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Sisters of Shadow: Book 1 Overview and Review

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Oh, my word I have finally found an amazing book! I literally can’t wait to get my hands on the sequels!

    ((olive))Please do not read if you want spoilers! The story starts by introducing two main characters called Lily and Alice. I assume the book is set
    Please do not read if you want spoilers!

    The story starts by introducing two main characters called Lily and Alice. I assume the book is set in the Victorian Era in a made-up land since it mentions a lot about corsets and the fact that the town does not want to use new technology (a reference to the Industrial Revolution). Lily is 18 years old and Alice is 17, but do not worry because this book is more suitable for teenagers rather than young adults.

    Before the first chapters, there is a dramatic prologue that reveals that something bad and mysterious has happened to Alice and that her family (all deceased) has a line of witches, so Alice assumes that she is one too. After the prologue and a few more chapters, we learn that a mysterious group of supposedly magical people has taken Alice away, and Lily ventures out to find her. On her journey, many more characters and events reveal more about ‘The Shadow Sect’. We dive in and out of Alice and Lily’s perspectives which alternate between every so many chapter. Many more dramatic things happen (I don’t want to spoil it entirely) including that Alice has fallen in love with a girl called Grace, who is linked to another character whom Lily meets. There is also a bit of romance with Lily and the character linked to Grace as well. I will end by saying that ‘The Shadow The Shadow Sect’s aim is to make Alice burst out magic but I will not say what happens to Alice! Overall, the story is certainly not over, which is why I can’t wait until the next book! Recommend, it’s suitable for everyone and has a few different themes under its belt. 5 out of 5 stars!

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    5/5 because it is such a lovely plot and I loved seeing Lily and Alice mature a bit throughout their journey. Overall I would say my favourite character is Alice. I felt quite connected to her probably because I related to how lonely and different she felt. I do also like Lily but she seemed a bit more silly. Well, perhaps not silly but a little bit less of a realistic thinker. I am happy that the author chose for her to also complete the journey because it has made her face reality a bit less of a naïve way. Cannot wait for the next book, which has sadly not been released just yet, but I want to know more about the main two characters!

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560 days ago
Okay, Thanks anyways.
560 days ago
To be honest it is left on a bit of a cliffhanger!
560 days ago
Ok so at the end a safe-place (I guess that’s what you call it) gets burnt down and Lily finds out she has magic too! Unfortunately I don’t think the sequels have been release- if they have I haven’t read them yet. But thanks for asking!
560 days ago
What of the remaining part of the story please?
560 days ago
By the way if you have read this book or like the sound of it, you are welcome to comment!
560 days ago
Omg yeeees it worked! It is such a beautiful book and I really wanted to give you an overview of it- I know I called it a review but I will edit that. I am going to edit it so I does have a review page. Otherwise, enjoy! 🥳