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Flames above wings the death wish.

4 Chapter - 820 Words - Developed by:
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    Shadow bringer stepped into the sun and looked around the tribe's camp. Queen Glory was sitting in her queen nest watching over the hatchlings. She walked over to her nest and rummaged around. I think I had picked a great spot when she was recruited not too long ago. In a small evergreen tree. All the shade she always thought. It was warm too. The leader got the biggest tree in the middle. A big rock that was picked out was her leader rock. Everyone had There's in trees and in dens.

    “Hey.” Said her mate Ash breath. He could not breathe fire he shot out clouds instead.

    “Hello...meat. Give me, give me... I'm starving.” Shadow bringer smiles and grabs for it playfully. “Thank you,” She said as she dug into the warm meat from the fresh-kill pile. Mmmm...this is so good. She thought.

    “Um...can I have some of that now?” Ashbreath said hopefully. She'd forgotten that HE gave it to her, but it was for both of them.

    “Oh, ha sorry😊” shadow bringer sighed and flew away. She was looking around the tribe's camp. It was so big you had to fly to see it all. Dragons were everywhere. Somewhere flying or playing or sleeping or cleaning or patrolling and running. She noticed the dragons running went playing they were on the patrol they came to the queen. Shadow bringer flew down to investigate.

    “Queen! Queen Glory!” Nightstart yelled. He was so very frantic and crazy when he said it, it was like he was going to have an egg the size of the world.

    “What? What, nightstart?” She said copying Nightstar. She was annoyed at seeing him the most every day I knew she was.

    “There is dead food everywhere. It is even fresh! We took a lot into the fresh-kill pile, but we didn’t kill it, so dragons did!” Everyone stared. At Queen Glory nightstar and the fresh-kill pile. Somewhere drooling and probably didn’t care about the dragon who killed it all, but they did like the fresh-kill pile that was half the size of me!

    “Tell me this is false.” Queen Glory said frightened. She was staring around and panting like a dog.

    “No ma'am I'm not. It's all there.” He said I could tell he was happy but scared but hungry. Ashbreath came back with 3 raccoons in his jaws. We knew he caught that because it looked like it was whammed into a tree

    “WELL, Don't eat or take anything there other than what is in the fresh-kill pile or what you catch. Now go get some food this dragon stink that we don’t know is weird.” Queen glory said. Shadowbringer went into the light forest she found 3 mice running in each direction and one rat in the other. Ashbreath pounced and stomped on the rat then whammed it into a tree. Shadowbringer ran another way and whammed right into a stranded Nightwing.

    We brought the dragon over to the queen and she said “go over to shadow bringer the best hunter here!” So I did I showed her around. She kept on saying “EEEE yayayayaya!” it was weird though. She walked over to my den and sniffed around and laid

    “HEY! Were not done!” Shadowbringer shouted.

    “Okay, okay, you said it was so much work. "shadow bringer caked her head confused. She did no such thing. So the new dragon's name was willers. Willers went over and walked around MY mate and all of a sudden they walked away together. She, Treeborn, Lillyborn all came back with loads of food after we cleared out all of the dead food.

    “WOW!” Every dragon shouted.”How? Well that so cool!” Wittnebel beamed she was the medicine dragon.

    “Go get some rest all-mighty hunters! All of you. I think we have the newest hunters! “ I knew something was fishy.

    “Ashbreth?” I say I know he will trust me. He is my mate anyway. THo he is laying with willers.

    “Go away me and willers are alone and we want it like that.” I was just standing. Does he love me? Is the life-changing cause of that dragon? UGH.

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