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Wings of Fire The Glorybringer Pyrrhia High

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A new student has arrived at Pyrrhia High, his name is Deathbringer. He's already giving Glory a bad day, or year. He’s destructive, she’s peaceful, she’s popular, he’s not, he’s failing, she’s at the top of her class. Will they get along? Or does this mean war? Find out!
There will be juicy chapters and some long and short chapters. There will be notes later in the story.

Glory POV I saw a black and glossy Nightwing with his coy eyes and unsettling smile. “You must be Deathbringer, I’m Glory and I will be showing yo
Glory POV
I saw a black and glossy Nightwing with his coy eyes and unsettling smile. “You must be Deathbringer, I’m Glory and I will be showing you around the school” the Nightwing looked at me with confusion and laughed. “You? Show me around the school! Pahahaha ok, just don’t fall asleep on the way haha hahaha!” Fire red scales we’re showing all over my ruffle and wings. I wanted to fight him but held back. “Hahaha very funny *sarcastic* Now come on and you better not fall asleep or I’m coming to your dorm at night to stab you! I will also help you for the week with stuff. Do me a favor,” I grabbed his ear and punctured it a little. Then I turned red and said, “DON'T EMBARRASS ME! NIGHTWING I’m at the top of the class! I’m popular, and I don’t want gossip to spread, UNDERSTAND! I let go of his ear and showed him his dorm, then I slammed mine next door, and screamed in my pillow.
Deathbringer’s POV
I touched my ear to see some blood dripping off of it. That girl got spunk. No one ever talked to him like that. Except for Morrowseer and my mother. New school, new place, new dragons, this can’t be too bad. Right?
My first day-
I’m late! I flew to class and got detention for flying in the halls and being late by 7 Min.
Math- I failed the test, of course, Glory got an A
Arena- I don’t think my opponent will live, R.I.P Xendia
History- I fell asleep and almost died of boredom
P.E. I beat everyone on track!
Lunch- I sat alone with Glory and she looks annoyed
Geography- It was okay I only stuttered a little, while miss perfect did it in sec.
Music- apparently I have a good voice. Glory and I did a duet on Hallelujah. Her voice was like an angel.....
Glory’s POV
OMG! Wwwwhhhyy does this happen to me I happen to get detention boy and now there’s gossip! They’re saying I’m a bad student! That I can’t civilize him! Urrrrrhhhhh. I went to my dorm and slammed my door. I have to do this for a week! This can’t get any worse!

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Yeah do a Thorn and Smolder too…any ships are fine with me!
100 days ago
281 days ago
Some Ripnami please Love them
297 days ago
This is great. I agree with Amythest & Unknown- Turtlejou and MoonxQuibli are awesome! (I’d also like some WinterWatcher, but I’d prefer Moon x Quibli. Thanks again! 😺😺😺😺😺😺
305 days ago
305 days ago
This is awesome! I really love it SO COOLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
327 days ago
OMJ! Love it! You should make one about Qibili & Moon
347 days ago
I loved it! you should make one about turtlejou! thank you
381 days ago
awesome! i realy like the personality of the characters!
519 days ago
I like that you made some of it up and some of it is real like her being queen.
554 days ago
That was a very interesting story the ending is so cute.That's for making this!