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Wings of Fire: Sweet as Honey(Part 3)

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This is part 3 of the Wings of Fire fan-fiction book Sweet as Honey!

    Part 3 "Into the Unknown"
    Chapter 12

    Honeycomb stared at Storm's body in utter shock, covered in blood. He was breathing slowly but she couldn't figure out what to do to help.

    She leaped into the air and started flying towards the nurse's office.”Sunny?”She called, the small hybrid beamed and walked over.”Hey Honeycomb! How are you?”Twisting her tail Honeycomb told Sunny how badly injured Storm had gotten after they had fled.

    “Maybe I could use some of my magic?”Honeycomb asked, referring to her animus magic, which she had gotten from her father.”No,” Sunny said,” But I bet we could take him to the rain forest kingdom, they have healers there. And Glory owes me one anyway.”Honey smiled softly and the two flew outside and picked up his body.

    “He’s quite heavy,” Sunny said, huffing. As Honeycomb heaved the body towards the rain forest she saw purple and blues running through the trees beside her. Ignoring the image she turned her head back to Sunny and groaned as she held the massive ice wing who moaned slightly.

    “Will he be okay!”Cliff panicked following nervously, Sunny eyed Honeycomb and didn’t say anything which made Cliff run off crying.”Let’s move fast Sunny,” Honeycomb said, pumping her wings harder.

    Sunny nodded and the two struggled towards the rainwing kingdom,” Sunny-what if he doesn’t make it, it’ll take DAYS to get to the rainwing kingdom.”Honeycomb said worried, Sunny beat her wings faster and said.”We’ll make it,”

    Honeycomb doubted that was true, on the first nightfall Sunny instructed her to guard. Which, of course, didn't go as planned. Storm moaned slightly, as he shifted around in his sleep.
    Honeycomb stared around, they had stopped in a den on a cliff.

    Her eyes fluttered as she tried not to drift off. She fell asleep and woke up with a scavenger on her nose.”EEK!”She yelped,” Wimp,” The scavenger laughed. Honeycomb’s eyes opened wide, this was the first time she had ever seen a scavenger speak.

    A pale-colored skywing emerged and said,” That’s Wren, I’m Sky.”He said, ``Sky? Really? Sky the sky wing? His parents must have not thought that through.

    “I’m Honeycomb,” Honeycomb said, eyeing the skywing, she saw the scavenger crawling closer to Storm and Honeycomb leaped in front of him and growled lowly.
    Wren pulled out her claw and leaped into a fight position. Sky yelped and pulled her back.”Why were you even in here?”Honeycomb asked, flicking her tail, and she tried to smile.”Just looking around for someone, you know, the bandit.”

    Honeycomb looked confused,” What bandit?”
    Wren snapped a twig and glared at her,” You don’t know about the bandit!”
    “He’s all over, been stealing treasures from every single royal in the continent! This one anyways,”

    “Everyone suspects a hivewing’s behind it, working for Wasp.”Honeycomb shivered, a hivewing? That could be her sister.”That’s for information, I’ll keep my eyes open.”
    “You also know about the 11 representatives flying over the ocean to the hive right?”
    Honeycomb nodded then when Wren left with Sky she looked shocked.

    How did she not know this?

    She growled to herself and left the den flying to the nearest tree. Climbing up she groaned and sat down. A bandit, her home,11 representatives going to most likely murder her mother. She took a deep breath, they were going to help Storm anyway she didn’t need more on her plate.

    Leaping down, she flew back and laid down. Honeycomb woke up the next morning and sighed flying down to a river to get a drink. She touched her gold bracelet her sister had given her, encrusted with skyfire.

    She took a long drink then sighed. What was she doing? If she had woken Sunny up they’d be flying to the rain forest by now. She hurried back and the two kept going.”Do any of the rain wings hate hivewings?”She asked nervously.

    “I’m not sure,” Sunny said. They huffed some more and stopped for a break halfway there.
    Honeycomb walked around and saw a pond, hot and tempted she leaped in and let out a happy sigh as she cooled down.

    But she immediately felt bad when Storm screamed as his scales burned from the sun, Honeycomb picked him up and dragged him into the pond keeping his head up.
    Sunny smiled at her, and when she was about to enter the pond from the sky a shadow flew over them,” Stop the bandit!”Wren’s voice yelled, Honeycomb looked questionably around and gasped when a purple claw reached her and snatched the necklace Cliff had given her from her neck. Covered and in a cloak they bolted,” Hey give that back!”

    Honeycomb yelled running after them, she pushed herself harder straining everything she had racing that bandit, but they were too fast.”Honeycomb! Stop!”Sunny yelled as she pulled the dragonet back, and Honeycomb’s eyes welled up.

    “My necklace…” she clutched her neck and sighed, pushing the tears back. Sunny frowned and wrapped a wing around her. The bandit watched and let out a laugh. The two watched it run off and went back to Storm.

    “This is it,” Swarm said, narrowing his eyes,” WOW, we’ve been working so hard to see this?”Beehive said, annoyed, Honeycomb stared at the flame silk, the way it glowed, how such a small amount of it could power and have many uses.

    Beehive snatched the jar and shook her head, placing it back. Swarm lashed his tail and stormed off,” I’ve got a better thing to see,” he mumbled.

    Honeycomb glanced at her sister who was walking toward their mother’s cell.
    Bad idea Honeycomb thought. She followed her sister and they saw their mother, only this time there was different darkness in her black eyes, blood scattered around the room, tree stumps hung on the walls. Dead bodies-Honeycomb screamed as she woke from her nightmare.

    The wind howled and she shivered, wrapping her tail around herself. She heard a laugh and glanced around. A shadow walked towards her,” Who are you? And what do you want?”Honeycomb asked the shadow didn’t say anything, it only tossed her back her necklace.

    Honeycomb smiled and tightened it around her neck,” Thank you,” She said looking up, but the shadow was already gone. Honeycomb laid back down and tried to sleep.

    “Honeycomb, you’ll never be enough, not like this. You’ll die instantly.”Beehive scolded her sister.
    Honeycomb looked up at her sister with sadness; her sister hissed and walked away.
    RosePetal laughed at her and ran after Honey‘s sister falling over her own feet.
    Swarm shook his head,” She doesn’t even have any special abilities,” he whispered to her sister.

    Honeycomb stared at her talons, she was a mistake. Wiping her tears she flew into her school and walked slowly to a green silkwing, caterpillar green silkwing talking to an iridescent silkwing.”Hi,” She said, The green silkwing gave her a rude look and dragged the iridescent silkwing away. Honeycomb looked down and kept walking.

    Picking her head up she walked over to another silkwing, but they rejected her as well. And another and another. Honeycomb gave up and walked over to a hivewing.” H-hi,” she said, the black and yellow hivewing turned around and eyed her.”Hi…”He said.

    “Do you wanna be fri-” Come on Hornet!”Called another and the hivewing ran off.
    Honeycomb stood there for a second, realization hitting her.

    Honeycomb woke up again and let out an annoyed sigh. With all these dreams she wouldn’t ever get any rest.Honeycomb got up and paced the cold stone floor. She yawned then looked out watching the trees rustle and heard the wind whisper.

    She took off and flew around, they were on the border of the rainforest now; Honeycomb had to dive to avoid being swallowed by the trees. She landed on the lush ground and watched a small animal scurry around. She understood why the rain wings liked to live here and why the night wings wanted to take it over; It was beautiful!

    She laid beneath the trunk of a tree and played with a stick.”Who are you?”A voice said, she looked up confused when she saw nothing.”I said who are you?”The voice repeated, Honeycomb glanced around,” Honeycomb, who are you?”
    A smallish rainwing appeared and Honeycomb was confused, a rainwing with black?
    Must be a hybrid, night-wing rainwing I bet. She approached the rain wing,” Firefly, Queen Glory and King Deathbringer’s daughter,” She puffed out her chest and her purple scales glittered like diamonds.

    Honeycomb smiled,” You're a hybrid! That must be so cool!”
    “Well, you're a hive wing, aren’t they hybrid technically? Silkwing-night wings?”
    Honeycomb nodded. Firefly flicked her black and purple striped tail and spread her wings, which had silver star-like patterns across them.

    “Do you have any powers?”Honeycomb asked, thinking this is a good time to get more info on hybrids. Firefly’s wings drooped and she curled her tail,” No, my mom says I should though. But I can’t really because I’m more rain wing than Nightwing I can’t get mind-reading or future seeing. And the animus chance is slim, and we already tried seeing if I could be one. But I failed. So no powers for this hybrid.”

    Honeycomb felt a bit bad,” At least you get to be queen when you're older,” she said optimistically. Firefly frowned,” Maybe, depends, first we need to find my brother. And my sister then I might be queen.”
    “Your brother?” Honeycomb scanned her brain. Of course.Charming, the black rain wing her older sister had tried to assassinate and ended up falling in love with. Who knew where he was.”Charming right?”Honeycomb asked the rain wing. She nodded,” Yep that annoying and rude rain wing is definitely like my mom. My sister on the other hand-Echo, she’s-she’s different. Echo has some powers but won’t tell anyone but me, so you don’t get to know.”

    I’d get that,”Honeycomb said softly, thinking of Darksight.”You know about the 11 representatives right?”Firefly suddenly asked, Honeycomb nodded.”yeah, and I hope that it ends peacefully.If anything my mother will be killed, Beehive last told me she might take RosePEtal-a silk wing dragonet, Swarm and the love of her life away to keep them all safe.”
    Honeycomb cringed as the sun came up casting a small glimmer of light through the treetops.

    Firefly glanced up then turned her gaze back to the hive wing.”I’d better get going,”She said, Honeycomb smiled and watched her new friend run off.
    The way that rain wing acted reminded her a bit of Cliff and she felt a twinge of sadness, she flew back to the cave where Sunny was up and watched Storm sleep still.

    “Ready?”Sunny asking heaving the ice wing up, Honeycomb rushed to her side before Storm smashed Sunny,”Yep,”She groaned, they made it to the rain forest within a few hours and landed in the village.”Sunny?”Glory asked, walking out of the throne room.
    “Hey Glory,”Sunny said, setting Storm down.”You brought me a hurt ice wing? And a hive wing?”
    Sunny nodded,”Me and the hive wing-Honeycomb brought Storm, he’s Winter and Lynx’s kid, he got badly injured and we were wondering if your healers could help him.”

    Glory inspected the ice wing who looked at her hopefully.”Fine.”
    Deathbringer walked up beside her, Firefly’s tail curled around his.Honeycomb waved at her and Firefly grinned.”Can you guys stay for awhile too?”
    She asked sweetly,”Sorry Firefly not today,”
    Honeycomb sighed softly.”Thanks Glory,”Sunny said, Glory rolled her eyes.”Don’t mention it.”

    Sunny took off and Honeycomb quickly followed behind.

    They stopped for a break on the way back and landed by a stream, Sunny fell asleep and Honeycomb walked around. She sat by the riverbank and stared into the water.
    She glanced at her talons talking to her reflection.

    She thought for a minute, she always wondered what hive wing power she had. She stood up and bit a tree waiting, a small hole from her teeth marks formed and she growled, she had hoped she had venomous teeth.

    She flicked her tail, no smell. She growled again getting annoyed and she scratched the tree with her tail, no infection.”OH COME ON!”She yelled and scratched the tree with her claws and sighed as it turned black.”So I have venous claws when I want them too, maybe I have stingers as well.”
    She watched her talons and sighed when she flicked her tail with annoyance again her spikes got bigger, stingers emerged and her tail spike doubled its length, getting sharper.

    She stared in amazement, she flicked her tail again and they retracted. She brought them out again and scratched the tree with her tail, it immediately lost half of its leaves and dropped the branches slowly falling off bark peeling.

    Honeycomb retracted them again and put her talon on the tree, closing her eyes and healed the tree. The first power she knew she had was that she could heal plants and talk to them. Not leaf speak but she could heal them, depending on the wound.

    Her purple eyes glittered with delight as she thought about having something.
    She walked back towards the river and laid down, watching the fish swim.
    Honeycomb took off her necklace and looked at it closely.

    She took a deep breath and let herself drift into a calm sleep.

    The wind whipped around Honeycomb like a tornado, the clouds covered the sun and it started to rain, Sunny and Honeycomb scurried into a small den, crouching to fit.”We’re gonna have to wait this out, unless you wanna fly in a storm.”Sunny said Honeycomb was about to say she wouldn’t mind when lightning flashed and she crept back.

    “So, how are you liking school?”Sunny asked after a few minutes, Honeycomb frowned a bit,” It’s alright.”
    “Must be different from what you're used to,” Sunny said, curling her tail around herself. Honey nodded,” Usually the hive’s schools, teach every tribe separately.”
    Sunny nodded,” Jade Mountain Academy is completely different.”Honeycomb added.
    Sunny smiled,” That was the reason we made Jade Mountain academy, to bring dragons together. We may not have been in a prophecy but we still had a purpose.”She smiled to herself and Honeycomb smiled slightly.

    “Also, are you and Starflight?-” No,” Sunny said quickly,” He’s with Fatespeaker,”
    Honeycomb sensed the awkwardness from her question and went back to their original topic.”What’s it like knowing that Glory’s a princess, you are, Tsunami is and yet you're one of the only ones who’s a hybrid, what was it like finding that out?”She asked as thunder roared in the background.

    Sunny thought for a minute and turned back to Honeycomb,” Well, I’m not sure, it was-well exciting? Sad? I don’t know anymore, hard to remember, I think I was quite happy. Just knowing my family liked me.”Her green eyes glittered with happiness.

    Honeycomb frowned but put on a fake smile wishing her family loved her as much as Sunny’s family loved her. Sunny didn’t notice her crestfallen face and kept going on,” But you have to admit it’s strange knowing all of my friends are with someone in a relationship. You know?”
    Honeycomb shrugged, and Sunny grinned.”Little kids probably don’t understand,” She said laughing, her face as bright as an animation.

    Honeycomb smiled weakly. The rain was pouring and Sunny frowned,” It should have stopped or at least calmed by now,” She said standing by the exit.
    Honeycomb nodded, agreeing.
    They laid back down and Honeycomb tucked her wings closer to avoid the walls scratching her.
    She watched the rainfall thinking of her home. They had never gotten much rain there, or she just never noticed

    Being stuck inside her whole life kinda shut off her ability to explore. Honeycomb’s mother had always told her,” Go to school,” or” Collect the flame silk,” or even,” Just go die, won’t you!”
    And Beehive was always off around Pantala terrorizing some innocent dragons.
    Swarm, he never liked Honey and usually was trying to kill her. Honeycomb had so many struggles in Pantala trying not to be killed and fight off her brother which she never did, trying to get attention for her mother for help, or just even be a normal dragonet.

    The only thing she received from her sister was her gold, Skyfire stone armband and protection when she was little. Honeycomb sometimes got battle training with her sister but was shut down by fear.

    Wasp, on the other hand, preferred to avoid her youngest daughter and be with Beehive, her most successful daughter; the one she wanted to help her destroy the leaf wings with.
    Honeycomb tried to picture what her family was doing.

    But Sunny interrupted her thoughts,” I think the rain will have stopped by morning,” Sunny said, curling her tail around herself and laying her head down. Honeycomb nodded and yawned as the clouds darkened more night falling over the plains.
    She held her necklace close and stared into the magical gem, swirls of blue and green turning into a dark green. Letting herself relax she fell asleep.

    “Do you think this is enough?”Beehive asked, holding up the roots of the breath of evil. Swarm nodded.”Plenty,” Beehive looked doubtful, her orange eyes narrowing. Swarm growled,” Did you hear me?”
    Beehive shoved him in the shoulder and picked up a bag of the roots.RosePetal trailed behind her wing buds wiggling with nervousness.”You're not gonna use all that on the silk wings right?”
    Beehive snorted,” Yeah right,” RosePetal smiled weakly and they kept walking.

    “What about Sundew? Won’t you get her?”RosePetal asked, Beehive nodded,” Yep, and since our spy has been all over the place seems like Willow, some sapwing or something is very close to Sundew, we get Willow, then give Sundew a deal she has to accept and we’ve got her under our talons.”Beehive said smiling snobbily.

    “And we all know what that means, one less strong opponent.”Beehive flared her wings and RosePetal hid underneath one.”It will be incredible, now come on.”

    Beehive smiled at RosePetal and headed towards the center of the hive but gasped when the hive wings and silk wings had started a fight in the middle of the room and it was turning into a war. Beehive walked into her mother’s meeting with the guards and waited by the side. Wasp eyed her grinding her teeth.”Get...out…”Wasp hissed at her,” Queen Wasp, we need you urgently.”Beehive said narrowing her eyes,” It will..wait..”Wasp hissed once again, turning back to the guards.”It can NOT.”Beehive pressured on,” I said it will wait!”Wasp raged attacking her daughter, clawing her eye, a nasty bleeding scar across Beehive’s eyes as she staggered back.

    A few of the guards jumped up, others gasped, some whispered if Beehive was gonna fight back. Wasp stopped a guilty look on her face as she held down, Beehive panted heavily then lunged up pinning her mother down. A vicious expression on her face. Wasp and Beehive fought endlessly until they both rolled down into the center of the hive their fight causing the silk wing and hive wings to stop to watch.

    Wasp kicked Beehive in the stomach, throwing her into the walls.”You can stop now and surrender,” Wasp hissed,” Never.”Beehive shouted lunging again at Wasp ripping her wing.
    RosePetal was mortified, Beehive struggled but managed to rip a piece of Wasp’s ear off and cause damage to her leg.

    It was clear this was a fair match, Wasp hadn’t made Beehive go blind from the scar but she also had broken part of Beehive’s wing.

    Who was going to win this fight? No one knew...

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Wings of Fire:Sweet as Honey Part 3 is out!
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