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Wings of Fire: Sweet as Honey(Part 2)

4 Chapter - 2.631 Words - Developed by:
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Storm's hurt, Honeycomb's mortified and now her sister's in the story.
This is my own take on Wings of Fire, this part will be about her sister, not Honeycomb. I just wanted to add her to the story. Hope you like it! (My friend made this one)

    Beehive paced the wooden floors,” What’s taking him so long!”She snapped, the pale yellow hivewing with black stripes lashed her tail.”Patience,” Her brother said rudely, Beehive was about to attack him when a smallish silk wing colored pink with orange splotches and blue details appeared at the door.

    “Finally,” Beehive hissed, the silk wing walked up to her and handed her a small jar full of flamesilk.”This is it!”She demanded,” Y-yes,” the silkwing said weakly,” The silkwings are depressed and afraid that the hives will burn down.”
    “3 moons, have your species gone mad.”Swarm growled.”Clearly, the hive won’t not ever, not while I’m here.”Beehive said, putting a wing over the dragonet.

    “But how can you say that when a dragon was stolen?”The silkwing said, tilting its head.
    “Well, it wasn’t my fault Cricket stole a dragonet, clearly she thinks we don’t know about it. We’ll get that dragonet back. And the hive WON’T burn down, you don’t have to worry about that RosePetal,”
    RosePetal looked up at Beehive doubtfully. Beehive narrowed her eyes, Swarm grabbed the silkwing dragonet by its tail and said,” Now you get back down to that cellar and get more flamesilk. Or else I’ll come down and get it myself.”

    Beehive yanked RosePetal from him and cradled her,” You don’t treat dragonets like that, you moron!”RosePetal shook with fear and Beehive set her down and handed her the jar.”Now go get some flamesilk, or else he will go insane.”

    RosePetal scurried off and Beehive eyed Swarm.”You know, mother’s planning an attack on that continent over the ocean.”Swarm said,” I know, and she’s stupid for that, right now she should be cutting down the rest of the poison jungle and getting those Breath of Evil plants! If we get enough she could take over Pyrrhia! Hive wings would rule overall. Ha, and rebuild what those leaf wings destroyed. But nooo, she’s gotta start planning dumb attacks.”Beehive hissed tossing her head.”Mom has a plan,” Swarm said confidently,” Yeah, to ruin our big chance.”Beehive flared her wings and sunlight bounced off her pink iridescent wings blinding Swarm.

    Beehive heard screaming from below and sighed,” Let’s go,”
    Beehive soared down the webs and landed on the bottom. Silkwings were gathered and murmuring. Everyone backed up at the sight of the princess and some even cowered.
    “What’s all the fuss about!”She hissed.

    Rose Petal was clinging to the jar of flame silk, and a small fire was going up the sides of the webs.”Traitor,” Swarm hissed lunging at the dragonet,” NO!”Beehive yelled, but it was too late. Swarm attacked the dragonet and bit it with his venomous teeth.

    “Rose…”Beehive murmured, Swarm had a pleased look on his face, he growled at the silkwings,” Set out the fire NOW!”He hissed, Beehive fell on her knees.”The little worm had it coming,” Swarm growled at her,” You're supposed to have a heart made of leather, whatever happened to that!”

    Beehive growled slowly then exploded in a form of rage.”You wounded our messenger!"
    Swarm growled back,” Who cares!”He lashed his tail hitting his younger sister.
    Beehive lunged at him and nicked his ear.
    Swarm hissed and before they could attempt to kill each other, Queen Wasp swooped down and roared. Every silkwing and hivewing snapped their heads and bowed everyone except the two siblings. Wasp stared at Rose Petal’s body and growled,” Pick it up and disperse it,” she ordered Swarm. Beehive handed the Queen her flamesilk and Wasp shook her head at the two. Beehive narrowed her eyes, and kept her head down, watching the Queen’s every move. Wasp noticed the small amount and bolted towards the door that leads to the flame silks room.

    “You call this a full jar!”She snapped, hurling the glass jar at the flame silks.”What do you expect from them?”Swordtail snapped from the back as he picked at the chains around his legs.
    Beehive walked behind her mother, ignoring the shouting.

    “WE expect better,” Beehive said slowly, Swordtail shot her a glare, and she walked over to him.”Was there anything you wanted to say to my face huh silkwing?”She puffed her chest and narrowed her eyes, intimidating him.

    “No,” Swordtail said, breaking their glares.”You guys better make more tomorrow!”Wasp threatened,” Lock the doors,” she hissed at one of the guards.
    Beehive lingered watching Blue in the back. He was talking to Swordtail, Beehive remembered when her younger sister would play with Blue.

    She tossed her tail, shot them all mean glares, and followed her mother up the stairs.
    Swarm had returned and was arguing with a silkwing about space.
    “Quit your blubbering already,” Beehive spat, Swarm gave her a mean glare, and Beehive shook it off.
    Flying out of the hive she headed towards the poison jungle."If she won't do it I will,"
    Beehive muttered.

    She landed on the sand and squinted, the trees seemed to edge toward her and she took a step back."You really were gonna go in there?" a chilly voice said. Beehive snapped her head around and glared at Glory and Deathbringer's son, Charming. Long story short, he was Beehive's worst enemy. He had come to the poison jungle recently and refused to say much about his homeland.

    "Duh, why else would I be here Charming?" she hissed, The rainwing hybrid laughed and smirked."You're gonna die if you go in there."
    Beehive eyed the hybrid."I wouldn't be so sure about that,"
    She pounced on the rainwing and he growled and clawed at her eye, Beehive ducked and slammed him against a rock. Charming was about to spit poison when she grasped him firmly by his neck and snapped it."Next time, don't underestimate me."Beehive snapped at him, flinging the body away.

    She stared back at the jungle."You don't scare my plants!"She threatened to charge in. The trees closed in and Beehive cringed. Just a bunch of stupid plants! If weak leaf wings survive here then so Can I!

    She looked around, not daring to touch anything."Hmm, that breath of evil plants has GOT to be here somewhere."She thought aloud, using her claws to move swiftly through the jungle. Clawing at a sundew and fighting off a viper was harder than she thought.

    Come on Beehive, you can do this just act like Mother, kill everything until you get what you want.

    She leaped onto a tree and clung to a branch inspecting the ground for carnivores.

    She spotted a strange vine and leaped down."Is this it?"She cut the vine and grinned evilly.
    "This is it."She said, tugging more of the vines down. The breath of evil.Right in her talons.Beehive's talons.Not Wasp's.Beehive had done it. Or so she thought. She heard a growl and turned to face a leaf wing narrowing their eyes."What are you doing with that!"They yelled, lunging at her. Beehive ducked and clung to the vine attacking this leafwing.

    Beehive unsheathed her poisonous claws and stabbed her enemy. It fell backward dead and Beehive scurried off racing back to the hive.

    "I'm leaving Swarm, what do you expect me to do!"Beehive growled at her brother as she packed her pouches.

    Swarm looked crestfallen."How exactly will you get to the faraway kingdoms?"He lashed his tail."I'll fly dumb."Beehive snapped as she tied her pouches.

    Swarm let out a hiss."I won't tell mother for the sake of your plan, but you're taking these pesky dragonets with you In return."Swarm threw RosePetal, Blue, and Swordtail at Beehive who sighed and tied RosePetal to her neck cradling the dragonet."Blue, Swordtail your following me."She tied a rope to each of them and tied it to her and took off.

    I'll be fine, just 3 dragonets.
    Swordtail eyes her, "Where are we going?"He growled, "The faraway kingdoms.''Beehive replied. She stuffed strawberries in his mouth to shut him up and kept flying.

    Blue stared at her and his wrists.”Don’t even Blue, my sister enchanted this rope to be fireproof.”Swordtail narrowed his eyes and shot her a glare.

    Beehive glanced at RosePetal.” Tell me if you guys get hungry,” she said.
    Swordtail swallowed the berry and Blue said,” Why are you doing this?”He pointed to the vines sticking out of her pouches and she hissed.”My mother won’t use her brain so I’m using mine.”
    Beehive sighed then snapped her head forward.”At least we’ll see Luna and Cricket, and Sundew as well.”He said, smiling slightly.

    “Yay for you,” Beehive said sarcastically. Blue frowned.”Beehive, what are you going to do?”Rose Petal asked suddenly. Beehive thought for a minute and flew faster saying,” I’m going to find Sundew of course, then Luna.”

    Swordtail lashed his tail at Beehive at the same time Blue gasped.”Stop that you brat!”Beehive said she grabbed Swordtail firmly and growled, letting her claws pierce his skin then let go.
    Rose Petal nuzzled against Beehive and she hissed.

    “Now both of you be quiet!”Beehive said, she gave them a stern look and kept flying. Just 2 dragons, and a dragonet. Everything is going to be ok, you’ll bring the breath of evil and find your sister.

    She took a deep breath and reached the end of the continent. Hovering over the ocean she took a deep breath.”This is it, say goodbye to your home for now.”What if they’re already coming here? What will we do then?

    Beehive rolled her eyes as if they would be flying here.
    She started flying over the ocean and looked down, dolphins were jumping over waves. She even saw a shark on her 4th day flying, she wanted to feed Swordtail to it.”I won’t be quiet!”He yelled,” Yeah you will,” Beehive said, flicking her tail,” Once we get to the faraway kingdom.”

    Swordtail slumped and muttered something.”Your-Your not gonna hurt anyone though right?”Blue asked, Beehive stopped, she hadn’t thought about that.”Yes, I will, but not death. I think.”

    Beehive grinned as she spotted land, she landed and flopped down.”4 days and we’re finally here.”RosePetal said, poking her head out of the sling. Blue nodded and landed beside her. Swordtail paced,” Do you think Luna’s alright?”He asked Blue, who didn’t say anything.

    Beehive heard a growl and glanced up at a stranger dragon. It looked like a night dragon, covered in black straight horns, green eyes, and starry night sky wings.
    Beehive eyed it,” A Nightwing,” she concluded, Blue looked up interested,” Cricket would love to learn about that thing,”

    Beehive scoffed, always with Cricket, blah, blah, blah who needed Cricket! She wasn’t even a real hivewing. Disgusted by the thought of the fake hivewing, but what if the dragons from Beehive’s home were flying to Pantala that thought freaked Beehive out.

    She should have stayed,” New plan,” Beehive said as she saw more of those dragons start to fly out towards Pantala.”We’re going back, but you two are NOT going back to the flame silk chamber, instead, your going to stay with me and Rose and hope that your sister and Sundew are flying to Pantala.”

    She yanked the two silkwings off the ground who moaned and she glared at them.”What a waste of time,” Swordtail complained,” You're fine,” Blue said weakly to him as he launched into the air.

    “Yeah, and when we get there we’ll stay there and prepare for their arrival.”
    “I’m afraid we’re going to need to move fast,” Rose Petal said pointing at the sky, Beehive growled as she saw a strange dragon, leafwing, silkwing, hivewing, and other tribes flying towards Pantala. She launched into the air and sprinted flying.” We’ll make it there in time,” she said. I hope.

    Beehive eyed the hive as she hovered outside the entrance.2 silkwings were heading her way, one was named Astra, a purple scaled dragon with other shades of purple ombre underbelly with seagreens, pinks, blues, and more purple ombre wings.

    Her brother Skyler was blueish green with an orange ombre belly, and green, blue, orange wings.
    “Great,” Beehive mumbled as they approached. Astra smiled softly at Blue and looked at Swordtail, her face turning red, Skyler rolled his eyes.

    “What do you worms want?”Beehive hissed,” We just wanted to tell you that we spotted some strange dragons by the border of the continent.”Astra said, lifting her chin, and flexing her tail.
    Beehive flicked her tail,” Alright, send out a guard to retrieve these dragons.”
    Skyler nodded and said,” Okay, but we may just watch them for a while first.”

    Beehive shrugged,” Fine,” She pulled Blue and Swordtail into a cell and locked the door.”You're staying in here,” She growled. Swordtail was about to say something when she flew down and gave RosePetal to Swarm.

    "Beehive now what are you doing?"Swarm snapped. Beehive thought for a minute."I'm not sure…."

    She lifted her chin and turned to Astra who arrived back and was covered head to toe in blood. Beehive gagged and ordered her to wash off.

    Swordtail followed Astra mumbling, "Not your fault…blah blah blah,"
    Beehive turned her attention back to Swarm, "I hope those dragons will be ready because they're gonna have to fight an army of hive wings and silk wings if they dare come near Wasp Hive."She tucked her wings back and smiled, well more of a smirk.

    "And they'll all see what I can do…"

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I hardly remember what my comment was about 😂
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Why. Just WHY. What is that supposed to be?
281 days ago
By the way, Pantalan dragons don’t have magic,and Jerboa the 2 broke animus magic.
281 days ago
Pantalan dragons already met with pyhrian dragons, Wasps gone, Jewel is the queen.
808 days ago
Wings of Fire:Sweet as Honey Part 3 is out!
808 days ago
Thanks!And we're almost out with part 3
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Love it!That was pretty good,and hurry making the rest please.