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Wings of Fire: The Black Continent: Phoenix

4 Chapter - 1.119 Words - Developed by:
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When Chimpanzee goes missing, Phoenix and the new Dragonets of Destiny are forced to go to the Rainforest to fight Cypress and her mind-controlled gang.

    Phoenix paced where Chimpanzee had been the night before.

    “Where is she!” He said miserably.

    “We’ve waited for two days,” Deathchaser said. “She isn’t coming back.”

    Phoenix let out a small sobbing noise.

    Chimpanzee was crucial to the prophecy. It didn’t say a RainWing was replaced!

    Deathchaser walked over to Fennec and rested her snout reassuringly on her shoulder.

    Fennec and Deathchaser were probably most upset, Chimpanzee had been their denmate, if only for a few heartbeats.

    “I can’t believe it,” Fennec murmured.

    “Me neither,” Deathchaser said sadly.

    Two shadows entered the room, and then showed it was Gravel and Pharoh.

    “Has she not come back?” Gravel said. He was asking a question he obviously already knew the answer to.

    “No,” Crawdad said in an upset tone.

    “I’m so sorry,” Pharoh said. Her face was unsympathetic, but somehow, it helped.

    Just a little.

    “We should have a burying for Chimpanzee and Sandstone,” Crawdad suggested sadly.

    “Chimpanzee might still be out there!” Phoenix suddenly yelled. “Just for Sandstone.”

    The dragons looked at him confused.

    Deathchaser twined tails with him. “Okay, Phoenix-”

    Phoenix yanked away from her and stormed off.

    He looked behind him and saw a hurt Deathchaser but flew off.

    He felt wings brush his side and saw Fennec.

    “Hey, Phoenix,” She said. “That wasn’t cool.”

    “I need to find Chimpanzee,” He said.

    “Well, that doesn’t-” Then she snapped into realization. “Oh, Phoenix...”

    Phoenix looked at her confused.

    She sighed. “Phoenix, do you have feelings for Chimpanzee?”

    Phoenix blushed.

    “A little,” He murmured.

    Fennec smiled. “We’ll find her,” she said. “I promise.”

    Phoenix lifted his head to the trees, still alert.

    “What now?” He asked the other dragonets.

    “I think we need to get to the core of the war,” Mahogany said.

    “I don’t want to go to the Rainforest...” Snow Leopard said.

    “We have to, Snow Leopard,” Crawdad said quietly.

    “Guys-!” Detahchaser cried. She hobbled in, blood pouring down her shoulder.

    “What happened!” Fennec shouted.

    “Cypress...she’s...still...alive...SandWing...two Icewings...SkyWing...” She gasped in pain. “A-and Chimpanzee...”

    “Wait, what-” Phoenix said.

    Fennec looked shocked. “The SandWing...that has to be Psamathe...” She whispered.

    “The two IceWings...” Snow Leopard said. “Those have to be Shimmer and Frostedtalon!”

    Phoenix was paralyzed. Oh no... he thought.

    “That SkyWing...” He whispered. “That SkyWing knows that I killed my brother...”

    “What-” Fennec whispered.

    “My brother was hurting my family!” Phoenix growled.

    “Well, what’s this SkyWing’s name?” Deathchaser spat.



    “Are they possessed!” Mahogany asked, the tension in his voice.

    “OBVIOUSLY!” Deathchaser growled. “And Cypress wants to kill us!”

    Fennec grabbed Deathchaser. “Calm down, Deathchaser!”

    Deathchaser only growled in response but stopped.

    Fennec started cleaning Deathchaser’s wounds.

    “They’re going to the Rainforest,” She said.

    Mahogany hesitated and stepped forward. “Than we will too.”

    “Okay, good, but the question remains,” Crawdad said, staring Phoenix dead in the eye.

    “Who is this mysterious SkyWing?”

    Phoenix hesitated for a bit.

    “Hello?” Deathchaser growled.

    “Give him a second, Deathchaser!” Fennec murmured.

    “She’s my sister...” Phoenix murmured.

    “Great, everyone’s siblings are so evil!” Deathchaser growled sarcastically.

    Pharoh eyed her angrily. “Shut up you stupid NightWing,” She hissed.

    “Yeah!” The one that had been introduced in the SandWing kingdom as Dingo growled. “Did you not hear? Our sister was possessed!”

    His sister, Cholla nodded angrily.

    “Everybody shut the stars up!” Crawdad screeched.

    Everyone looked at him like he was crazy, and Phoenix started laughing.

    “Sorry...” Crawdad murmured. “But still! Phoenix, continue.”

    “Yeah, I would love to know which SkyWing gets frost down their throat,” Snow Leopard growled.

    “Don’t!” Phoenix growled. “She’s a weird kind of possessed, remember?”

    “Probably with those starry spirits that killed Sandstone,” The weird, orange-ish SandWing said.

    “How-?” Deathchaser asked, confused.

    The young dragon just stared at her. “Fennec,” He said.

    “JUST TELL US HER NAME!” Mahogany screeched.

    “Please do,” Gravel snarled.

    “Ignore him...” Lizard murmured.

    “Okay, I’ll tell you,” Phoenix said.

    “Her name’s...Ember.”

    Phoenix waited for a response but didn’t get one.

    “Let’s go then, into the Rainforest,” Deathchaser suggested.

    “Maybe we should do MudWing and SkyWing versus the two IceWings, IceWing against SkyWing, SeaWing versus SandWing, and then we all destroy Cypress,” Phoenix said.

    “What about Chimpanzee?” Snow Leopard said.

    “We free her by once and for all killing Cypress,” Mahogany responded.

    “Erm, what about us?” Pharoh asked.

    “You can help,” Crawdad whispered. “And by the way, we’re only killing Cypress.”

    “I would enjoy killing all of them,” Gravel hissed. “I didn’t like the arrogant RainWing from the start.”

    Lizard arched her tail right over Gravel’s back. “Shut up. We have to save Psamathe and avenge Sandstone,” She hissed angrily.

    “Whatever,” Gravel murmured.

    “Do we go then?” Crawdad asked nervously.

    “We sure do,” Phoenix hissed, taking off.


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