly.

    “I’m Fennec,” Fennec said loudly. “And I need to stop the war to see my family again.”

    “Great, now that we’ve all been introduced...” Cheetah said. “Time for class!”

    “This early!” Sandstone, Fennec, and Crawdad shouted. Fennec gave Crawdad a puzzled look, given he’d been there before them.

    “I got here, like, and hour before you,” Crawdad said.

    “Oh,” Both the SandWings said.

    “Anyway, off to class!”

    Fennec looked at the cotton uniform she had to wear to the classes. She fit her wings through and looked at Deathchaser and Chimpanzee, who looked as ridiculous as she felt.

    “Let’s go...” Fennec murmured. She followed the boys as they walked out, and she and her friends couldn’t help but snicker at how funny they looked.

    Of course, Sandstone was stopping to investigate every water puddle to admire his reflection.

    The first period was Dragon History.

    The second period was Scrolls and Their Importance to Knowledge.

    The third period was Flying.

    The fourth period was Navigation.

    The fifth period was Special SandWing Classes: SandWings Only

    By the sixth period, Lunch and Study Session, Fennec couldn’t take it.

    “I learned all of this thanks to Queen Date!” She growled.

    “Haven’t you ever been to school before?” Chimpanzee asked. “It’s required in each tribe!”

    “Well, from studies, it seems likes Miss Fennec here is royalty,” A voice sounded from behind them, and Phoenix swooped down from the air and sat next to them, Crawdad, Snow Leopard, and Sandstone hot on his trail.

    “Which means her mother probably got her out of doing schoolwork,” Snow Leopard concluded.

    “I’m the youngest in my family,” Fennec said. “What do you expect? Queen Date wanted to cater to my every need. This is why I was surprised when she sent me to the Black Continent, the most unknown place in all dragonkind.

    Crawdad seemed to be considering this. “That is pretty suspicious. I wonder why she did it?”

    “Who knows. She claimed it was “too dangerous” for me and Sandstone. There were dragonets younger than us staying with the SandWings! I just don’t get it,” Fennec said.

    “Maybe your mother is hiding something,” Crawdad said. “What do you think Sandstone?”

    “I would never talk carrion about my loyal queen,” Sandstone said.

    “Good for you,” Deathchaser grumbled.

    “Well, whatever it is...” Fennec started. “...I’m skipping the next classes to find out.”

    “SKIP CLASSES!” Crawdad shouted. “That would mean automatic suspension!”

    “An added plus,” Fennec said grimly.

    “I don’t know...I don’t like the sound of that too much,” Chimpanzee confessed. “Alone? In the Black Continent? Who knows what lurks here!”

    “Maybe the mythical StarWings?” Fennec offered hopefully. “Besides, I want to find more out about this prophecy. Which is why before I escape, I’m raiding the entire library.”

    “If there are scrolls, I’m in!” Snow Leopard said with a sudden eagerness to his voice.

    “Scrollworm,” Deathchaser snickered, and Snow Leopard glared at her once more.

    “So... we’re doing this?” Chimpanzee asked nervously.

    “So, first, we pretend we have a big project due, and head to the library. I know that there are poisonous tiger pufferfish in the cafeteria, so we might as well get them and serve them wrong to the librarian,” Fennec said.

    “Won’t that kill her?” Sandstone asked.

    “She’s a NightWing, and NightWings don’t die from that. At most, she’ll have a little food poisoning,” Fennec explained. “Then, we pretend we need some fresh air, because they keep all the doors locked. Finally, we fly to the highest tree.”

    “That seems reasonable,” Chimpanzee said. “When do we start?”

    Suddenly, a screech came, telling them lunch was over.

    “Right now.”

    Fennec walked over to one of the MudWing teachers. “Hello. We have a big project due. May we head to the library?” She spoke.

    “That was what the study session was for, SandWing,” The teacher said sternly. “Please report to your next class.”

    “Um, but it’s really big for...” Fennec started. Think. What was your next class? Fennec snuck a peak at her schedule, and her next class was...


    Dang it! She looked closer, and then got a brilliant idea. “Sorry, miss. I must have been a bit confused. Could you tell me what my next class is?” She asked innocently.

    The MudWing examined the schedule closer and frowned. “Report to the front office, SandWing. Ask for Lilypad, she’s our schedule manager,” The MudWing said to her, and took off for a ledge on the ceiling.

    “Guys, I have an idea,” Fennec said. “If these dragons are as smart as I think they are, they might be dumb.”

    “Huh?” All of them said in unison.

    “Well, we could trick them into thinking they got the schedules confused and we could smear the next class, then put an ‘L’ in the front of it and ‘Y’ at the end, so they think we all have the library for our next period,” Fennec said. All of them got to work in smearing their next class, but Fennec stopped Crawdad before he smeared his. “Crawdad, can you get us the fish from the back? Pretend you slipped, the hunters will hear the crash, come running, and get you some ice from the freezer. Pretend you need to come with them and get the fish on your way out. Got it?”

    Crawdad nodded and got to work as they all flew over to the front office.

    “May we see Lilypad?” Sandstone asked.

    The dragon at the front nodded and got a SeaWing from the back.

    “Well, you dragonets seem to have...for Fennec, math, for Snow Leopard, IceWing training, for Sandstone, SandWing training, for Chimpanzee, venom target, and for Phoenix, hunting,” She said.

    “But it looks like they all say library! Are you sure that the computer isn’t wrong?” Fennec whined in her best little dragonet voice.

    “You can go to the library for now, but-” Lilypad started, but the dragonets were already off.

    Crawdad was already there, and the librarian was already knocked out. “Get all you can!” Crawdad said. All of them stocked up on the important scrolls before they walked over to a security guard by the balcony.

    “Sir, I don’t feel good...” Phoenix moaned like he was sick while the others hid.

    “Well, step outside for a bit, get some fresh air,” The strong-looking guard said. “Go on now!”

    Phoenix flew outside, and while the guard wasn’t looking, he made noises like he came back inside, but really hid in a plant and started jumping from each one to unlock the main door the others were hiding by.

    “Hurry!” Fennec whisper shouted.

    “How did you manage to open it? You need a key to-” Sandstone started, and Phoenix held up a main key.

    “Got it under control, good buddy,” Phoenix said coolly.

    Each dragonet ripped off their uniforms and threw them into a nearby lava pool for them to burn.

    Little did they know they were being watched.

    Fennec woke up to a screeching coming from outside the leaves she and the others nested in, and Deathchaser stuffed herself in.

    “There’s someone coming!” She hissed.

    “They look really young, about our age,” Crawdad put in.

    “They’re carrying one of our uniforms!” Deathchaser went on.

    The dragon landed, revealing a tiny MudWing.

    “Is this one of yours?” She spoke.

    “Huh?” All of them said.

    Fennec stepped forward, realizing that the uniform was her’s, and that the MudWing’s scales looked singed, but not damaged.

    “You were born from a blood-red egg, like the historian and founder of Jade Academy, Clay!” Fennec suddenly said excitedly.

    “Yup! It’s in our blood. I’m related to him!” The MudWing beamed. “I’m Cypress, by the way.”

    “Pretty name,” Snow Leopard said to her.

    Cypress smiled. “Thanks,” she said.

    “So, uh, do you want to camp out with us?” Fennec offered.

    “Sure, it’s cold out there,” she said, squishing herself in.

    Fennec grabbed a scroll, and with the little light she had, she read it.

    And with shock, she realized it was the prophecy scroll.

    And it dawned on her that Cypress was here to take her or Sandstone’s place.



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Icewing blood is blue
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Hoi guys. Thanks for checking out my story! I’m not going to be writing any more stories (on this account) this year. Possibly some Alexander Greene stuff and definitely the Copycat usual. Have a good day and don’t look for Warriors, Wings of Fire, or Bravelands stuff! (OCs still being accepted, the trilogies can’t happen without them)
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Hello guys! Guess what? The next Duskmoon and Dawnsun is coming out soon! Yay! And I will work on the Next Shorts: Intro To and The Black Continent. BUT. But but but but BUT. We have to get fifty views on the next Duskmoon and Dawnsun and The Black Continent for me to make the Finales. Alright? Alright. Have a good day!
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FINALLY!!! Book 2 is out! I hope you enjoyed!