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Wings of Fire: The Black Continent: Deathchaser

6 Chapter - 2.176 Words - Developed by:
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Shocking reveals. Scared love. Heartbreaking truths. Death chasing the young dragonets wherever they go.

    Deathchase sniffed the air, waiting for any sign of life.

    She was on guard tonight.

    And the day before.

    OKAY, she was on guard every night by choice.

    But she wanted to protect her...

    Um, Deathchaser thought. They aren’t really my friends.

    “Trust no one,” Starsignal’s voice rang in her head. “No tribe is good to us.”

    “No time for love,” Acapella had hissed to her.

    “Stay away from others!” Banshee’s raspy voice had instructed her.

    Karma’s voice stood out, “Kill them while they sleep.”

    Visiontalons had said, “Poison their prey, take the victory.”

    But Deathchaser had to remember what her sister, Prophecykeeper, had told her.

    “Don’t mess with prophecies,” She had whispered to her. “It only brought misfortune and bad luck to Victory and Zodiacwarrior.”

    Deathchaser missed her friends, Acapella, Karma, and Starsignal.

    And her caretakers, Banshee, and Visiontalons.

    And OF COURSE, she missed Prophecykeeper.

    Most NightWings lived with their tribe. Sure, the females she lived with did, but the tribe started to fall apart.

    There were five groups of females, five groups of males, and three groups of both.

    One of which was a group for breeding.

    Then the queen, royalty, and guards had groups.

    And lastly, the rest of the tribe was random.

    Deathchaser had been born in a different group of females. They didn’t know who her parents were, and she was weak, so they threw her out.

    Luckily, Prophecykeeper (Who was Prophecy at the time) found her.

    Deathchaser (Death at the time) was grateful for Prophecykeeper’s protection. They soon found out they had the same mother.

    Deathchaser was given to the group of a mother (Visiontalons), elder (Banshee), three young children (Acapella, Karma, and herself), and two caretakers who would hunt and fight (Starsignal and Prophecykeeper).

    Starsignal had a gift to read the stars, so she was very special. And Prophecykeeper could interpret a prophecy in three heartbeats.

    Deathchaser was given her name because she followed trouble wherever it went.

    Acapella and Karma were going to be given their names right when Deathchaser left, so she was upset that she wasn’t there to see her friends grow up.

    Banshee was never given her name because her destiny was to keep that name and end up being the “banshee” one day and protect her tribe.

    There were already four haunting banshees in her tribe, she didn’t feel they needed any more.

    But Deathchaser grew up best as she could. She helped make their den by the mountains, their new home, which was concealed yet again.

    Deathchaser grew up with dragonets her age that liked what she liked.

    She took care of them.

    She helped them.

    They were her family.

    But the war separated them. Many dragons wanted their home. And a greedy MudWing who was the nameless wanted rule of all dragons.

    Soon Deathchaser found out that was Cypress and met her first-taloned.

    And now Deathchaser was in for revenge for hurting Chimpanzee and tearing her away from her family.

    Not for these stupid dragons, she was guarding...

    Phoenix loved Chimpanzee anyway. Acapella was right. No time for love.

    And sure, being a hero would be nice...

    But she just wanted to be home.

    She hated the other tribes. It was their fault.

    They left the NightWings with the horrible territory and let them suffer.

    And just a little bit of revenge with a fake prophecy didn’t hurt... okay, it killed a lot of dragons. But still! Queen Battlewinner was dead.

    And now some dragons wanted all, “good for nothing” NightWings dead!

    The sun rose from the tips of the Rainforest trees.

    It was the day she was finally going to kill Cypress.

    Fennec stretched. “Good morning, everyone,” she said happily.

    “Today’s the day,” Mahogany snarled.

    “I want to kill her,” Deathchaser blurted out. “Break her neck with my own claws. Smash her skull into rocks, making her suffer.”

    Mahogany looked shocked. “She’s a traitor, but she’s still my sister,” he said. “We should kill her cleanly.”

    Fennec nodded.

    “After all she’s done!” Deathchaser cried. “You want to honor her with a kind, clean death!”

    Snow Leopard nodded. “Not honor her, but I don’t want blood on our claws. We don’t want MudWings to be mad at us.”

    “Traitors!” Deathchaser snarled. “You don’t know what she did to me and my family!”

    They looked confused.

    “She made my sister kill my family!” Fennec growled.

    “And she made my siblings kill my love’s mother!” Snow Leopard snapped.

    “Controlled Chimpanzee!” Phoenix screeched. “And my sister!”

    “Sh-she tried to make SeaWings suffer,” Crawdad whispered. “I was a part of the Great Drought.”

    Mahogany snorted. “She is my SISTER!”

    “Well, she ripped me from my family and killed my tribe slowly!” Deathchaser snapped. “And all of this is more to make her death horrible!”

    “No,” Phoenix said. “And that is final.”

    Deathchaser shook. She could feel her eyes darken.

    She knew what she was about to do would be horrible.

    But she was hungry, thirsty, tired, heartbroken, and depressed.

    She smiled, opened her bloodshot eyes, and leaped at Phoenix.

    He screeched in shock.

    Deathchaser grabbed his neck and threw him to the ground.

    “GUYS STOP!” Fennec cried, tears running down her cheeks.

    Snow Leopard tried to throw himself in between them, but Deathchaser clawed his scales. Blue blood trickled down his neck.

    Deathchaser pinned Phoenix down, despite all the protests.

    She knew what she was about to do.

    And if it weren’t for Crawdad knocking her out, Phoenix would have been dead.

    Deathchaser lifted her head.

    “H-huh?” She whispered. “Where am I?”

    “Good morning princess,” Snow Leopard growled.

    “You ready for the big fight guys?” She could hear Phoenix whispering to everyone.

    “WHY DID YOU DO THAT!” Snow Leopard suddenly shouted.

    “I’m sorry!” Deathchaser cried. “I was hungry and thirsty and tired, and you guys broke my heart!”

    Snow Leopard growled. “If it weren’t for the prophecy Crawdad said he would have killed you.”

    “I’d like to see him try,” Deathchaser snapped.

    Crawdad stepped up. “We’ve decided to leave now, guys,” He said.

    “First, I think Deathchaser should apologize,” Snow Leopard snarled.

    “Whatever,” She murmured. She approached the other dragons.

    “Well?” Mahogany said, his tail curled around Fennec.

    “I’m sorry...” Deathchaser whispered. “Can we go now?”

    “It’s better than nothing,” Phoenix said. “Let’s get the stars out of here.”

    Deathchaser let them fly off.

    Am I doing the right thing? She thought. Then she thought better of it.

    “No matter what they say, I will kill Cypress with blood on my claws,” Deathchaser whispered.

    She took off after them.

    She was called Deathchaser for a reason.

    She chased death, no matter the cost.

    She lived for the risk.

    And she would die to protect loved ones.

    Deathchaser stalked through the rainforest.

    No matter how much she begged, they wouldn’t help her hunt because of almost killing Phoenix.

    She had to do everything on her own.

    Deathchaser spotted a tiger and leaped and killed it with ease.

    She ate its filling meat.

    She went to the pool and drank the cold water.

    Then she heard a horrible screeching sound.

    “Stop! Stop! Leave us alone!” A horrible cry sounded.

    Deathchaser noticed it sounded young.

    She lifted off and landed where she heard the crying and peered through the thick canopy.

    She could make out three young NightWing dragons, two looked like dragonets.

    Without a second glance, Deathchaser recognized them.

    “No-!” She shrieked.

    A MudWing had one of them pinned, her claws piercing her throat.

    “Where is she! The NightWing!” The MudWing, who was undoubtingly Cypress, growled.

    “I’m right here!” Deathchaser hissed, flying down. “Let them go!”

    The dragon who was pinned looked at her. “Deathchaser-!” She choked.

    “Prophecykeeper!” She cried. She swiveled around. “Acapella! Karma! Get out of here!”

    “It’s Acapellasong and Karmabringer now!” The NightWing with the scars under her eyes, who Deathchaser knew as Acapella, shouted. “And...and okay!”

    “Good luck! Come home soon...” Karmabringer whispered.

    She and Acapellasong lifted off and flew away.

    Deathchaser leaped at Cypress.

    “Hurt me and she’s dead!” Cypress shouted.

    Prophecykeeper was already going to die. Even if Cypress released her, she wouldn’t recover from her wounds.

    “Tell Acapellasong, Karmabringer, Banshee, Visiontalons, and the triplets goodbye...” Prophecykeeper whimpered.

    “The triplets-” Deathchaser whispered, confused. But she knew it was best not to question it. “Goodbye, sister. Banshee will wail as she meets your spirit.”

    “Good luck-” Prophecykeeper whispered hoarsely, right before Cypress snapped her neck.

    “NO!” Deathchaser cried, even though she knew it would happen.

    She stepped forwards.

    This was her chance.

    She ducked her head.

    She let the monster she had been born with go.

    She spread her wings so the stars would shine in them.

    She flattened her horns and bared her fangs.

    When she looked up, she could feel herself changing.

    She stared Cypress dead in the eye.

    Instead, Cypress stood straight in a non-threatening pose.

    “Come kill me.”

    Deathchaser stood surprised.


    Deathchaser inspected Cypress closely. She was scared.

    “Kill me, please,” Cypress begged. “My mother will let go of my soul, I and the others will be free.”

    “Don’t kill her!” A gravely SandWing said.

    Gravel and the others appeared, flying down.

    Fennec and Snow Leopard and the others also came.

    “Don’t kill our master!” Crawdad growled.

    “Daughter, isn’t it brilliant to be loved?” Fennec said sweetly.

    It was revolting.

    “You shouldn’t have trusted Mahogany, Cypress daughter,” Chimpanzee whispered.

    Cypress looked younger, weaker, more scared.

    “Leave us alone!” Cypress cried.

    Deathchaser stared at Cypress. “You sure you want death?”

    “Please-!” Cypress cried.

    “Of course,” Deathchaser murmured.

    She stepped forwards, but the second she did, whoever was controlling Cypress got ahold of her again.


    “STAY AWAY FROM INNOCENT DRAGONS!” Deathchaser cried and leaped onto Cypress.

    She bit her neck and snapped it.

    “She was weak,” Fennec growled.

    “Wait...” Deathchaser whispered.

    They cackled and closed a circle around her.

    “NO!” Deathchaser called out.

    Their laughs were the last things she heard.

    I am going to make a trilogy. Just so you guys aren’t left wondering what Deathchaser became...


    I hope you enjoyed it, please leave OCs in the comments BECAUSE the trilogy needs at least three OCs.

    Have a good day, and please go check out Alexander Greene, Copycat of Freddy Fazbear’s, and MarshmallowKat.

    Good day dragons of every tribe.:3

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Hoi guys. Thanks for checking out my story! I’m not going to be writing any more stories (on this account) this year. Possibly some Alexander Greene stuff and definitely the Copycat usual. Have a good day and don’t look for Warriors, Wings of Fire, or Bravelands stuff! (OCs still being accepted, the trilogies can’t happen without them)
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Hello guys! Guess what? The next Duskmoon and Dawnsun is coming out soon! Yay! And I will work on the Next Shorts: Intro To and The Black Continent. BUT. But but but but BUT. We have to get fifty views on the next Duskmoon and Dawnsun and The Black Continent for me to make the Finales. Alright? Alright. Have a good day!
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FINALLY!!! Book 2 is out! I hope you enjoyed!