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Miraculous Fan Club

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Please come in and take a look around!:)
But only join if you've watched this show, are a real fan or like this show.

    Hi! I'm A Cunning Fox and I LOVE Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. This is NOT an official club. I DO NOT own Miraculous Ladybug. I'm just a BIG BIG FAN who LOVES this show! Join this club in 3 simple steps.

    To join-
    1. You have to be a real fan or you have to like the show. It really doesn't matter just don't join this club for no good reason
    2. You have to write a comment about
    -How old you are.
    -Some things that you like. Fav animal, TV series, Movie, book, etc, etc
    -your hobbies
    -Why you decided to join this club and on a scale of 1-100, how much you like this show.
    3. Tell us what your nickname is for this club.

    Thank you and please lookout for Miraculous Info and Updates.
    Bye for now,
    A Cunning Fox

    PS. Although I'm a girl ANYONE can join this club. No matter who you are, what your gender is or what your age is! Everyone is welcome!

    I'm twelve and speak French!

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Comments (82)


290 days ago
Hi my name is Lia Sophia you can call me Sophi I love miraculous so I wanna join your club
476 days ago
Hi! My name is Mallo Spike! You guys can call me kikifoxo! I love Miraculous! I like ice cream, ballet, and modern! (I'm on pointe.) I'm 13 years old and for some reason are looking for friends!
487 days ago
I am 8. I like kwamis. My nickname is Viperion. My hobbies are drawing kwamis (sometimes made up). I give 100/100. I want to join because off the same reason as Allyrose.
601 days ago
Hi. I am 14, my name is Clara, but my nickname can be Butterfly. My favourite animal is either a fox or a wolf (not because of Rena Rouge). My hobbies are reading, drawing, writing stories, and daydreaming. I give MLB 99/100. I give it 1 less because the love square is ridiculous and they should just get revealed. I joined this club for the same reason as AllyRose. Thx!
P.S. Take my mlb quiz, my nicknamw for allthetests is Why. ;)
610 days ago
Hi my names is jessie, but i'd like my nickname to be AllyRose. I am 14 years old and im metis. Metis is a mix of french and native american. Miraculous is my fav tv show and my fav book series is the land of stories. My hobbies include drawing,writing and singing. I would give miraculous a 100/100, i absolutely adore this show. I decided to join this club because i want to be alongside with people that also like miraculous bc those people are really hard to find.
653 days ago
Also I'm a lesbian girl.
653 days ago
Hi! My name is Samara, but my nickname is going to be Moon streak. I'm 10yrs old, I have a pet cat and I am half Indian half European! I make jewelry, and my favorite books are the wings of fire series. I would rate miraculous of 75/100. Hopefully I can join!
660 days ago
My right Name is anounym.
660 days ago
My Name is Lou. I'm From The germany allthetests. It Name is teste dich. . My Englisch isn't so Great. .In Teste dich gives Miracoulus Roleplays and other Roleplays. I'm eleven years old. In teste dich is my name Isa. .I like Books reading is great. That is my Message from Germany. I'm a big fan from England and America. It's a other world. In England gives Uniforms. In Germany we have our Homeclothes.
668 days ago
I actually rate Miraculous 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,00 0,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,00 0,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000/100 (This number is called a septenvigillion.) This number is way bigger than 100. For sure when I say that!
673 days ago
I'm 42 years I been watching ladybug since it was nickelodeon then it was on Netflix I watch it over and over again my husband hates that I'm hooked but it's addictive and the new 4th season is amazing I love it so much I don't care how old I am I'm a huge fan thank you so much for this show it's makes me so happy I'm obsessed plz keep coming
677 days ago
Sorry for the long nickname.
677 days ago
I love red pandas and my favourite show is Miraculous! Obviously. My nickname is BiggestMiraculousFanEverExisted.
677 days ago
Hi, I am 10 years old I am quite smart. (That’s what my friends call me) I would rate 100/100 for sure!
689 days ago
I am 11years old I like drawing my nick name for this club will be sweet slun
697 days ago
I'm 11 years old. My fave animal is tiki. Favorite TV show is miraculous. Fav movie is miraculous movie. I am upsessesed with this show I really want to join.
751 days ago
hewo I'm 11 year old girl. I love skateboarding and reading. I have a boy best friend and 3 girl best friends. I love MLB 100 out of 100. my nickname will be kat.
ps. I love BTS and other k-pop groups as well, it's a really big part of my life, as well as MLB
790 days ago
I really love to sing
790 days ago
I always draw miraculous and I'm from Philippines
791 days ago
I just want ti talk to miraculers