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Shorts: An Intro to Snow Leopard

1 Chapter - 213 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 116 taken-The story is currently being written

Snow Leopard. Kind. Mysterious. Strange family. And weird past. This intro will help you to better understand him personally.

    Tribe: IceWing

    Mother: Penguin

    Father: Arctic Fox

    Sister: Shimmer

    Brother: Frostedtalon

    Looks: Diamond scales and at the tips of his body is a winter white color. Tips of wings are very light purple. He has a spine but one of them is mysteriously shaped. Black, beady eyes and tipped horns.

    Likes: His home, his parents, Queen Aquilon, snow, his friends, Princess Snowflake, and loves eating orcas.

    Hates: Cypress, Frostedtalon, and Shimmer (love/hate relationship), and scavengers.

    Is Snow Leopard based on a real person: No but is very similar to Hailstorm and a mix of Qibli.

    Thank you for reading!

    (His story is The Black Continent series.)

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520 days ago
Hoi guys. Thanks for checking out my story! I’m not going to be writing any more stories (on this account) this year. Possibly some Alexander Greene stuff and definitely the Copycat usual. Have a good day and don’t look for Warriors, Wings of Fire, or Bravelands stuff! (OCs still being accepted, the trilogies can’t happen without them)
572 days ago
Hello guys! Guess what? The next Duskmoon and Dawnsun is coming out soon! Yay! And I will work on the Next Shorts: Intro To and The Black Continent. BUT. But but but but BUT. We have to get fifty views on the next Duskmoon and Dawnsun and The Black Continent for me to make the Finales. Alright? Alright. Have a good day!
576 days ago
Quick questions: Who here likes FNAF (Five Nights At Freddy's)
582 days ago
Okay so I just realized the comments are LINKED. Sorry! XD
582 days ago
Also: I have a Warriors series called Duskmoon and Dawnsun. If you guys enjoyed the first two books of my Wings of Fire series, I think you would enjoy it as well.
582 days ago
Uh weren’t there more comments on this…?
583 days ago
woahhhhhhhh confusion
584 days ago
FINALLY!!! Book 2 is out! I hope you enjoyed!