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Tikki Gets Akumatized Part 1

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After Marinette loses the chance to be class representative, she gets mad at her kwami, Tiki, and gives up her Miraculous. Meanwhile, Tiki gets akumatized into the Humanizer.

    It was another day for Marinette, unlike the other. Because today was an important day. A day in which she would be a candidate to run for class repre
    It was another day for Marinette, unlike the other. Because today was an important day. A day in which she would be a candidate to run for class representative. But first, she needed to run for the election. Mrs. Bustier got the class's attention.
    “Class, attention up here. Marinette is running for the class representative position and Alya will be her deputy just like last year!” Mrs. Bustier announced to the class. Marinette and Alya went in front of the class. Everyone was clapping for them. Marinette loved getting all the attention, but that obviously did not last for long. Marinette’s heart suddenly got cold and stern as Mrs. Bustier made another announcement.
    “Do we have any other candidates? Each of you is free to apply for the position!” Mrs. Bustier said. No, no! Maybe someone like Chloe would apply and then for sure, she would buy the whole school new MacBooks! I have no chance this way! Marinette urgently had thought. Everyone looked at each other, uncertain of who else should apply. Lila looked around as no one wanted to run for the job. Marinette turned her head towards Alya and whispered.
    “Looks like we’ll be the class representatives for this year too!” Marinette giggled. Alya smiled.
    Mrs. Bustier started to speak again.
    “All right, class. Looks like the class representative for this year is--” Mrs. Bustier started but Lila cut her voice. Marinette was giggling in happiness until Lila stood up.
    “Mrs. Bustier, I’d like to try!” Lila said happily as she looked at Marinette like she had already lost. Marinette opened her mouth in surprise as Lila started to speak once more. She started to speak angelically.
    “I’m very attached to the class and I think that I would make a great class representative!” Lila said like a pretty little good-hearted angel. Lila stood up and held her hands together. Mrs. Bustier leaned forward.
    “Wonderful, Lila! Girls, because you two volunteered, you two need to develop a campaign and a speech by tomorrow. We will be reading them, and you need to have your own supporters!” Mrs. Bustier said as she informed the class. Lila suddenly looked at Marinette like a devil and Marinette knew that who she was against was serious, very real. Marinette looked back at her with a mean look, to at least look brave.
    Mrs. Bustier clapped her hands once more. “Now, let’s get back to class, everyone.” Marinette was eager to convince the teacher from making Lila a candidate.
    “No, miss! She doesn’t care about the class at all, she just went to displace me because I’m the current class representative!” Marinette said at Mrs. Bustier as she pointed one of her fingers towards Lila. Mrs. Bustier looked quite alarmed.
    Lila suddenly put her hands on her mouth as she stood up once more.
    “How could you think such a thing, Marinette? I care about the class so much and I would never want to displace you!” Lila said fakely. Mrs. Buster stood up.
    “Even though what you said is correct, Marinette, Lila still has the rights to run for the position as much as you and anyone else in our class does.” Mrs. Bustier tried to explain. Marinette still was eager to stand up.
    “B-but Miss, she’s going to manipulate the others and---” Marinette began. Marinette again pointed towards Lila. Lila started to speak again.
    “No, Marinette….But if me running for class representative makes you uncomfortable and disturbed, perhaps, then I can give up…..” Lila muttered beneath her lips. Lila put her hands on her heart as she continued. “I need some alone time, excuse me, Mrs. Bustier….”
    Lila stood up and got her bag. She walked away. Everyone looked at her, like she was the poor one. Max stood up too. He got out his phone. “Every student in the class has the right to run for the class representative!” Max assured the class. Alix stood up too.
    “It’s not fair for Lila not to candidate just because Marinette said she didn’t have to!” Alix replied to Max. Everyone crossed their hands. “Yeah, so unfair,” Kim replied to the other two. Mylene stood up and looked at Lila.
    “I would even vote for you, Lila!” she shouted back. Marinette looked at her friends madly as Mrs. Bustier got the classes attention. “Calm down, everyone!” Mrs. Bustier announced. She turned to Lila. “Lila, you are free to run for the position, you two can talk with Marinette to clear things out. Now go to your seat.” Mrs. Bustier said. She put her hand on Lila’s shoulder.
    Lila smiled as Marinette glared at her class in surprise. Lila sat back in her seat as she immediately glared at Marinette. Mariette knew Lila had been lying about the class care and all that. Marinette immediately rushed out of the classroom as Adrien looked at her in surprise. Mrs. Bustier looked back but turned back to the main session.

    Marinette angrily walked home, unable to think why she was ditching school at the moment. “Uhh!” she kept saying all the time when she was walking
    Marinette angrily walked home, unable to think why she was ditching school at the moment. “Uhh!” she kept saying all the time when she was walking back. She didn’t let Tiki come out of her bag to speak either. Marinette arrived at their bakery. Her mother looked at her, but did not speak, because she sensed the anger bubbling inside Marinette. Marinette could hear her parents talking about her way of coming in the house, but she was too angry to answer back, and she was worried to be unkind to her parents if she spoke. Marinette rushed inside their house and climbed the stairs to her bedroom. When she arrived, she immediately threw Tiki onto her couch. Tiki was quiet, but that had really hurt.
    “Ouch!” Tiki squeaked. She tried to get out of the bag, and finally made her way out of it just as Marinette saw Tiki. Marinette immediately backed away. “I’m sorry, Tiki!” she said. Then, Marinette immediately changed her face like she was mad. “It’s just…… Lila…… She’s…..”
    Marinette sure was mad. Tiki could see it. Tiki flew next to Marinette’s face and started to speak, and she thought her advice was going to calm down Marinette.
    “Calm down Marinette.” Tiki said. “You shouldn’t let her get you! You’re losing control over it and that’s exactly what she wants! Just try to be positive and accept things the way they are. Otherwise it’ll only get worse!” Tiki said as she tried to calm down Marinette. Tiki smiled, a Marinette turned to the wall. Tiki was sure this helped Marinette, but it had not. Marinette suddenly turned around, breathing in and out so suddenly as she started to shout at Tiki all of a sudden.
    “What do you even know about people, Tiki? You’re trying to tell me what other people think when you yourself is not even a human, and you’ll never be!” Marinette screamed. Tiki opened her mouth in surprise. I was just trying to help, I wasn’t trying to make you even more madder, Marinette! What happened about Lila that made you some mad? Tiki thought. Marinette suddenly backed away from Tiki and then came back to her. Maybe I was too harsh on Tiki, considering that she only wanted to help me….Marinette thought. She looked at the floor.
    “I’m sorry Tiki, I didn’t mean it.” Marinette said all of a sudden. She jumped to her couch as she started to rest. “I just need to rest…” Marinette said as she started to close her eyes.

    Meanwhile, school was over for the rest of Marinette’s class. Everyone was going out of the classroom, except Alya and Adrien. Adrien walked towards
    Meanwhile, school was over for the rest of Marinette’s class. Everyone was going out of the classroom, except Alya and Adrien. Adrien walked towards Lila’s desk as Lila opened her mouth in surprise.
    “Lila, let me ask you something…” Adrien said as he looked at his shoulder. Lila nodded as a yes. “You ran for the class representative only because Marinette did so, right Lila?”
    Lila stood up and put her hands into the sky. “Of course not, Adrien! It’s because I care for the class. I hope you’ll vote for me!” Lila said happily. Adrien made a face as Alya turned around to look at the two. Adrien shook his head towards the side.
    “Sorry, I’ll probably vote for Marinette.” he said. Alya and Adrien walked out of the classroom, leaving Lila alone inside.

    Marinette was sleeping until her phone had rang. She quickly woke up and grabbed her phone. It was Alya. Tiki looked at Marinette. Marinette pointed t
    Marinette was sleeping until her phone had rang. She quickly woke up and grabbed her phone. It was Alya. Tiki looked at Marinette. Marinette pointed towards the phone. “It’s Alya….” she said as Tiki. Then, she stood up and started to talk.
    “Hey, Alya……” she said. Marinette did not see, but just that moment, Tiki made a face like she was upset, or somehow displeased from Marinette’s actions. Marinette got out of her room and got out of the house. She started to go down the stairs to her apartment’s door as she was still chatting with Alya.
    “I know Alya.” Marinette said as she went into the street. “I should’ve not talked that way in front of the whole class. I just couldn’t control myself, I know I’ve made a mistake…” Marinette said as she proceeded to walk to the front of her parent’s bakery. She want in front of the bakery and saw Alya. “Huh?” Marintte asked as she made a confused face. Alya started to laugh, as Marinette followed her.
    The girls climbed the stairs up to the house as Marinette asked her parents if they could take a break and play with her and Alya. Marinette’s parents happily laughed as they joined the girls. They all started to play video games from the TV. It was so fun, in Marinette’s opinion. Playing with her family had made her much much calmer. Marinette’s father suddenly turned to Marinette.
    “Are you sure you’re okay, sweetie? You seemed really angry when you came home earlier today.” Marinette’s father asked. Marinette started to smile.
    “Yeah, I’m fine dad! People have bad times, but that’s why they have their loved ones to be by their side in times like these!” Marinette said smiling. She pointed at Alya, her mother and father too. They both hugged each other. Alya quietly whispered to Marinette’s ear.
    “Especially knowing that Adrien is going to vote for you!” she whispered. They both started to laugh as Marinette said: “And especially having you as my best friend!” she laughed. They both hugged as Marinette peeked up stairs to her room if Tiki was looking at them. Tiki quickly backed into the room, but Marinette had already seen her. They played until the day was over, and the weather darkened. Maarinette was inside her bed, looking at her tablet at some funny video someone had posted on KidzTubex. She suddenly started to laugh so hard, but Tiki’s distracted look made her look at the kwami other than the video. Marinette turned her heads towards Tiki.
    “You’re so distracted tonight, Tiki. What do you get your mind on?” Marinette asked as she made a worried look. Tiki spoke calmly without looking at Marinette. “Well, I was just thinking about what you said earlier today when you were angry….” Tiki muttered. Marinette looked at Tiki. “You know I didn’t mean it.” Marinette said. Tiki looked at Marinette’s pillow.
    “Yes…..You would never say anything to hurt me on purpose, I know that….” Tiki muttered again. Marinette nodded. “Yes, because you are special to me!” Marinette reassured her. Tiki suddenly hugged Marinette. A few seconds later, Marinette pulled her quilt on herself and showed a sigh to Tiki that she was going to sleep.
    “I don’t want you to be sad because of this again.” Marinette said sleepily as she yawned. Tiki came next to Marinette, this time she looked at her. “Allright.” Tiki said in a joyful way. Marinette took one last look at Tiki before she slept. “Goodnight, Tiki.” she said.
    Tiki pretended that she was sleeping for a second, but then, she flew a few inches of the pillow. She made sure that Marinette was sleeping, and then made that upset and broken hearted face again like everything between her owner and her was breaking up.

    Lila went out of her car and walked towards the basketball court. She waved her hand into the sky. “Good morning, everyone!” Lila said joyfully. S
    Lila went out of her car and walked towards the basketball court. She waved her hand into the sky. “Good morning, everyone!” Lila said joyfully. She walked towards her friends as she started to speak about some stuff.
    “Since I’m also running for school representative, I’d like to ask you if there are any changes you want to have in the school, and I would do my best to make it happen.” Lila said as she walked towards a group of students in her class. Rose started to speak for all of a sudden.
    “Well….Marinette was not able to get comfortable chairs….DO you think you can? This will help me concentrate in class.” she said. Lila laughed. “This is the least I can do for you all.” she said. Nino suddenly spoke up. “It would be cool if we could listen to beats while studying in the library!” he said. Juleka started to speak too.
    “And um… you know…. I kn- you know ....” Juleka said. Lila laughed. “You’ll have it. You have my word!” Lila said like she was certain. She suddenly tapped her chin. “By the way, have any of you seen Marinette? I really wanted to make sure if she was okay.” Lila said carely.
    Marinette had actually listened all, against a light pole. “I don;t have any chance of winning against her now, do I?” she asked as she looked down in her purse to Tiki. Tiki looked hopefully at Marinette.
    “You should never lose hope, Marinette! And never give up on something you really care about! You care about the class, then you should try your best to win over Lila!” Tiki said hopefully. Marinette smiled as she closed her purse and got out from the back of the pole. She reached up with the rest of her class and they walked to their classroom. Lila was talking with Nathaniel loudly.
    “I’m friends with the best manga publisher in Japan, you know? I can talk to him about your comic book!” Lila said happily as she and Nathaniel went to their seats which were next to each other. Marinette sat on her seat as she muttered to Alya. “There’s no way I can let her win!” Marinette said eagerly. Alya looked at Marinette as Marinette put her fist on the table.
    “It’s not about winning or losing, Marinette….” Alya said as she looked at Marinette. Lila and Marinette by order read their speeches, and finally, it was time for the voting part.
    “Now that we have listened to your speeches, it’s time for the clas to vote!” Mrs. Bustier said. Ivan quickly raised his hand.
    “I’m voting for Lila.” he said. Rose stood up. “I’m voting for Lila too!” she said. Then, Max immediately stood up. “I choose Lila.”
    “Lila.” Kim said.
    Marinette looked around. Everyone was voting for Lila, and no one had voted for her yet.
    “Lila.” Nathaniel said.
    Adrien suddenly raised his hand. “Marinette.” he said. Alya stood up too. “Marinette.” she said.
    “Lila.” Nino said.
    “Lila.” Alix said.
    Mrs. Bustier looked around the class as Sabrina and Chloe voted too.
    “Lila.” Sabrina said.
    “Lila.” Chloe said.
    “Lila.” Juleka said. Myle tapped her chin for a while.
    “I think I’ll vote for Lila.” Mylene said. Mrs. Bustier started to speak after the last student had made their decision.
    “Considering the votes of the majority of the class, the new class representative is Lila!” Mrs. Bustier declared. Lila looked at Marinette as Marinette stood up.
    “What? That’s not fair!” Marinette said madly. Mrs. Bustier got behind her desk as she calmly tried to explain.
    “Marinette, almost all of the students voted for Lila and that’s why we’re picking her.” Mrs. Bustier said reasonably. But Marinette was still not going to accept.
    “You don’t understand, I heard her! She promised them things she can’t do! She lied to them! And they believed her, that's why they voted for her!” Marinette said as she pointed to Lila and then the rest of the class. Chloe turned towards Marinette as everyone made bad looks towards her. Marinette did not care.
    “Why are you all so blind about her?” Marinette asked madly. But Mrs. Bustier was not about to stand Marinette a little more.
    “That’s it, Marinette. Go to the principal's office now!” Mrs. Bustier said as she pointed towards the door. Marinette groaned as she took her bag. Adrien and Nino started to talk and Chloe sent gossips everywhere.

    Instead of going to the principal's office, Marinette had instead gone to the bathroom. She quickly rushed inside a cabin and hit her fist on the
    Instead of going to the principal's office, Marinette had instead gone to the bathroom. She quickly rushed inside a cabin and hit her fist on the wall. Tiki quickly rushed out of Marinette's purse, to see what was happening. In that moment, Hawk Moth sensed Marinette’s anger and sent an akuma towards the school. Tiki spoke to calm down Marinette.
    “I told you to control yourself, Marinette!” Tiki said to Marinette. Marinette immediately looked at Tiki in frustration.
    “Don’t start that again!” Marinette said madly. Marinette stopped and then looked at Tiki once more.
    “You’re just watching aside and thinking it’s easy for me to just let it go. If you were me even for a day, you would’ve known!” Marinette shouted at Tiki. Tiki opened her mouth wide as Marinette spoke.
    “So don’t act like you know humans!” Marinette shouted again. Tiki tried not to cry.
    “No, Marinette! Don’t do that!” Tiki said as she saw Marinette reaching to her ears and getting out her earring, which were her miraculous.
    “I need some time alone!” Marinette said as she threw the miraculous on the floor. Then, she opened the cabin door and walked out. Tiki immediately reached to the floor and picked up the miraculous.
    Marinette walked out of the bathroom and was going away until she heard someone calling her name. It was Adrien.
    “Marinette!” Adrien said. Marinette started to blush all of a sudden but then stopped.
    “Can we talk?” Adrien asked as Marinette continued to look at the floor. Marinette suddenly smiled.
    “Absolutely…” she said.

    Meanwhile, Tiki was still wanting Marinette to come back, to accept the miraculous again. Tiki looked at the bathroom stall, but it was very obvious that Marinette was not coming back.


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Hey guys! It's me Miraculous_Queen. Unfortunatly I cannot go back into my acc... but I remember publishing other parts to this story. just search my username and you will see more parts of this story! I will be writing the other parts as soon as I log in to my account!

By the way, the comments are amazing!!! I love you all, and yes there is definitely gonna be more parts coming very VERY soon! Love you all sm!
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