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Miraculous Refelktadoll

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Scene: Ladybug's Miraculous Ladybug fixes the broken Eiffel Tower in the background as she and Cat Noir land on a rooftop. Cat Noir: I don't
Scene: Ladybug's Miraculous Ladybug fixes the broken Eiffel Tower in the background as she and Cat Noir land on a rooftop.

Cat Noir: I don't call the shots, m'lady. You're the superhero who captures the evil akumas— I'm just the cunning, ultra-charming Cat Noir.
Ladybug: Right, you have it easy.
Cat Noir: Easy? That's 'cause I make it look easy.
Ladybug: As cunning as you might be, that little prank you pulled earlier almost made my Lucky Charm fail!
Cat Noir: D'you know why Master Fu gave you the Ladybug Miraculous instead of me?
Ladybug: Because it requires someone with a sense of responsibility?
Cat Noir: No, because you don't have a sense of humor.
Ladybug: Pfft, whatever. (Cat Noir tries to kiss her hand) Ah! (She pulls away)
Cat Noir: Uh... Look, it's no big deal! You have so many other great qualities! I'm just in charge of the humor department. (His ring starts beeping)
Ladybug: You'd better get going before you lose your clown costume.
Cat Noir: Miss you already, Bugaboo.
Ladybug: Don't call me—!
Cat Noir: (leaving) See? I was right! (Ladybug groans)

Scene: The Couffaine houseboat, in Luka and Juleka's room. She repeatedly covers and uncovers one of her eyes with her bangs, while Luka plays a happy guitar slide when she reveals her face, and a disheartened guitar slide when she covers it.

Luka: Don't you wanna be a model anymore?
Juleka: Yeah, but... no one's ever going to pick me.
Luka: (strums his guitar) Have you tried talking to Marinette about your idea?
Juleka: I don't want to bother her with that.
Luka: (goes to her) You're really pretty, Jul. I'm sure Marinette would love to have you as her model. (clips Juleka's bangs back) You gotta follow your dreams in life. Don't let 'em pass you by. You were made for this. (kisses her cheek) Go for it.

Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont. Marinette and her friends are chatting in the courtyard.

Marinette: Since Ms. Mendeleiev wasn't in today, what should we do now that we're out an hour early?
Alya: We should use this extra time to make that video for Marinette's soon-to-be website!
Rose, Alix, & Mylène: Yeah, good idea!
Alya: Remember I asked you guys to think about modeling Marinette's designs? Well, any takers?
Juleka: (walks up, her bangs clipped back) I... I'd like to do it. (They gasp.)
Marinette: Juleka?
Mylène: I've never seen the top half of your face before!
Rose: It really suits you!
Juleka: (mumbling) Well, it's just a barrette. I mean I just, uh...
Alya: We've got our model! (They cheer and pull Juleka to the front of the school, but Alya holds Marinette back.)
Marinette: Aah!
Alya: Hey! We're gonna need a technical directer. Someone who knows his way around fashion shoots? (She points Marinette's face toward Adrien, who's walking with Nino.)
Marinette: Don't even think about it! If he's right there in my house, in my room, I'll be a complete mess! (whimpers)
Alya: No, you won't! You'll be in your element. It's the perfect opportunity for you guys to get close!
Marinette: No, I— (Alya runs off) Alya, no! (groans)
Alya: (to Adrien) I was wondering if you could help us out with a fashion shoot.
Adrien: I'd love to Alya, but I have to get home or else my father...
Alya: I know, but you were supposed to be in Ms. Mendeleiev's class today, and since she's not here, you technically don't have to be home for another, entire hour. Your dad won't know any different!
Nino: She's got a point, dude.
Adrien: Oh! Okay then.
Marinette: Ah, no...! (falls over)

Scene: Marinette's room. The girls and Adrien prep for the photo shoot.

Alya: (videotaping them on her phone, whispers to Marinette) Psst! This is totally your chance to ask him to the movies! (Marinette squeaks)
Adrien: Alix, could you shine the light a bit more on Juleka's shoulders, please? I want her to stand out. (Alix does so, and chuckles triumphantly) Does that work for you, Marinette?
Marinette: Huh? Uh, sure! You're perfect— I mean, it's perfect!
Adrien: (takes the hair clip from her) This one! It'll compliment the suit really well.
Marinette: I thought the same thing, Madrien, ah—! (shouts) Adrien! (chuckles nervously)
Alya: How about a little smile for the camera, Juleka?
Juleka: (mumbles rapidly) Uh, I don't think this is such a good idea, you guys, I...
Marinette: Is something wrong?
Juleka: (quietly) I'm just not feeling that—
Marinette: You know, it was really cool of you to agree to be my model, (Juleka breathes heavily) but I can tell you're not feeling that comfortable about it at all.
Alya: Decide fast, because we have less than an hour before Adrien has to leave.
Adrien: That's okay, maybe we can do it again some other day, if my father let's me.
Marinette: (to Juleka) Would you prefer if someone stand in for you? (Juleka's heavy breaths come out like whimpers) This is something I should do myself, after all. These are my designs, and—
Alya: Of course! Awesome idea, Marinette! The coolest thing about your designs is that they work just as well with guys, as with girls. A guy? A girl? Same suits? What do you think Adrien, are you in?
Adrien: If it helps.
Alya: See? This is gonna be awesome! Give Marinette your suit, Juleka— and Marinette, grab another suit for Adrien! (Juleka groans. The girls set up folding screens for them to change. Alya hands Adrien some jewelry.) Here are your accessories, created by the one and only Marinette Dupain-Cheng! (whispers to Marinette) Just bought you some extra time to ask him out! You're welcome.
Marinette: I— I... (She gets dressed, replacing her earrings with her own designs)
Tikki: Don't do that, Marinette!
Marinette: It won't be for long, Tikki. Besides, you'll hold onto them for me. (places the earrings inside her purse, with Tikki)
Plagg: (sees Adrien about to replace his ring with Marinette's) I hope you're kidding!
Adrien: It won't be for long, Plagg. Besides, you'll be nearby. (places the ring with Plagg in his bag.)
Rose: (seeing Marinette and Adrien) Oh!
Mylène: Wow!
Rose: You look so beautiful!
Alix: It's uber perfect!
Alya: Looks like we're ready!
Mylène: Are you okay, Marinette?
Marinette: Yeah, he's too hot— I mean! I'm overheating in here, aren't you?
Alya: Okay! Change of plans, we're gonna take the shoot outside! (Rose, Mylène, and Alix cheer. The next few lines overlap as Mylène and Alix run out.)
Rose: I love the outside!
Adrien: (getting pulled out by Mylène) Heeey!
Alix: C'mon, let's go! (Marinette sighs)
Alya: A new environment, it'll be easier to breathe outside— You can do it. (leaves)
Rose: (gasps) What's the matter, Juleka?
Juleka: I... I'd rather not come.
Marinette: Wha? Why not?
Juleka: Nothing! I...
Rose: I'll stay with you.
Juleka: No, don't worry. Please go. Just tired, and need to study, and...
Marinette: Are you sure?
Alya: (from downstairs) Girls! We've only got thirty minutes left!
Marinette: (to Juleka) Okay, then. Make yourself at home.
Rose: See you in a bit. Mwah! (kisses her cheek, giggles as she waves goodbye)
Juleka: (sighs, takes the barrette out of her bangs) I was so lame. I ruined everything. As usual.

Scene: Hawk Moth's lair.

Hawk Moth: Yet again, my young prey fails to be the center of attention. (A butterfly lands in his hand) Nathalie, I need Mayura to give this negative emotion a new dimension. (Nathalie puts on the glitching Peacock Miraculous.)
[Transformation Sequence]
Nathalie: Duusu, spread my feathers! (turns into Mayura)

Hawk Moth: (evilizes the butterfly into an akuma) Fly away, little akuma, and evilize her!
Mayura: (takes a feather from her fan, evillizes it into an amok, and blows it away) Fly away, beautiful amok, and enhance and hone that frustration!

Scene: Outside the Bakery. Marinette and friends are getting into The Gorilla's car.

Alya: To the Eiffel Tower, please!
Adrien: Thanks for coming to fetch us.
The Gorilla: (grunts disapprovingly)
Adrien: We've got a little time before school's officially over! (lowers his voice) Doing this to help my friends out.
The girls: Please!
The Gorilla: (harrumphs in resignation, and drives them to the Eiffel Tower)
(The akuma and amok flutter into Marinette's bedroom. The akuma is absorbed into Juleka's bracelet, while the amok is absorbed by her barrette. She growls.)
Hawkmoth: (to Juleka) Reflekta, I am Hawk Moth. I'm giving you the power to make people look just like you again, so that everyone will notice you.
Mayura: Reflekta, I am Mayura. To help you succeed you'll be assisted by Reflekdoll. She'll be entirely under your control.
Hawk Moth: And in return, of course, you must get hold of Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous.
Juleka: Hawk Moth, Mayura, you can count on me. I will succeed this time. (Her body is engulfed in purple, and Marinette's room is blown up as a gigantic figure engulfed in blue forms.)
Citizen 1: Ah!
Citizen 2: What is it?
Citizen 3: What's that?
Citizen 4: Ah!
(The blue clouds surrounding the figure disappear, revealing Reflekdoll. Inside the doll, the purple disappears, revealing Reflekta.)
Reflekta: Heh, heh, heh! Hah! (jabs a huge barrette into the floor, Reflekdoll wakes up.) Yah! Hah! (She turns the barrette like a pirate's helm; controlling Reflekdoll and turning Tom, Sabine, and everyone else around her into copies of herself.)

Scene: The Trocadéro. The friends are in the middle of the photo shoot, laughing as they do so.

Alix & Adrien: (hearing Reflekdoll's thundering footsteps) Huh? (They all look up, see Reflekdoll, and run away screaming)
Reflekta: (all her words are projected loudly through Reflekdoll) Believe, my friends, you're the very people I've been looking for! I've got something special for your video! (tries zapping Marinette and Adrien, but they dodge and hide) I'm gonna show you what it feels like to be me! (she zaps Mylène and Alix, who turn into copies of her)
Rose: I'm sorry, Juleka! I should've stayed with you!
Reflekta: Juleka's no more! I am Reflekta! Everyone always forgets about Juleka, anyway. (tries to zap her, but she jumps away in time)
Marinette: Tikki, spots on! (touches her earrings) Tikki! Oh no!
Adrien: Plagg, claws out! Uh— (looks at his ring) Plagg?
Plagg: (lounging in the trunk of The Gorilla's car) This is our lucky day, Sugarcube. A miracle in the making! (pulls a camembert slice out of thin air) Now we can enjoy a nice, aged snack while we wait for them to finish their little film. (throws the whole slice in his mouth)
Tikki: Eww.
(Citizens scream, and the Gorilla grunts, as Reflekdoll zaps them all into Reflektas. Adrien and Marinette dash across the Trocadéro and hide behind the Gorilla's car.)
Adrien: Hide in the car!
Marinette: What about you?
Adrien: I'll uh...
Reflekta: (within Reflekdoll) Marinette! You stole my limelight. I was supposed to be the star of the film!
Marinette: But, you told me you didn't want to be!
Reflekta: You didn't let me explain! (zaps her into a Reflekta) Perhaps you'll understand me better now that you're in my shoes! (Reflekdoll lifts the car, and tosses it aside.) Nobody can escape me! (zaps Adrien into a Reflekta)
Tikki & Plagg: (In the car, screaming as it rolls. It lands and they fall out of it, groaning.)
Tikki: (seeing Reflekdoll turning everyone into Reflektas) Oh no, this is terrible, Plagg! How're we gonna be able to find our owners? Everybody looks exactly the same!
Plagg: We have to find their Miraculouses, first! (They begin searching.)
Tikki: Paris is doomed without Ladybug and Cat Noir!
Plagg: Got it! (holds up the Cat Miraculous, laughing triumphantly) Stay focused, Sugarcube, everything will be all right! (flies off)
Reflekta: (jumping around in Reflekdoll) Rose! Where are you, my BFF? Come to me, we'll be like twin sisters forever and ever! (Rose whimpers as she runs away) There you are!
Plagg: (Floating over the screaming citizens) Cat Noir? Cat Noir! Cat Noir? (one of the Reflekta's stops and looks at him)
Marinette: Plagg?
Plagg: Eh! You're not— (belches green bubbles)
Marinette: What are you doing here? Has Cat Noir lost his Miraculous? Have you seen Tikki?
Plagg: It's a long story, Marinette, uh—
Marinette: (snatches the ring and puts it on) Whatever, there's no time!
[Transformation Sequence]
Marinette: Plagg, claws out! (Marinette turns into Lady Noire.)
Tikki: (at the car, she finds the Miraculous) Yes! (hears footsteps) Ah!
Adrien: Plagg! Plagg!
Lady Noire: (attacking Reflekdoll) Ahh!
Adrien: Oh?
Tikki: Oh... Marinette!
Adrien: Plaaagg! Plagg!
Tikki: You are Cat Noir, correct?
Adrien: (nods) Mmhmm. And that over there is... Ladybug?
Tikki: There's been a little mix up with the Miraculous. I'm Tikki, pleased to meet you!
Adrien: (takes the Miraculous) Hm! Well...!
[Transformation Sequence]
Adrien: Tikki, spots on! (Adrien turns into Mister Bug.)

Scene: The Eiffel Tower. Lady Noire dodges Reflekdoll's attacks.

Lady Noire: Ah! Ah! Ah!
Mister Bug: Well, M'Lady Noire, it looks like you're playing the easy part today!
Lady Noire: Not so sure about that! (blocks Reflekdoll's attack with her staff) Looks like we'll be taking on two opponents with each other's power!
Lady Noire & Mister Bug: (dodge Reflekdoll's laser) Ah!
Lady Noire: Stay focused, Mister Bug. Use the yo-yo as a shield!
Mister Bug: (smacks himself with the yo-yo) Yoww!

Scene: Hawk Moth's lair. They are viewing the battle through Reflekta and Reflekdoll.

Hawk Moth: They've swapped their Miraculouses!
Mayura: And they're struggling with their new powers.
Hawk Moth: Make the most of it, Reflekta, their Miraculouses are within your reach!

Scene: Eiffel Tower.

Reflekta: Yes, Hawk Moth!
Mister Bug: Just my luck, I'm gonna have to capture two akumas instead of one!
Lady Noire: No! One akuma, and one amok! (Reflekdoll attacks, Lady Noire tackles Mister Bug to save him.)
Mister Bug: Ahh!
Lady Noire: Reflekta has been reakumatized by Hawk Moth, but that giant doll of hers is a sentimonster, created by the owner of the Peacock Miraculous! (attacks Reflekdoll) Hah!
Mister Bug: (attacks Reflekdoll) Hah! Okay, so we have to find Reflekta's akumatized object, and the baby monster's amok! (They block another laser beam.)
Lady Noire: Can you manage, or should we switch back?
Mister Bug: C'mon, I'm totally capable of doin' it. I just need to use my Lucky—!
Lady Noire: (grabs his arm) No, wait!
Mister Bug: Why'd you do that?
Lady Noire: Because it's too early. You don't know enough about your opponent yet!
Mister Bug: (tackles her) Watch out!
Lady Noire: Ah!
Mister Bug: It's Reflekta controlling a giant doll! (pulls her away from a laser)
Lady Noire: (They run past Reflekdoll.) But you don't know where the akuma and amok are hiding!
Mister Bug: The akuma's probably in the same place as the first time we fought her— in her bracelet! (They bound up the Eiffel Tower.)
Lady Noire: Maybe! We're gonna have to check that.
Mister Bug: If I could just get my hands on a mirror, I'd be able to reflect her own beam back at her! (They land on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower.)
Lady Noire: That's not how it works! (They dodge a laser. Reflekta growls with frustration.) The Lucky Charm doesn't just give you what you want.
Mister Bug: We'll see about that. Watch and learn! Lucky Charm! (a mirror appears) A mirror!
Lady Noire: (gasps) Beginner's luck!
Mister Bug: You're just jealous of my mastery, that's all.
Lady Noire: Hmph! (They hear a loud bong and rush over to see Reflekdoll climbing the side of the Eiffel tower. Reflekta holds onto its face, and shoots at them with her bracelet. Mister Bug reflects Reflekta's own beam back at her, and she's knocked down into Reflekdoll. She growls as she makes Reflekdoll charge a large beam at them. They jump back.)
Lady Noire: ( Sarcastically ) Very effective, Mister Bug!
Mister Bug: But, I thought...
Lady Noire: May I remind you that the Lucky Charm doesn't just give you an object to defeat the villain with? You actually have to figure out exactly how to use it to win the battle! Using your head! (She bonks his head with her staff. Reflekdoll reaches them.) Now that you've used up your Lucky Charm— (blocks a beam) you've only got a few minutes left— uh! (blocks another beam) Before you transform back, Bugaboy!
Mister Bug: Why don't you try helping me instead of making fun of me? (They dodge a beam.)
Lady Noire: Apparently, Bugaboy doesn't have a sense of humor.
Mister Bug: (jumping up the Eiffel Tower) Sounds like you're wearing the clown costume now!
Lady Noire: (twirling her staff) You bet! I'm the cunning, funny, and ultra-charming Lady Noire! Watch and learn. Cataclysm! (She cataclysms Reflekdoll's face.)
Reflekta: (As they fall) Whoaah! (Reflekdoll starts bugging out.) What's happening?
Lady Noire: You think that's normal?
Mister Bug: Dunno, I've never cataclysmed a sentimonster before. (Reflekdoll throws them off, going berserk.) It's as if the Cataclysm was like a bee sting on a bull! It riled it up without actually wounding it! (They dodge a beam.)
Lady Noire: We don't have much time left before we transform back!
Mister Bug: And we still don't know where the amok's hidden.
Reflekta: (tumbling around inside the sentimonster) No, Reflekdoll! Stop! She-Cat Noir? Bug Boy? Help me!
Lady Noire: So, you like playing with dolls? (jumps away)
Mister Bug: Hey! You stole my line! (jumps after her)

Scene: Hawk Moth's lair. The villains have their communication with Reflekta turned off.

Mayura: Should I retrieve the amok?
Hawk Moth: No, definitely not. Chaos can prove a good ally.

Scene: The Eiffel Tower.

Lady Noire: Hah! (throws her stick to keep Reflekdoll's eye open.)
Reflekta: (Mister Bug pulls her out with his yo-yo) Whoa! (They get away from Reflekdoll, and she turns on them.) These costumes look ridiculous on you, I'm going to redo your wardrobe!
Mister Bug: You could at least show a bit of gratitude! (breaks her bracelet, the akuma flies out) Besides, I think we look pretty good in these costumes.
Lady Noire: Don't forget to capture the akuma.
Mister Bug: I've always wanted to do this! (opens his yo-yo) Playtime's over little akuma. Time to de-evillize! (captures the akuma) Gotcha! (releases a white butterfly) Bye-bye, little butterfly. (Juleka turns back into herself, but a stray beam from Reflekdoll immediately changes her into another Reflekta copy.) Oh well, whatever. I'll just fix everything back up, anyway. Mira—!
Lady Noire: (grabs his arm) You might wanna stop Reflekdoll from destroying anything else before we go around repairing everything. (charges toward it) Haaah!
Mister Bug: (looks around, trying to figure out how to use his Lucky Charm) Okay, I admit it. It's not easy being a super Ladybug.
Lady Noire: (keeping Reflekdoll occupied) And I admit that I like wearing your costume. It's a lot lighter on the shoulders. (They hide behind a chimney)
Mister Bug: I'll never be able to do this without you, m'lady.
Lady Noire: Reflekta was controlling the doll from inside its eye. We're gonna have to get inside there and find the object containing the amok!
Mister Bug: But... how can we do that without getting hit by its beam?
Lady Noire: Why don't we just figure out how to use this mirror? You're a simple, straightforward guy...
Mister Bug: Thanks for the 'simple' part.
Lady Noire: While I always tend to come up with convoluted plans.
Mister Bug: Not to say, surreal.
Lady Noire: Of course! Simple and straightforward! (peers over at Reflekdoll) That access panel on the back of its head, that's how we're gonna get in. And all we need is a...
Mister Bug: A screwdriver!
Lady Noire: Or a coin! (points at the mirror)
Mister Bug: That's right! Or something big and round like a coin!
Lady Noire: Mmhmm. (She trips Reflekdoll, and Mister Bug ties it up with his yo-yo.)
Mister Bug: I would've just asked for a huge coin if I'd known.
Lady Noire: Sure, but you can never know in advance. (Mister Bug opens the panel with the mirror.) The stick shift is a hair clip!
Mister Bug: You're the best, m'lady! (Lady Noire breaks the helm with her stick, releasing the amok.) Time to de-evillize! (captures the amok) Gotcha! (releases a white feather) Bye-bye, little feather. (throws up his Lucky Charm) Miraculous Mister Bug! (The citizens cheer as the magical ladybugs turn everyone back to normal.)
Lady Noire & Mister Bug: (fist bump) Pound it!

Scene: Hawk Moth's lair.

Hawk Moth: (clenching his fist) We failed yet again!
Mayura: (clasping his hand) But there are two of us now. We're much stronger, and we will win in the end. Duusu, fall my feathers. ( Transforms back to normal )
Hawk Moth: Nooroo, dark wings fall. ( He transforms back to normal. The window closes)
Duusu: Yahoo!
Nooroo: Ah!
Duusu: That was awesome! Huh? (Nathalie coughs, then collapses. Gabriel holds her.) No, it wasn't awesome at all. (whimpers) Ohh, ohh— are you okay, Ms. Nathalie?
Gabriel: Everything's fine. She's just... tired.
Duusu: Yahoooo!
Gabriel: Nathalie needs peace and quiet. Duusu, let her rest.
Duusu: Yes, of course. Sorry.

Scene: Paris rooftops. Lady Noire and Mister Bug bound across them.

Mister Bug: Honestly, I understand why you never have any time to make jokes, m'lady.
Lady Noire: We both have our roles, huh Bugaboy? ( They jump into separate alleyways.)
Mister Bug: Spots off! ( He transforms back to normal. Tikki lands in his hands, and he gives her a bite of camembert. He begins taking off the earrings, which appear flat and silver.)
Adrien: See you again, soon, Tikki.
Tikki: Goodbye, Adrien! (takes the miraculous, which turn round and polka-dotted when she grabs them, and flies away)
Lady Noire: Claws in! ( She transforms back to normal. Plagg falls into her hands, and she gives him a bite of a macaron.)
Marinette: Bye-bye, Plagg. (hands over the disguised miraculous, which is rose gold) That was really awesome!
Plagg: (the miraculous turns black and green in his hands) Sure was! No better way to escape the boredom of daily life! (He flies off, returning to Adrien, who laughs with joy and embraces him.)
Adrien: You can count on me, Plagg. I'll never take off my miraculous again! (puts it on, and it turns silver) I'm not cut out to be Ladybug, that's for sure!
Marinette: (gasps upon seeing Tikki, and hugs her) Aww, (kisses her) I was so afraid I'd lost you forever, Tikki! (puts on her earrings, which become black) I'm so happy to have you back! (Tikki hugs her face, and they giggle and embrace again.)

Scene: The Trocadéro. Rose, Alix, Alya, and Mylène are with Juleka again.

Marinette: (running up to them) Girls! (gasps for breath)
Alya: Are you okay?
Marinette: I'm so sorry, Juleka, I should've realized how important the shoot was for you. Do you want to give another try? (Adrien runs up behind them)
Juleka: Yeah, totally! (lifts her bangs out of the way, then shyly puts them back) Awesome.
(Adrien tries going to them, but the Gorilla grabs him by the shoulder.)
The Gorilla: (grunts 'nuh-uh')
Marinette: Do you still have anytime left, Adrien?
Adrien: (to his bodyguard) It's important.
The Gorilla: (grunts sternly) Mmm.
The girls: Please? Please?
The Gorilla: (surprised) Hmm? (resigned acceptance) Hmm.
The girls: Yeah! Yay!
(The rest of the episode is a series of photos that Marinette is taking. It shows Juleka and Adrien posing in more photos together, with the Eiffel Tower behind them. Then Rose hugs her, then the other girls and the Gorilla jump in. This last photo has a border with bunny, cupid heart, cat, and dog emojis. Marinette then looks up thoughtfully and smiles. The end card has the same border as the final photo, except it shows Lady Noire and Mister Bug striking dynamic poses, with Juleka below in Marinette's suit, smiling at a photo.)


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496 days ago
But, why are you calling Adrien’s bodyguard, Gorilla? That’s kinda mean, and if you said that to Adrien’s bodyguard, he would be fuming!
496 days ago
This is amazing! I’ve watched every single episode of Miraculous (Including Reflekdoll)
But this is really outstanding!
543 days ago
no its the real episode if you have disney+ or netflix you can watch it
603 days ago
Huh I don’t get it?????? Waitttttttttttt waittttttt I do now i is a comic about them