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Wings of Fire: The Black Continent: Chimpanzee

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When the SandWing kingdom is destroyed and Chimpanzee meets a strange dream dragon, she makes a grave mistake.

    Chimpanzee looked at Fennec in shock. “What!” She hissed.

    “It’s...it’s in ruins!” She wailed.

    That didn’t make any sense at all. In ruins? How? Why? And... who or what did it?

    Chimpanzee scowled, looking at her claws angrily.

    “Chimpanzee, your mind seems to be working,” Deathchaser said. “What do you think?”

    “That can’t be. Fennec only left...what, seven nights ago?” Chimpanzee asked.

    Each dragon confirmed with a nod of their head.

    “How was it destroyed so quickly?” Chimpanzee asked. “I’m going in. Fennec’s going to come with me.”

    Chimpanzee studied Fennec for a bit, circling her.

    “Must you do that?” Fennec hissed.

    “Yes. Do you want me to look...off?” Chimpanzee spat. “Now hold still.”

    Chimpanzee felt Fennec’s scales. Much rougher than the others.

    She stepped back and shivered. Her scales flickered the same golden as Fennec’s, and then a bit lighter.

    She made her horns look believable. She let her talons curl under.

    Finally, she cut her tail viciously.

    “WHAT-!” Fennec gasped.

    Chimpanzee stifled a cry of pain and covered it with a cloth. Now it looked like some dragon had ripped the stinger off her tail.

    “You're sacrificing a lot here,” Fennec murmured as they flew in.

    “Who cares?” Chimpanzee whispered back. “Not me.”

    They flew around. Chimpanzee could only spot four SandWings. “Do you recognize any of them?” Chimpanzee asked.

    “All but one,” Fennec murmured. “And one is not friendly at all.”

    “What are their names?” Chimpanzee asked.

    “Lizard, Pharoh, and Gravel,” Fennec said. “Pharoh’s my sister, Gravel’s the unfriendly one.”

    They flew down.

    “Fennec!” The one with similar scales to Fennec cried. She raced towards her and enclosed her in her bigger wings.

    “Pharoh!” Fennec said hoarsely. “What happened?”

    The dragon addressed as Pharoh hesitantly looked around.

    “I’ll tell you what happened,” The one with extremely dull scales growled. “Psamathe turned on us! She killed Queen Date and joined sides with some MudWing. She destroyed the kingdom and took all of the SandWings with her!”

    “Except for a few of us,” The one with bright, beautiful scales whispered mournfully. “Me and my brother, Sandpiper, Gravel, Princess Pharoh, and Prince Dingo made it.”

    The small SandWing, who was said to be the bright SandWing’s brother, Sandpiper, looked upset. “Psamathe killed all the avaliable competetion,” he said. “Meaning Pyramid and Gazelle are dead. Cholla escaped...but barely.”

    Fennec wailed in agony and collapsed in the sand.

    Pharoh comforted Fennec. “Who’s this?” She asked, signalling to Chimpanzee.

    Chimpanzee smiled. “I’m Chimpanzee...and can we trust you?”

    Fennec gave the signal for No, absolutely not, never in a million moons, but Chimpanzee’s scales shimmered back to normal.

    “A RainWing-?” Sandpiper asked.

    “Yes. We are the next generation of Dragonets of Destiny, here to stop the war that doesn’t seem to be just about taking NightWings in anymore,” Chimpanzee said bravely. “We are here to stop Psamathe’s plans for power-”

    “They never said that,” Fennec said, sorrow still reluctantly clinging onto every edge in her voice.

    “But she is,” The rough SandWing grumbled.

    “And we know just who the MudWing is,” Chimpanzee said.

    “We do?” Fennec asked.

    Chimpanzee gave Fennec a small slap of her wing. “Yes. Cypress attacked us and killed one of our friends...Sandstone,” she said. Shock spread across their faces.

    “He’s in this pendant,” Fennec murmured.

    “WHY SANDSTONE, WHY!” The beautiful SandWing cried.

    Fennec rolled her eyes, but tears still were welled up inside of them.

    “Will you help us?” Chimpanzee asked the four SandWings.

    They nodded. “I’ll get Dingo,” Pharoh whispered. “And Cholla.”

    “Cholla’s here!” Fennec squealed.

    “Sh! Be quiet!” Pharoh whispered. “If anyone finds out all three of us are here...we’re dead.”

    Chimpanzee wondered if she had made the right decision.

    Or did she just lead death to Fennec?

    She shook it off. She just needed some sleep...

    ...she laid down and fell asleep.

    Chimpanzee yawned and woke up. It looked cloudy around her. She saw stars.

    Hundreds of stars.

    In the middle was a SkyWing with the most beautiful scales Chimpanzee had seen.

    Chimpanzee just stared for a minute, and then her head snapped into her direction.

    Chimpanzee scrambled backwards in shock.

    “Well, hello,” she said.

    “H-hi,” Chimpanzee whispered. “Who...who are you?”

    “I’m Ember,” she said. “And you?”

    “Chimpanzee,” She whispered, changing her scales to match Ember.

    "Impressive,” Ember said. “So, you’re a RainWing?”

    “Y-yeah. Why haven’t my friends and I seen you in the SkyWing tribe?” Chimpanzee asked.

    “Ah...” Ember said. “I haven’t been there in some time.”

    “What do you mean?” Chimpanzee asked, confused.

    “I... I was killed in a battle, a few days ago,” She whispered. “I was fighting so my brother wouldn’t be hurt...”

    “Oh. What’s his name?” Chimpanzee asked.

    “He’s a traitor, it doesn’t matter,” Ember murmured.

    Chimpanzee sighed. “But you still fought for him?” She asked.

    “I don’t know why, but I did it,” Ember murmured.

    “Oh,” Chimpanzee said. “Well, you’re brave.”

    “Now I’m dead,” Ember said.

    Chimpanzee looked at Ember’s sad eyes.

    “I’m sorry,” Chimpanzee whispered.

    “You have to wake up,” Ember said. She smiled. “Can you come back? You’re the first dragon I’ve talked to since I’ve died...”

    “I’ll try,” Chimpanzee said.

    Chimpanzee closed her eyes and felt herself fall out of the dream.

    She woke up. But the thought came to her.

    Is Ember real?

    Chimpanzee nibbled on some fruit, pondering about her last dream.

    “Is everything okay, Chimpanzee?” Snow Leopard asked, confusion lingering in his tone.

    “You’ve been acting weird this morning,” Fennec murmured.

    Chimpanzee nodded and swallowed. “I’m tired. I want to go to sleep.”

    “Well, we have work to do,” Fennec snapped. “We have to get to the Ice Kingdom.”

    “What?” Chimpanzee asked. “Why?”

    “Because! We need to see what’s going on. What happened to Queen Aquilon...we need to check out Snow Leopard’s siblings,” Phoenix said. “They might have something to do with what’s going on.”

    Chimpanzee growled. She wanted to see Ember again.

    Deathchaser looked at the sky. “We could go now,” She said, shrugging.

    “Oh! Before we go, Deathchaser,” Chimpanzee said. “You don’t have the NightWing powers, do you?”

    Deathchaser glared at her. “No,” She spat. “Why?”

    “Well...” Chimpanzee said. “Were you born underground?”

    “My parents tried to suffocate my egg, so yes,” Deathchaser said.

    Chimpanzee nodded. She didn’t know why she wanted to know that, but she thought she should know if Deathchaser had magic.

    “Let’s get going,” Fennec said. The seven dragonets lifted off into the air and started flying towards the Ice Kingdom.

    Finally, their talons landed in snow. They had tired wings, so they decided to rest. It had been a long flight.

    Chimpanzee felt someone nudging her shoulder.

    “Huh?” She murmured.

    “Orangutan?” Someone said.

    “Who?” Chimpanzee murmured.

    “That’s your name, right?” The person said.

    Chimpanzee looked up. “No, It’s Chimpanzee...” She looked up and saw Ember.

    “Oh! Chimpanzee, good to see you again. I’m so glad you are back, I missed you so much since you woke up. I am excited to have someone to talk to...” Ember said happily.

    “That will be nice,” Chimpanzee said.

    Ember smiled kindly.

    Chimpanzee thought that was a bit strange.

    They just stared for a while.

    Ember sighed. “I don’t want to do this...” She murmured.

    “What?” Chimpanzee said, leaping backward.

    Ember’s eyes darkened to a deep green instead of her warm amber. She leaped onto Chimpanzee and scorched her scales.

    “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” Chimpanzee cried in pain.

    “Just what she needs to do,” A voice laughed. A MudWing, SandWing, and two IceWings came into view, laughing.

    Ember got off sadly and backed away. A Dreamvisitor suddenly came into view on her neck.

    “You aren’t really dead!” Chimpanzee gasped.

    “And you are so foolish!” One of the IceWings cackled.

    “You must be Shimmer and Frostedtalon!” Chimpanzee gasped.

    “Hold her down,” The MudWing growled.

    “Cypress!” Chimpanzee whispered worriedly.

    “Aw, what about me?” The SandWing said dangerously, a smirk on her face.

    Chimpanzee growled. “Psamathe...” She hissed.

    “Queen Psamathe to you,” She growled.

    “I SAID PIN HER!” Cypress growled at the two IceWings.

    They nodded and grabbed Chimpanzee and pinned her down.

    She shrieked while Cypress grabbed a boiling green and black liquid.

    Psamathe forced Chimpanzee’s mouth open.

    “AUUUNGHHSUUU!” Chimpanzee cried for help, trying to force her to wake up.

    Ember grabbed a crystal and chipped some off into the boiling liquid.

    “NO!” Chimpanzee screamed.

    But it was too late.

    The liquid was poured into her mouth.

    Chimpanzee woke up and felt like there were invisible chains tied to her.

    She looked around. She was still dreaming.

    She felt pain all throughout her body.

    “Time for the final part,” Shimmer growled.

    Suddenly, she noticed that Shimmer, Frostedtalon, Ember, and Psamathe’s eyes were all green and black.

    They were all being controlled.

    Frostedtalon placed a piece of the stone on Chimpanzee’s chest.

    Chimpanzee felt something inside her change.

    She cried in pain and saw her scales. They were changing to a green with black spots.

    She let out a cry of pain and stopped.

    What about her friends?

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