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Wings of Fire: The Black Continent: Snow Leopard

7 Chapter - 3.285 Words - Developed by:
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Welcome back to another Black Continent story!

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    “Snow Leopard!” A voice called. “Wake up!”

    “Just a few more minutes...” Snow Leopard groaned.

    “I said wake up you slow camel!” The voice came again. Snow Leopard’s eyes fluttered open.

    “Good morning to you too, Fennec,” Snow Leopard growled.

    “It’s still night, no brain, and lower your booming voice,” She hissed. “Three moons, why am I doing this?”

    “What’s wrong?” Snow Leopard asked, noticing the tint of urgency in her voice.

    “Cypress is what’s wrong!” Fennec growled. “She’s here to kill me or Sandstone!”

    Snow Leopard yawned. “That’s ridiculous,” he said.

    “Read the scroll!” Fennec said pitifully.

    Snow Leopard read it over and snorted. “It says the MudWing was a male,” Snow Leopard said.

    “Still!” Fennec cried. “I could die soon!”

    Snow Leopard spread his wings and wrapped them around the SandWing. “Sh, it’s okay...” He spoke.

    “No, it isn’t!” Fennec wailed. “You don’t know the feeling of your life being on the line!”

    “Actually, I do,” Snow Leopard said bitterly. “Are you sure you want to hear the story?”

    “Never said I did, but go on,” Fennec murmured and settled in a bit more.

    “In the Ice Kingdom, I was just practicing battle training homework from school, minding my own business, when I hear a screeching noise from the palace. I flew upwards towards it and saw a giant shattered hole in the wall,” Snow Leopard recited from his memory.

    “Woah,” Fennec snickered. “So deadly.”

    “Just listen,” Snow Leopard said. “As I was saying, I flew in and saw my sister and brother, Frostedtalon and Shimmer, who were kneeling over Queen Aquilon’s dead body, both of their talons red and bloody. It was horrible, and Shimmer crept towards me, a deadly look in her eyes, and attacked!”

    Fennec’s eyes widened a bit and curled around herself.

    “She slit my neck right open,” Snow Leopard said, showing the scar. “But Queen Aquilon’s daughter, Snowflake, came in and dragged her off me. Together we killed them both, but a battle took place when the IceWings saw Aquilon dead. They blamed NightWings and launched an attack. My mother sent me away that day, vowing to explain the miscommunication, so I flew off.”

    “That’s horrible. You must really love that Snowflake,” Fennec said.

    “I... guess I kind of does. I miss her, and I never even got to thank her,” Snow Leopard said, feeling guilt creep into his body.

    “Well, we’ll go to the Ice Kingdom first,” she said. “It’s closest. I can feel it. And I’ve memorized the maps.”

    “It is kind of chilly,” A second voice said. Both dragonets swiveled around and saw a brown dragon behind them. “What are you two talking about?”

    “Cypress!” Snow Leopard stammered. “I... didn’t know you were right there!”

    “But of course not,” Cypress growled. “I’ve been awake this entire time.”

    Phoenix woke up and almost knocked Deathchaser out of the tree.

    “Hey!” Deathchaser growled.

    Cypress growled at both and stalked back to her resting place as the sun rose.

    “We should hunt. And then plan for what we do next,” Crawdad offered.

    Chimpanzee nodded in agreement.

    Cypress gave the two of them one final glare and then flew off with Crawdad and Chimpanzee for a morning hunt.

    “Mmm...pig never tasted so good!” Phoenix said.

    “SkyWings eat pig?” Deathchaser snorted and nudged Phoenix’s wing.

    “Oooh...” Chimpanzee teased under her breath and laughed when Deathchaser shot her a look of anger.

    “You know what I think?” Cypress asked. “We should go find the Star Crystal.”

    “Why?” Fennec asked.

    “I think only the Prophecy Dragonets can open it and stop the war!” Cypress said.

    “I suppose it is as easy as that,” Sandstone said, shrugging.

    “We can go right now!” Cypress said eagerly.

    “I don’t trust this,” Snow Leopard said out loud. “The MudWings aren’t even in the war. Why would you suggest we go get it?”

    “It would stop the war,” Sandstone hissed to him.

    “Yeah, were you even LISTENING?” Crawdad asked angrily.

    “Go without us,” Snow Leopard said. “I don’t trust it."

    “Maybe we three should go to...you know, get along better?” Cypress asked.

    “Great idea. We’ll take naps in the sun!” Chimpanzee said excitedly.

    “Uh, or try killing something,” Phoenix said.

    “You three go enjoy your time, get to know each other!” Chimpanzee said happily. She laid down and started sunbathing.

    “Sure...” Fennec murmured. Fennec flew off after Cypress, so Snow Leopard followed.

    Immediately, Cypress slashed at Fennec’s side and threw her into a tree.

    Snow Leopard let out frost breath and a small screech when Cypress dodged and did the same to him. The world suddenly went black, and Snow Leopard felt the ground hard.

    - - -

    Snow Leopard woke up with ropes tied around his wings, body, tail, and snout. He saw Fennec next to him, still knocked out.

    Cypress walked up to him, a golden crown on, jewels embedded into her scales. Eight other dragons stood behind her, made of stars. The Star Crystal was on the tip of her tail.

    “Hello, Snow Leopard,” she said. “Just in time for our feast.”

    “Unf!” Snow Leopard said, struggling.

    “Go ahead, my children. Feast his blood,” Cypress ordered. The eight dragons slithered forwards and sunk their teeth into his body.

    Suddenly, he saw a golden tail whiz right into one of the dragon’s necks.

    He looked over and saw Fennec slitting the ropes carefully with her tail. She cut her own and escaped and lunged for Cypress’s throat.

    Cypress sent one of the other dragons to fight for her which Fennec used her tail with.

    Fennec was thrown back in a wail of pain, and Snow saw a star embedded in her chest.

    “Fennec!” He shouted as blood trickled down her chest.

    “Look out...!” She screeched, her voice cracking.

    Snow Leopard looked up and saw a murderous minion of Cypress, jaws open wide.

    Snow Leopard grabbed Fennec and dragged her into a corner of the cave and covered them up with rocks.

    “Fennec...!” He whispered. He took the star out of her chest.

    “It’s no use...” Fennec whispered.

    Snow Leopard nodded and covered up the deep wound. “We can’t leave though...”

    “Release them immediately!” A voice outside said. Snow Leopard peeked through and saw them.

    Chimpanzee, Phoenix, Deathchaser, Sandstone, and Crawdad had come to save them.


    “We demand you release them!” Crawdad hissed.

    “Hahaha!” Cypress cackled. “Well, okay...”

    “That was easy,” Chimpanzee murmured.

    “In trade for Sandstone and Phoenix,” Cypress hissed.

    “Why!” Sandstone and Phoenix gasped.

    “I need to kill Sandstone to be in the Prophecy and need Phoenix for offspring,” Cypress explained. “For my empire.”

    “Never,” Phoenix said.

    “They’re dead then, and so are all of you!” Cypress screamed.

    Snow Leopard burst out of the rocks and frost breathed Cypress who was knocked back and caught off guard.

    Cypress growled, stuck. “ATTACK!”

    The starry dragons immediately attacked the six dragons.

    Phoenix blew fire at one and had a fierce combat battle immediately.

    Chimpanzee shot death venom, but it had little effect on the enemy she was facing.

    Deathchaser clawed at its neck but it healed almost instantly.

    Sandstone was pinned by it and tried scraping its underbelly, but it was no use.

    Snow Leopard was hit to the head by the one he was facing, and the dragons that were fighting them dragged them to a wall and pinned them there with rocks.

    All except for Sandstone.

    The dragons left them there and went to Sandstone. They unhinged their jaws and opened wide, menacingly.

    They stuck their fangs into him as they did with Snow Leopard.

    Sandstone screeched in agony.

    Suddenly, Fennec burst out of the rocks with the star dagger. “They’re immortal,” she said. “We have to destroy the crystal!” She threw the star dagger at the crystal, shattering it.

    The starry dragons faded away from Sandstone, but it was too late.

    He was dead.

    Fennec let out a terrible wail of grief. Her face was twisted in horror and pain, and she buried her snout into his chest.

    Cypress smirked. “Now I will be in the prophecy!” She laughed. “Soon all of Pyrrhia will bow before ME, their true queen!”

    Suddenly, a huge shadow appeared.

    “CYPRESS, STOP!” Crawdad shouted.

    “Th-that’s not me!” She stuttered.

    A huge MudWing entered the cave. He growled at Cypress.

    “Carrion, it’s my brother, Mahogany,” She whispered.

    The hug dragon glared her down. While she was distracted, Fennec shoved her tail through Cypress’s neck.

    Mahogany growled. “The menace is over,” He murmured. “Stupid dragonet.”

    Fennec dropped the dead body over the cliff. “Huh?” She asked.

    Mahogany looked at her curiously. “Do you guys need a talon?”

    “That’d be great...” Fennec murmured and dropped her gaze to her talons.

    Mahogany nudged Sandstone’s dead body and looked surprisingly upset.

    “He was a great dragon...” He murmured again. “Saved most dragons from the Moon Moss Disease.”

    “I... didn’t know that,” Fennec whispered.

    Snow Leopard watched their eyes lock.


    “We should burn his body,” Phoenix said. Each dragon gave him a concerned look.

    “Are you crazy!” Chimpanzee spat.

    “Don’t talk to him that way!” Deathchaser growled in anger, spreading her wings to cover the SkyWing.

    Phoenix brushed her wings with his own and put one around her protectively. “I can fend for myself,” He whispered to her, not in an appropriately hushed tone.

    More silence.

    “Why would we burn his body?” Fennec asked.

    “So, we could put his ashes in a locket for one of us to wear,” Phoenix said.

    “I’ll wear it,” Fennec burst out. “I can return it to the SandWings.”

    Phoenix, Deathchaser, and Mahogany let outbursts of flame and Fennec winced while watching in shock.

    Snow Leopard felt a flash of pity for her.

    “We should continue the route to the Ice Kingdom in the morning,” Chimpanzee offered after Mahogany fastened the locket on Fennec’s neck.

    “Agreed. It’s cold though...” Fennec shivered.

    “I’ll keep you warm,” Mahogany said to Fennec.

    “As will I to you,” Deathchaser said to Phoenix who smiled.

    “Gross!” Chimpanzee, Crawdad, and Snow Leopard burst out.

    “And I thought you liked ‘no one’, Death,” Chimpanzee shuddered. “And you too, Fennec.”

    “That was when I was stupid,” Deathchaser snapped and Fennec gave her a menacing glare to shut her snout.

    “You still are,” Crawdad snickered.

    “And you had fought in the beginning,” Snow Leopard pointed out.

    “Shut up...” Deathchaser whispered.

    “If we really are a part of the prophecy, then we shouldn’t have love until we stop this war over the NightWings and SandWings and the Star Crystals and...” Chimpanzee said.

    “You’re the dragonets of the prophecy?” Mahogany asked.

    “You must be the MudWing!” Phoenix said suddenly.

    “MudWings aren’t in the war,” Mahogany pointed out.

    “Let’s just sleep...” Chimpanzee said, laying down. She squirmed in close next to Snow Leopard and Crawdad.

    The four others curled in close.

    Snow Leopard sighed. He hadn’t felt this warm since Snowflake.


    “Wake up, Snow Leopard,” A warm voice said.

    Snow Leopard woke up and looked at the most beautiful face he had ever seen.

    “Snowflake?” He whispered, love, filling his heart.

    “It’s graduation day at school, come on!” Snowflake said, voice smooth as honey.

    Snowflake took his talon and pulled him out of his room.

    “How did you get inside?” Snow Leopard asked. “Where are the others?”

    Snowflake didn’t answer.

    That clarified it.

    This was a dream.

    A taunting, horrible nightmare type of dream.

    Snowflake suddenly turned into black dust. So did the others, and he saw a swift brown shape on the edge of the ice.

    “I’m still here...” It hissed and flew off.


    “WAZZA!” Snow Leopard shouted and shot up. The sunlight filtered through the cave.

    “What’s wrong?” Fennec asked. She was sharing food with everyone else.

    “Bad dream?” Phoenix asked.

    “Yeah...” Snow Leopard said. “I think...Cypress...”

    “Oh, you had a Cypress Haunting Thing,” Deathchaser said sarcastically.

    Snow Leopard shot her a glare. “Just forget it,” He murmured.

    Fennec picked at her food. “Just so you know, Mahogany and Crawdad left for more food and to look around the area so we can get to the Ice Kingdom,” She whispered.

    “Did you have a bad dream too?” Snow Leopard asked.

    Fennec nodded sadly. “It was so teasing...it was taunting me about Sandstone and Cholla and my other siblings and then they all turned to a black dust,” she said. “I think I saw a MudWing in the back who nodded and flew off.”

    Phoenix picked at his claws. “I guess we’re all confessing,” he said. “I had a dream about my little sister, Wren, and she turned to black dust...there was a MudWing there.”

    Deathchaser looked very uncomfortable. “Um...” She whispered. “I didn’t have a bad dream like that.”

    Mahogany and Crawdad came back.

    “We cleared a path,” Crawdad said.

    “But we should go. We saw a few guards looking for us and they had Cypress in a stretcher. They know we’re here,” Mahogany reported.

    “And we have to cross the ocean,” Chimpanzee said.

    “We could build a raft,” Deathchaser offered.

    “Good idea,” They all agreed.

    Snow Leopard went with Fennec and Chimpanzee to get some wood.

    “I’ll get wood,” Fennec said.

    “I’ll get vines,” Chimpanzee said.

    “I’ll get some leaves,” Snow Leopard said.

    He got busy getting the large leaves and then met them back at the cave.

    Everyone started putting the raft together.

    “Let’s go,” Mahogany said. He picked up the finished raft and flew out of the cave. “And stay hidden.”

    Mahogany made the smaller dragons, like Crawdad and Fennec, get onto the raft underneath him.

    Soon, they reached the ocean. Mahogany dropped the raft, and only Fennec, Crawdad, Phoenix, and Mahogany could fit.

    “I have an idea,” Fennec said. She instructed Mahogany to lift his huge wings, and for Phoenix to do the same. Fennec crawled under the small area and told Deathchaser and Crawdad to follow her.

    Snow Leopard and Chimpanzee crawled on, and the three started moving to more comfy positions.

    Snow Leopard readied his frost breath and shot it backward.

    They immediately headed towards the Ice Kingdom.

    Everyone began to get tired from rowing and getting to the Ice Kingdom, so they all agreed to sleep.

    - -

    Snow Leopard yawned and saw the raft hit a sandy shore.

    “We’re here...” He yawned.

    Fennec jumped onto the shore and strangely burrowed.

    “It isn’t cold?” Chimpanzee asked.

    “No,” Mahogany said. “We’re at the Sand Kingdom.”

    “What!” Everyone screamed.

    “Three moons...” Deathchaser said angrily.

    “I’m home!” Fennec cried in excitement, jumping around. “I can take you guys to meet my mom and dad and siblings and kingdom!”

    “Won’t it look a little suspicious?” Snow Leopard asked cautiously.

    “No, I’ll teel them you’re my friends,” Fennec said. “Let’s go...!”

    Everyone started following Fennec, who lifted off and flew over to a cactus and gathered the fruit off it.

    She gave one to everyone.

    “Gnaw until you get to the flesh of the fruit,” she said.

    Everyone happily ate, even if it was a bit weird tasting.

    Phoenix caught a few fast rabbits, and Fennec brought down a hawk.

    Then she professionally dug up an area where they could smell water so they could have a drink.

    “Where to next?” Chimpanzee asked after her meal.

    “I don't know, actually...” Fennec said. “This place doesn’t look too familiar. Oh, Sandstone has been everywhere in the Sand Kingdom...”

    Everyone sat down angrily.

    It was dawn, and they still didn’t figure anything out.

    Then it hit him.

    “Wait! Sandstone! The pendant!” Snow Leopard shouted. “Drop it!”

    Confused, Fennec dropped it.

    The pendant started floating away.

    “Follow it!” Chimpanzee shouted.

    They flew towards it.

    “Let me go in first,” Fennec warned when they made it.

    Fennec stepped in and flew around, and then came back in, face confused and upset.

    “What’s wrong?” Snow Leopard asked.

    “It’s the Sand Kingdom,” She whispered. “It’s been destroyed.”


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