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One Sunday... Miraculous fanFic Part 1

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What happens when a 14 year old girl gets a present that does effect the life of her Favorite. miraculous characters themselves...

    It was a Sunday. Of course it had to be a Sunday. I’m Blair Cosset. I live in Paris, France. Sometimes, people think Paris is some dream city that angels live in, but it’s not. It’s much better than any dream city I could ever think of. I like my life. Actually, I love my life. It’s basically most people's dream life. My mom is rich, so I live in a mansion. I go to a cute private school and have all the loving and care that I need. I also have a lot of friends, and not because I’m rich. Nobody bullies me or taunts me. In fact, I’m kind of sick of love letters coming from boys because its near valentines day. I am a little worried about myself, though. Am I a spoiled brat? I ask my friends and family all the time, but they always say no. But I’m still not sure, so I buy people gifts often. But that’s not my point. I thought I had the perfect life until just about a year ago, I finally found what I was missing.

    “HONEY! WAKE UP! WE GOT THE MONTHLY RICH MAGAZINE AND I SAW SOMETHING YOU MIGHT LIKE!” My mom was yelling up to me at 12:00 in the morning. Usually I would be a tiny bit grumpy, but right now, I rushed to get my uniform on. The “Monthly Rich” magazine was a $100 magazine that was made especially for billionaires and had one of a kind things that were super expensive. It came once a month and if I wanted something from it, my mom would let me get it. Ever since the big discovery of 2090 about a year ago, people have been inventing all sorts of super expensive and high tech things have been coming out. I owned a couple of things from the magazine, but I didn’t own that much. Even though we are the most wealthy family in the world, we only have three mouths to feed.(me, my mom, and my cat)I rush downstairs.” What is it mom?” I ask excitedly as I almost burn myself on the stove.”Well, first sweetie, you need to be more careful. Please don’t burn yourself. And second, look at this.” She hands me the magazine, then continues.” I know how much you love that show, Miraculous. In here there is a miraculous pass to the base of the recording studio and company. You would be able to come in and see the place whenever you want, and I could pay extra for a tour. Do you want it, honey?” I stare at her in utter dismay. What was wrong with her? She normally had a limit of $500,000 if I wanted something, and this was a whopping $1,000,000! The show was REALLY popular.” Are you alright?” my mom asked looking concerned. Then she saw that I was looking at the price. “ Oh. I saw that your birthday was in a week and thought that I could do something nice for you. We have a lot of money, you know.” After hearing this I calmed. “ Yes mom, I would absolutely love the pass.” I sighed. Another way I was spoiled… But I couldn't worry about that. I had to do my 1 hour beauty treatment before bed every night. People say that I don’t need to because my skin is already flawless, but I still feel like I have to.”Goodnight, Mom!” I yell down 3 flights of stairs.

    I awake to the sound of birds chirping and the slight sound of a breeze at my window. It’s 8:00. Good. As I get dressed and head downstairs, I remember my gift from my mother. “It won’t be here already…” I think as I go to look. But sure enough, there it is, sitting there as if to say,”I am cold. Grab me. now.” I silently scream. I may have acted genuine about it, but I was secretly elating for joy. I opened it immediately. There it was, almost glowing. But something else was in the bottom of the package as well… Suddenly forgetting all about my pass, I reached in and grabbed it. It was a present, wrapped in paper and all. I was about to open it until I saw a card attached. Now, we all know what improper etiquette it is to open a gift before a card, so I opened it. This is what it said:

    Dear Blair,
    I am a huge fan of your designs. I also think that you are really pretty, unlike me. I am a scientist, not officially, but I study and invent things. This is my latest invention. I don’t know what it does, but I do know that it is very strong. I know that it is something that has not yet been invented, and could give me worldwide fame. But I want you to have it. I am only 14, and not ready for fame. You can use it as a decoration, a symbol, or if you want to take the risk, you can try using it. Just know that I am your number one fan!

    With lots of love and admiration,
    Charlotte M.

    I was shocked. I was a model and fashion designer, but I didn’t know I had dedicated fans. I then opened the gift. Inside was a necklace with an unimaginably magical looking pendant. There were instructions on what to do. I didn’t care about the dangers of rubbing it. I was going to do it.


    I gathered a suitcase and put all my prized possessions inside. I also went downstairs and grabbed some food. When I came back up, I was ready. At least if I died, I would have all my favorite stuff with me. I looked at the instructions. It said to say my favorite thing and wait. I did so. “ Miraculous Ladybug!” Nothing happened. I was severely disappointed at getting ripped off. But suddenly, the whole room started swirling and I soon found myself swirling in a portal-looking mass of purples and pinks. I didn’t know what to do, of course, but hang to the things that were swirling with me.
    I landed harshly on the pavement. “ We’re not in Paris anymore, Ginger!” I said, quoting Dorothy from “The Wizard Of OZ”. But I soon realized I was mistaken. I was in Paris alright… but everything is animated. INCLUDING ME! “OMG! OMG! O.M.G! What is happening!” I scream. I then see something that makes me realize where I am.“NONONONONONONONONO!” I had realized I was in the show Miraculous. And I had NO idea what to do.

    Thank You! The next part will be coming soon! ( I hope... )

    Please no negative comments or feedback. I am not the owner of miraculous, and I have made this just for fun. It has nothing to do with the actual show's upcoming plot.

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986 days ago
Hi nice fan fic i love it its so cool i love miraculous
1009 days ago
Anime or miraculous. how bout both!
1061 days ago
1066 days ago
Does anyone else here even like miraculous? You are all named after someting stupid! sorry.
1107 days ago
IDK. I LUVluvluvluvluvluvluvluvluvluvluvluvluvl uvluvluvluvluvluvluvluvluvluvluvluv!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! miraculous.
1118 days ago
wut do the numbers mean????
1118 days ago
1118 days ago
u 2 are sooo the same person! does anybody else agree? i mean, how obvi. can it be? ridiculous, utterly rediculous!
1118 days ago
idk. it was just a thought
1118 days ago
EEWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! loki x mari? WHO EVEN ARE YOU!!!!
1118 days ago
I'm thinking about what loki x marinette would be like...
1118 days ago
I think that... I like it! but PLEASE tell me what happens next!