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Sunhatch and The Prophecy

7 Chapter - 1.616 Words - Developed by:
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Where war was to happen to try to solve and win. With dragons who are different and rude. To dragons that will underestimate and not believe.


    Sun egg woke up to what seemed like a night. But notice that there were no dragons. ANY WERE. Only noticing some old paintings on the walls. She saw the REAL legend dragons. All from the sandwing.

    "What is going on? You guys only come from the stars above. What is going on?" Sun egg asked anxiously.

    "Little girl. Come to what you know. What do you see in the shining light?" Legend dragon night star said very calmly. He knew she was freaking out and did not want to die when she was just this young and naive.

    "Well...I see...shine heart attacking well the one from the other tribe. And a massive storm rushing in from all the fighting and a flood. Something that never really happens in our tribe, the cloud tribe. And death! Make it stop please, I can't bear it!" Sun egg said with a little bit of fright.

    "You must warn your tribe before it is too late. Go know!" Night star said with pressure and rush in his voice. She ran and ran into what seemed old darkness and she woke up with a pain in her throat.

    Sun egg ran to find the first dragon she could. But the leader Starflight just chuckled and said "

    Yeah, like fighting can make a storm! Let us get prepared to get all nice and cute so we never die! Ha! Sorry kid, that will not work. Not even the strongest magic could make that happen." But I would always disagree and speak

    "But it is real! We will die!" No one listened. I felt stupid, small, and useless. But I didn’t want to give up. She ran around gathering sticks and stones and built a battlefield. I told everyone what happens and what their stations would be like.

    "Bullet leaf here and tree wing there!" Some dragons said they were bossing them around, but she just said that she gave them the positions they are good at doing and will be easier for them and that it would let them train faster. Everyone thought she was stupid. But one did not. Her family! Her mom was a water drop her dad tree

    stump her sister? Well, we like to call her no name. Mom and dad never came up with a name for her. The baby was happy and waited to hear her name but after 2 years she was not called anything. She is always sad, and everyone has a name, so she was left out. Dragons started to call her no name. And so that is what she was called.

    "Hey, sis! You will have the dragon's nest where you can shoot dragons out from a big and far distance!" She shouted over to her sister.

    "Huh no way. Dragons are always going to crush me or us." No name pointed out.

    "Yaaya...I get the point, but I heard they hate your name!" Sun egg said tricking her into doing it.

    "AAAAA! WHERE ARE THESE DRAGONS? WHEN IS THE BATTLE LET ME AT HIM LET ME KILL THEM AAAALLLL!" No name shouted for the entire galaxies could hear.

    "Ha! You should go to school where you learn not to yell! HAAA HA!" Some by-passers said, no name gave them a sturdy glare and went off with a flick of her tail.

    "eep!" The by-passers flew away. But it got me thinking...all the dragons need...is a lesson! From kestrel! The worst dragon of all! But how will I convene her?

    I walked over to a dark abandoned castle gazing at it. The home...of Kestrel. I slowly clawed at the door. A creak and out came a beautiful white dragon, long skinny and sparkling glow from the tip of her tail. A glowing ball from her main. She glared at me.

    “What rascal? Wake me up? NO. Now scurry off before I bite your tail.” Kestrel said grumpily. She has no kind words for any Dragon.

    “No no! I need your help.” I answer shivering with shuddery words.

    “With what exactly?” Kestrel asked.

    “Let us teach these dragons a lesson, shall we? They just need to know something is coming and I am the only dragon who believes it.

    “Why, no I will not,” Kestrel answered as she bit my tail and flew off.

    “OOOOOOOOWWWWWW!” I shouted I wailed and screamed. No one cared. I suddenly noticed...this was a careless tribe.

    I was staring up at the wall I created. Seeing dreadful things happen. I could imagine rain and death. I started to cry. I didn’t want this tribe to fall.

    “Oh, honey!” My mom said flying down. “This is beautiful, we will be ready! It is extraordinarily strong!” Then the wall fell. 5 dragons flew away.

    “Wait, this may be better...” I thought.

    “It is way better like this. I just need that teaching dragon.” I smiled proudly. I look around and think this is way better. But it is time to go to my nest and sleep.

    “Ung...dragon? “ Sun egg cried.

    “Yes oh hello honey...”Dragon said acting like I was the most important thing in the world.

    “I found the only star gem to contact each tribe. And I think it may

    Help us.” I say. He seems happy and some reason so happy like He's lying about something. I do not ask. I only look into his eyes. I know something is wrong. I shake the feeling.

    “Wake up. Pick up the stone to be ready. For a fight, a flood. The battle rages rain pours. You will make the rain stop. Everyone will survive! " he says. With that one shout, I wake a sudden wake and fly with spread fire spreads around me that is how fast I went. I yanked up the gem hid it under my talons and then saw everyone looking at me. Soon the place burst with whispers.

    “will we win?” or “we...are...going to die.” worried scattered on the crowd and me. One dragon walked up to me and she whispered, “I was wrong...about you little one” It was Kestrel. I whined and shut my eyes shut as she walked away and disappeared.

    “Ahhh! This is the life right my little eggs?”

    “Yeah yeah mom...wait today is the ceremony ill become Sunhatch! And then soon'll have my full name!” I shout panicking.

    “Sure you have a name unlike some dragons” No name frowned. “It's even my hatching day. No one will come”

    “Well, actually darling...we have a surprise. Your real name is Clay”

    “Oh really? That...I don’t know what to say...” It was time for the ceremony we gathered around as our king Starflight announced

    “All dragons please come. We have some new hatches from the following Sunegg, Floweregg, Staregg, and Demonegg. Please step forward. OUR NEW HATCHES NAMES WILL BE SUNHATCH, FLOWERHATCH, STARHATCH, AND-” He stopped. He looked behind himself and shook. “LEAVE, THIS IS SANDWING TERRITORY!”

    “That's all you got? " Shineheart asked NIGHTWING! ATACK” Fighting I'm in the middle I got mad so mad thinking about all the legendary dragons getting so big and fighting to win. I did the same thing big. I picked up the Nightwing twisted her head all around her body. Blood horror. “I saved the tribe,” I say as I shrink. And I fall asleep.


    “Oh hello, I am Rain. You're in the wing clan.”

    “Your-your. All dead?” I ask as I stutter as I move my neck away and back.

    “Yes. You have entered a prophecy. There will be a bigger battle, one where no one will survive without you. You may not survive, will you be ready? "I want to say no and think “You gave me too much pressure.” But I don’t. I say “ Alright. I will ” I took a big job that I don't know that I will finish. but I will try.

    Thank you all so much! This was my first post and I hope y'all liked it! If you write a book on this, tell me in the comments please and tell me what your name is so I can find and read your book or books!


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549 days ago
:D Good job!

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549 days ago
170 taken

...omg...omg...omg!!!! hey yall every time i hit an added 100 then i will thank yall like all heck and try and find ur stuff! if u put your books name in the comment section then i will read it and comment to it! Thank yall so much we have reached 170 aming for 200 then 300 and so on. Tell your friends pleas! Thank yall for crushing the support!
549 days ago
Fyi jayfeather bb is the best go check her out and jayfeather BB can i have your apenion on this story cause ya know your the best writer EVA.
553 days ago
i know i know i have not posted in a LOONNNGGGG time and im so sorry. i am not making tragc dream it got deleated and im sad:(. but i will be makeing a book that might take long it might not. i will suprise yall soon!
579 days ago
*playing with Clay (The one from this story)* THIS IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER.
581 days ago
i will be making a new book soon called tragic dream! it will be realesed in a few weacks.
585 days ago
Do y’all want me to make a part 2? Or…no?;-;
587 days ago
Thanks I love the support guys! If y’all want to comment if you want me to make another!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤ ️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Great story MarshmellowKat!