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Electric in the Dark

2 Chapter - 548 Words - Developed by:
- Updated on: - 83 taken- The story is completed

Avery hunter is the original project moonlark the failed version. She doesn't like the AMAZING Sophie Foster (even though Sophie is amazing) because Sophie is a better version of Avery.

    By the way, before I start there will be spoilers from the 5 and 6 books in here

    "Hey Avery what you doing" Keefe yells as he walks in downstairs
    I walk downstairs "you mean what are you doing" I take a seat next to him in the living room, " Forky guy told us-" "what do you mean by US" I interrupt "and also his name isn't forky guy". "Well if you would've let me explain I could tell you why I am here and the others aren't " I nod and he continues," I thought I should tell you because you and Sophie's friendship isn't that good-" "why would we when she practically stood there and watched him die. and didn't even invite me to his planting" a few weeks earlier or even months it's hard to keep trade of time around here. Mr.Forkle died because the neverseens psionipath, Ruy made the whole building fall over.

    "STOP interrupting Avery"Keefe yells. I nod because Keefe looked really angry." as I was saying yesterday Linh and tam were attacked"
    The only thing I could get out of my mouth was a whisper "are they okay" it took him a little while to answer probably because he could tell my emotions were wild and needed them to cool down, but then he finally did "yes Avery they are" suddenly a voice starts talking we were too far away to hear but then "AHHHHHH" Keefe screams as loud as he can but then a familiar voice says " is that you down there Keefe" a hear a phew coming from somewhere I can't just tell everything's getting darker and darker then gone the last thing I hear is "call Livvy to tell her it's an emergency " then GONE everything is darkness.

    When I woke up everyone was crowding me and saying "Avery are you okay?" it takes me a while to learn how to talk but I manage to say "what happened"

    Sophie said "why would I know"

    But thankfully Keefe answered "you saw p...p....prentice walking around the house and you've not seen him in so long so you fainted hit your head on the corner of the table and landed on something sharp" it sounded like it looked bad because the next
    Day everyone was looking at me

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Ohh that's really good do more please