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Stellerlune (a Sokeefe fanfic)

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This takes place right after Unlocked, and is a Sokeefe story. I really hope you like it!

    Stellerlune fanfic (Sokeefe Ship)
    By Sydney Camera
    This takes place right after Unlocked. When Sophie reads Keefe’s letter.


    As Sophie read Keefe’s letter, she was sad. Angry. Maybe even a little disappointed. Along with other feelings she couldn’t explain. Maybe Keefe could. But he was gone. And yet, some small part of her wasn’t surprised. She knew he just wanted to protect her, but… she missed him. She missed his jokes. His smirk. The old Keefe. The way he was always there when she needed him. Well… maybe not always. Like right now. Don’t be selfish, She thought. He needs you way more than you need him right now. And she was going to be there for him. She didn’t care if he wanted her to stay away.

    She thought about any clues he may have left in his letter. Well… he did say that he was “hiding the same way the Black Swan hide her” so he was going to the forbidden cities. She thought, Maybe Ro knows something else. She wiped her eyes and went downstairs. She wasn’t going to pout. She was going to stay strong.

    She was almost to the leapmaster when she heard a voice coming from behind her.
    “Going somewhere?”
    Grady. She cringed as she turned around. She loved her adopted father, but he could be a little… well, let's just say he wasn’t the biggest fan of Keefe. He ran off with the Neverseen months ago, and he was still calling him “That boy.” “I… ummm…” But before she could come up with a good excuse, Grady said, “I know about Keefe.” Sophie was really surprised. Not only did he use the name ‘Keefe’ but he didn’t sound the least bit mad. If anything, he sounded sad. “How?” It was all she could manage. He explained about the conversation he and Keefe had shared. “He’s trying to protect you, you know.” Sophie, who still couldn’t believe her father was in Keefe’s defense, let out a sigh, “I know. But I don’t need it. If anyone needs protection, it’s him.” Grady let out a long sigh. “Sophie. You're the strongest person I know, but even you need protection sometimes.” Sophie tugged the eyelash of a watery eye and leaped to Splendor Plains without another word.

    “So… any ideas?” Sophie asked, kind of desperately. “Hold on, Blondie, let Auntie Ro think.” After several suspenseful moments, Ro told her,
    “Well… maybe… no…well…”
    “We could take a look in the books, Hunkyhair is always drawing in.”
    It was worth a shot, so they leaped to the Shores of Solace, where they were welcomed (if you could call it that) by Lord Cassius.
    “What are you doing here?”
    “In case you didn’t know, your son ran away, and we’re trying to find him. I see you haven’t done that much.” Sophie snapped.
    “I have not been informed of this… incident.”
    Tragedy would have been a better word in Sophie’s opinion.
    “Of course you haven’t, not like you care anyway.”
    “I want what's best for my son.”
    Once again, Sophie questioned his choice of words, Lord Cassius wanted what was best for himself.
    “If you really care soooooo much about him, then why don’t you let us in?”
    Lord Cassius sighed as he opened the doors. “I am sure he would be flattered by your efforts, considering his feelings.”
    “What feelings?” She asked.
    “She really doesn’t know?” He asked, turning to Ro.
    “Nope, not a clue, Blondie is as oblivious as ever.” Ro answered as they entered Keefe’s room.
    “Oblivious to what!”
    “If you really want to know, I suggest this one.” Said Ro pulling out a golden notebook from under Keefe’s bed. “He doesn’t want you to see this but… I want payback, and I’m soooooo done keeping it a secret.” Sophie couldn’t think of anything Keefe would keep from her, but she didn’t have to wait long for her answer. The book was filled with pictures of her. Everything he wrote in there was about her. She thought about the time they had shared together. Their window sleepovers. Alicorn rides. E.L Fudges. Things only they shared. And she realized… it had been so painfully obvious. “Remember, hindsight is a dangerous game.” She was back at Havenfield, in Edaline’s arms. So was gilt, and right now, she was feeling a lot of that. How could she not have known? The worst part was… she hadn't known she felt that way too. It was just like Keefe said. Hearts and heads can feel differently. This was all her fault. Keefe ran away because of her. He wanted to protect her. But it didn’t matter. She was going to find him and take him back. If he agreed to come back… No. No if’s, only whens. When he comes back.


    Keefe knew the crystal he used had leaped him somewhere in the forbidden cities, but he didn’t know where. He didn’t recognize anything, so he wasn’t in Florence, but other than that… he had nothing. Not that it mattered. He was far, far away from Foster, so he was happy. Well… not exactly happy. He would be happy if he was with Foster, and he wasn’t running away from his mom and her creepy experiments. But he was, and it was for the best. Still, some part of him still wished he could be with her and hoped she felt the same way. Don’t be stupid, she doesn’t like you like that. Well, maybe she would if…uggg. Why can’t I think of something else, like… food! I’m going to need food if I plan to survive. The sad thing was, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to survive. He didn’t want to hurt any more innocent lives. No, that's not what Foster would want. Not that she would find out… He tried to shove that disturbing thought out of his mind.

    He didn’t want to admit it, but being a Polyglot was pretty useful. He was able to turn some human money he took from Dex into dollars (which he found out was the currency of Australia, the country he was in.) At this thing called a bank. Bought a vegetarian sandwich. He fit in here. Some people kind of looked like him (Some even stole his signature hair, which he was not happy about, but none could quite pull it off is his opinion.) He saw a girl with blond hair and brown eyes, about Foster’s age. He was sure she wasn’t nearly as amazing as Lady Fos-Boss, but it still made his heart ache. He tried to use as little words as possible when he talked to people, but with every sound, he made he knew there was a risk. Keefe also had the growing suspicion that all of this was a little too perfect. Like this was all part of his mom’s evil scheme. But he couldn’t go back now, even if that was the case.

    It was kind of weird seeing humans. It was like there were a ton of Mr. Forkles on the loose. He was so used to seeing the ageless, perfect elf’s. Maybe this would be a good changed.

    He wasn’t gonna lie, he was worried that Sophie was gonna follow him, she was the second most suborn elf he knew. (Only to himself, of course.) If she found him? Keefe didn’t know what he would do. He couldn’t go back. But what if she wouldn’t leave? What if she insisted on coming with him? It would be nice to have some one-on-one time with Foster, but she had a whole life ahead of her! Of course, if he told that to her, she would tell him he had the same, but she would be wrong. What he had ahead of him was a whole lot of Mommy Dearest forcing him to do creepy stuff he didn’t want to do, if he went back. Which he wasn’t going to do. It was best for everybody this way.

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339 days ago
Soooooo, I know that Keefe took the books with him but... I thought this was a really cute way for Sophie to find out he liked her so... don't come after me.