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Lila's got lies- Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction

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Lila's out and about with lies. Marinette can't stand it! When Lila does something Marinette can not bare to handle, everything goes wrong...Will Marinette become akumatized, or will Lila?

    It was monday, just as Marinette was coming home from school, a new girl named "Lila Rossi" had entered Paris, expecting everyone here to love and adore her. Lila had always been some what of a popular girl after all, she was used to it. As Lila was entering Paris she looked at a dark blue haired girl, with beautiful blue belle eyes, she thought to herself, "Ah, easy prey. This minion will be all over me tomorrow, well, if she goes to the same school as me" Lila smiled at the blue haired girl, the girl looking back at her with a little bit of a confused expression on her face, but then smiling back to her a few seconds later. Then she saw him. Well, not actually. Adrien Agreste's picture was shown on a costume contest poster up on one of the shops she was walking by, she stopped her looked at it. His smile, his hair, and how could she forget those beautiful emerald eyes? Lila started to read the poster, "Costume Contest on ****** st. at 3:45 PM to 5:20 PM on March the 17th. The winning gets to meet Adrien Agreste! Sign up here:" Then, there were a list of names entitled, "Jim Presto, Kimberly Bix, Janet Faves, Chole Bourgeois, Marinette Dupain Cheng" and lots more. Lila thought to herself, "Hehe, this costume contest sounds so fun. and after I win, i'll get to meet the boy of my dreams. Besides, all I have to do is buy a really unique costume at miraculous shoppers, they have such good deals! This will be perfect! Adrien will be mine."

    Friday, March 16th. They day just before the Costume Contest. Everyone was talking about it, everybody wanted to win! Marinette couldn't believe she had actually signed up to it. Marinette had no idea why, Adrien was already in her class, maybe she just liked the thought of seeing Adrien a little more. The new girl in her class Lila was all over Adrien the last couple of days, she even got to sit beside him! Marinette was becoming very jealous, but she new that she should just focus on finishing her costume for the contest first, and then maybe rage about Lila. Marinette has been designing a Cat Noir costume for Adrien, thinking about how cute he'd look in it. Not that Cat Noir was cute! Just that Adrien would look cute in cat ears she had thought. She was almost done, she just needed to sew a few more fabric lines into the gloves and then she would be done. She then finished up the gloves within a few minutes and was done! it looked almost like Cat Noir's real costume she had thought. Marinette was really proud of herself, she didn't think she would win, but her hard work definitely paided off! Tomorrow was the big day. That day would be amazing! She thought to herself happily.

    The big day. Marinette buzzed through school with the costume in her bag, running to Alya. "Alya! Alya!' Marinette called to her. "Huh? oh, Hey girl!" Alya would say to Mari, turning around and smiling at her. "I'm done the costume! Adrien is going to look soooooooooo cute!" she would say to Alya. Alya said "Awe, Okay. Let me see how good it looks!" Marinette then took the Cat Noir costume out of her bag and showed it to Alya. Alya gasped in amazment. "Marinette! Your going to win for sure! it looks like the real thing!" Marinette smiled, enjoying the complement from Alya. Mari then put the costume back in her bag and said, "Thanks Alya, We better get to class now" Alya winked at Marinette and then said "Okay, let's see if you Prince Charming is here". The girls then raced to class, and sat down in their sits. Adrien wasn't there, but Marinette new she would be seeing him afterwards. Soon school had ended, and Marinette was on her way to ****** st. Once she got there she saw a bunch of people...but they were all around Lila! Lila had entered the contest, of course! Marinette felt a little bit of anger swell up from inside her, but then she calmed herself down, remembering that Lila probably bought a costume instead of making one. There was a Table over to the left of Marinette with a box of numbers on it where you would place a certain number on your costume and then write your name and phone number under the number and place it into another box to the right of the number box where you would put your costume in. Marinette went up to the box of numbers and grabbed one, number 54 she was. She then grabbed a pen from the table and wrote "Marinette Dupain Cheng- ***-***-****" underneath the number, then took out her costume and stuck it on there, and into the costume box.

    Lila looked at Marinette putting her dumb little costume into the costume box. Her costume was Jenu Topongo, a famous fashion designer that was friends with Gabriel Agreste, so of course she would have to win! I mean, if she didn't, she would probably turn Marinette's life into a living hell. and she meant it! Everybody was surrounding her and complementing her on the unique and cool idea. She started to ignore them all and walked over to Marinette. "Hi Marinette! I'm so happy to see you here. I'm sure your costume is amazing! What is your costume again though? a hamster?" Marinette turned around to Lila looked a little mad. Marinette replied with, " Uh, no. It is a Cat Noir costume. What is yours Lila? or did you do a costume of a rat?" Lila smiled at Marinette. "I've done an outstanding costume of Jenu Topongo! Ever heard of him? Ha, you haven't. He is a very skilled fashion designer and friends with Adrien's father!" Marinette sighed and then said back to her "Great. sounds interesting" Lila winked at Marinette and then turned around, flipping her hair in Marinette's face saying "I don't need to be interesting or great to win Adrien's heart, unlike you, I use my brain and logic Marinette. Adrien will never love you" then walking away with a grin. Oh My God. How dare she! Lila was the worst. Marinette hated her so much now, she couldn't believe somebody could be so cruel! Marinette ran to a tree over in the distance and sat down underneath it. Why was it always her that had to be treated poorly? what had she ever done to Lila? and then it happened. an akuma had hit her earrings. "Marinette, I am Hawkmoth, so, Lila won't stop stealing Adrien away from you? I can give you the power to stop her, and make Adrien all yours. all you need to do in return is to give me Cat Noir's and Ladybug's Miraculous's!" Marinette tried to fight him off but then stopped. she didn't deserve this! Lila needed to be dealed with! she nodded her head and then said, "Yes Hawkmoth. Adrien will be mine!"

    Adrien was honestly stressed out about this new Costume Contest thing, I mean, of course he loved his fans and all, but he really didn't want to try over literally 150+ costumes on. He counted down the days until March 17th, each day becoming more stressed out about this hole thing, and the weird thing was he normally didn't get stressed out with these things. Maybe he was just having a strange week. Then, March 17th finally came, he was watching everybody come and put their costume into the box. well, there had actually been about 25 boxes so far, but they've all been taken away to Adrien's room to try on. The only freedom he had in this event was choosing who had won, of course, if his father approved of the person. Then he saw Marinette, with her costume. he couldn't see it that well, but it looked like a Cat Noir costume...If it was, everybody would surely know his identity! Well, I guess Marinette wasn't going to be his choice, no matter how good the costume was. He then saw Lila talking to Marinette, and then turning away from her and going back to talk with a bunch of people. Marinette then was walking over to a tree and sat down underneath it, he felt bad, maybe Lila hurt her feelings? But then, his question was answered. an akuma, heading for Marinette! He was going to tell Nathaile or The Gorilla but what would they do? He was worried and really hope Marinette could fight it off, he couldn't transform right now! But then suddenly Marinette had become Miss Fortune! He felt terrible not going out to defeat Marinette and getting her back to her normal self, he just hoped Ladybug could handle this for now...

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817 days ago
Lie-la is the absolute worst! But this story is way better than Lila. Ugh.
893 days ago
Awesome story i could literaly picture what was happening in my head. The day an episode is released of Marintte or even Ladybug being akumatized will be the best day of my life.
924 days ago
Ugh lie-la! Liar much
962 days ago
Also I would also want just adrien himself to be akumtized but not hawkmoth akumtizng him mari and this is all in one episode I want to see Gaberial freak out!
962 days ago
I like the story and I really want Mari to be akumtized and then turn into ladybug so that everybody be like WHOA bc LIE-LA told everybody that she was LB... I think it would be SO funny.
972 days ago
This was realy good i honestly wish that there would be an episoe where marrinette ges akumatized. but I seriosly doubt that will happen. i loved the story. Thx
992 days ago
I dont like lila at ALL she is so dramatic if I could I would pop sense into marinette's friends minds, why can't they see that
994 days ago
i just want to kick lie- la
1086 days ago
Jeez. That's one way to escalate things. 0-0
1449 days ago
realy? ha jk I hate LILA. u need to know about Filex, another of hawkmoths workers. :b
1449 days ago
1460 days ago
Awwwwww I want more!