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Wings of Fire: Sweet as Honey

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This is a Wings of Fire fan fiction about a hivewing named Honeycomb and her experience at Jade Academy. There will be more coming this was just to see if anyone likes it.

    Honeycomb walked inside Jade academy and shivered, her best friend Darksight the night wing noticed and said, "It's fine, this is just another school."Honeycomb shook her head, "Not for me it is, I'm the only hivewing here!"She said sighing.

    A bouncy nightwing waved at the two, "Hi! I'm Fatespeaker and you guys must be Darksight and Honeycomb! Nice to meet you guys! You in the Jade Winglet" Honeycomb smiled as she handed them their scrolls and pointed them to their classroom.

    Honeycomb walked inside the cave and noticed 3 other dragons sitting around, a light-colored sandwing, a white and blue icewing, and a reddish-orange skywing."Hello, I'm Honeycomb!"She said when she entered."And I'm Darksight," Darksight said, the sandwing flicked her tail, "I'm Princess Prickle, you know Sunny's sister? I'm the heir to the throne. And I'm deadly too of course,"

    The icewing rolled his eyes, "I'm Storm, my parents are Winter and Lynx, and I'm a normal guy."The skywing smiled, "I'm Cliff, Prince Cliff Ruby's son."

    Honeycomb smiled at them and sat down."Great now that we all know each other time for our first lesson, scavengers!"
    Tsunami said walking in with a cage and a small scavenger.

    Honeycomb loved scavengers and this one was adorable."A scavenger!"Storm said happily."This is gonna be our class pet!"Tsunami said setting the little guy down."But she needs a name,"
    "Cobra!"Prickle shouted,
    "Seaweed!"Anemone yelled bursting into the room, she slipped and tumbled over herself, but still sat down.
    "Rainbow!"Honey said quietly.

    "I like Rainbow best, "Tsunami said, She took a quill pen, a piece of paper, and wrote Rainbow on it, then stuck it to the cage."Now that our scavenger has a name, let me tell you about them."

    "Scavengers are quite smart creatures, one even learned our language!"Tsunami gave Honeycomb the scavenger to hold, the scavenger squeaked and crawled up her talon.

    "Maybe ours can do the same thing," Cliff said as he watched the scavenger climb. Honeycomb smiled at Rainbow, "We've even learned that scavengers are called humans, Wren told us that."Tsunami added, Honeycomb gently pulled Rainbow off her talon and put her in the cage.

    "Now you all seem educated, who's ready for lunch?"

    Honeycomb walked through the lunch line and grabbed a sheep, Anemone her friend on the other hand grabbed fish.
    "How can you eat sheep instead!"Anemone said as she hurried to sit down fearing her tower of fish would fall.

    Honeycomb shrugged, "I just like meat like this," she took a bite and smiled, the sheep was delicious. She noticed Darksight heading this way, and turned back to Anemone, "What do you know about Cliff?" she asked quickly, "The skywing prince? Nothing really, "Anemone replied between bites.

    Honey's shoulders slumped a little, she glanced over where Cliff was sitting; with Storm and Prickle and blushed when he caught her gaze.

    Darksight sat down and sighed, "I'm about ready to ditch this school, "He growled, "Your just grumpy, "Honeycomb said, she twined her tail with his, "Remember everything we are alright, just another school."She said mimicking Darksight.

    He splashed some water on her face to get back at her and mumbled something, then Honeycomb felt a light tap on her, shoulder."Excuse me! How dare you throw water on me!"An icewing hissed,
    "It wasn't me! And he didn't mean to!"Honeycomb said, "I don't care!"The icewing growled, Cliff noticed from the other table and said."What's happening?"
    "She threw water on me!"The icewing said annoyed, Cliff looked at her, he saw EXTREMELY tiny water splotches on her scales."They didn't do much, just leave it alone."

    The icewing huffed and turned back around, "Thanks, "Honeycomb said to Cliff he smiled and Darksight's face dropped 10 ft down.

    They headed to music and picked out their instruments, Anemone picked a wooden flute and started a melody, Storm grabbed some bongos to add to her melody. Honeycomb took a harp and strummed the strings gently. Darksight and Prickle on the other hand grabbed a guitar and some cymbals. Cliff took maracas.

    Soon they were jamming to their small beat
    "Bum bum, duh duh, bum bum lala, bum bum duh duh lalala bum bum!"

    Clay clapped his talons, "Nice! Now can you guys follow these simple beats?"He tapped his tail twice and added a scraping sound. Cliff shook his maracas and Storm drummed on his bongos twice and Darksight made a high-pitched sound with his guitar.

    "What about this?"Clay thumped his tail to make a lower sound and added a lovely tune at the end with some of a bluebird's singing.
    Darksight gently strummed his guitar and Honeycomb and Anemone strummed and blew into their instruments.

    "Sounds like you guys have it down, "Clay said after class, "You guys could even be a band someday,"
    "Not gonna happen, "Prickle hissed, "it could, "Clay said walking off.

    Tsunami spread her wings and smiled as the class came in, "Today we learn about flying!"
    Prickle groaned, "Doesn't everyone know how to fly?"Darksight said annoyed, "Yeah we all know-how, "Storm said rudely,
    "I know that!"Tsunami snapped, "We're learning the physics of it, most of you think it's just flap and lift off. But it's not, there's more to it than meets the eye."

    Tsunami showed them the physics and how flying actually worked, the pointed out the differences between the dragonets' wings."Now go outside and looked at each other's way of flying, you'll be amazed."

    Honeycomb flew outside and a huge smile spread across her face she loved flying it was her favorite thing, the wind in her face the feeling of being up in the air.

    She watched how Darksight swooped up and down, and how Anemone went a little slower doing backflips and other tricks to show off, Cliff was swift, almost as fast as Honeycomb.

    Prickle flapped her huge wings slower, and would get faster when she wanted, Storm flew clumsily, and fast.
    Honeycomb closed her eyes and flew high the dove down letting the last second be when she finally spread her wing back out.

    She felt someone brush her wing against theirs and opened one and saw Cliff by her side and blushed, he smiled back. Darksight came out of nowhere and cut between the two as he dove down.
    "Dude! Chill out!"Prickle yelled at him, Darksight shot her a glare and kept flying.

    Tsunami met the group at the top of a hill, "Excellent flying, Have you learned anything?"

    The group nodded, and Storm stretched his wing, "I'm so tired now,"
    Honeycomb didn't need to stretch; she just needed to fly more!
    "Well you'll get some rest when we go back," Tsunami said as she glanced at the sunset.

    She noticed Sunny flying as fast as she could towards the group but kept talking, "As I was about to say, this can be a daily basis every day before sunset, you'll go flying together. All a part of the process of-"Bonding we all know, "Prickle finished, she lashed her tail and mumbled, "Why do have to bond, we all know each other!"Prickle roared, Tsunami was about to snap at her when Sunny landed and yelled, "YOU GUYS HAVE TO MOVE NOW! GO GO GO!"
    She flared her wings and shoved the dragonets, "What is it!"Tsunami yelled, Sunny pointed at an angry group of nightwings behind them.
    "OH! GO GO GO!"Tsunami yelled lifting off the group quickly hurried, but Storm couldn't go, "I'm too tired," He tried to fly but his energy was so low he couldn't move, "Storm!"Cliff yelled as a Nightwing came down picked him up in the air and slit his throat."NO!"Cliff yelled, Honeycomb was terrified.

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328 days ago
Wings of Fire:Sweet as Honey Part 3 is out!
328 days ago
Thanks!And we're almost out with part 3
350 days ago
Love it!That was pretty good,and hurry making the rest please.