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Tiki Gets Akumatized Part 2

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Tiki falls into despair, as she becomes a perfect prey for Hawk Moth. Will she de-evillize herself from her Akuma when she understands that Marinette actually cares about her?

( If I have 5 stars for this story and 1 million views, I will make the rest of the story and an akumatization story of Marinette Dupain Cheng )


    Marinette walked out of the bathroom and was going away until she heard someone calling her name. It was Adrien. “Marinette!” Adrien said. Marinet
    Marinette walked out of the bathroom and was going away until she heard someone calling her name. It was Adrien.
    “Marinette!” Adrien said. Marinette started to blush all of a sudden but then stopped.
    “Can we talk?” Adrien asked as Marinette continued to look at the floor. Marinette suddenly smiled.
    “Absolutely…” she said.
    Marinette looked at Adrien, and the two of them were so confused about each other that they had not seen an akuma going towards the bathroom. Hawk Moth followed his akuma as he sensed that Marinette’s despair had gone away.
    “What happened?” he asked himself. “The emotions have disappeared!” Hawk Moth sensed nothing until Tiki started to feel upset.
    “Hmmm….” Hawk Moth said. “But I can feel something new arising!” he said. He made his akuma go towards Tiki. And Tiki, which was unexpected of the akuma, couldn’t escape.

    Meanwhile, Adrien and Marinette sat on a bench as Adrien started to speak. “Okay, Marinette….” he started. “So I just wanted to talk about----”
    But Marinette was not listening to Adrien. She looked at him, and could not hear anything. Blah blah blah blah…. Adrien was saying. He’s so…. Marinette started to think all of a sudden. Adrien was still saying blah. Blah blah blah blah……. Adrien continued. At least, that was all that Marinette could hear. Gorgeous… Marinette thought. Adrien was still saying nothing in Marinette’s perspective. Adrien suddenly looked at Marinette.
    “Marinette?” he asked. “Marinette are you listening to me?” Adrien asked again. Marinette quickly shook her head as she returned to real life.
    “I’m sorry, what?” Marinette asked. Adrien looked at the floor and then back to Marinette.
    “Well, I was trying to tell you about Lila, but you didn’t even listen to me…” Adrien said. Then he started to speak once more. “Why are you so distracted around me?” he asked again.
    Marinette didn’t know what to say. “Uh, I was just…” she tried to mutter. But Adrien wasn’t listening to her this time. He was just looking at Marinette with a confused look on his face.

    Right then, the akuma Hawk Moth had finally sensed Tiki’s despair. The akuma slid underneath the door as it closed up on Tiki. The akuma went beneat
    Right then, the akuma Hawk Moth had finally sensed Tiki’s despair. The akuma slid underneath the door as it closed up on Tiki. The akuma went beneath the stall’s door and went inside the earring Tiki was holding. Hawk Moth was going to talk with his villain, but he was confused.
    “What?” he asked. “That’s a kwami!” he suddenly said. It’s Ladybug’s kwami…. He thought. “The miraculous shall soon be mine!” Hawk Moth suddenly smiled as he communicated with Tiki.Tiki dropped the earrings as she made it clear that she was surprised too. Hawk Moth suddenly started to speak with Tiki.
    “Humanizer, I am Hawk Moth.” Hawk Moth calmly said. “So your owner doesn’t respect your opinion because you’re not a human like her?” Hawk Moth asked.
    “I will help you become a human like her and no one would judge you for what you are!” Hawk Moth said. Tiki muttered.
    “Uh...I…..” she said. “No, I can’t be akumatized!”
    “I can’t leave my owner alone! This is wrong and I’m not listening to you!” Tiki said once more in a tone like a shout. She turned her back and crossed her hands towards her laps. Hawk Moth was not about to give up, not yet.
    “But it’s not wrong. She offended you every time you tried to help her. And it was all because you were not a human like her.” Hawk Moth tried. Then, he started to continue his speech. “Actually isn’t that all that you want? To live a human life just like her? I can read your emotions Tiki. You can’t hide it from me. And I can help you become human.”
    Tiki sighed. “But she didn’t mean it…” Tiki muttered. Hawk Moth signed too. Tiki was not easy to convince.
    “Don’t you remember what she told you just minutes ago? She can’t even stand you! She threw her earrings away just so she can get rid of you for a while!” Hawk Moth said. Tiki gasped in surprise and despair, but she did not say anything out loud.
    “You’re making her angry every time you speak to her and it’s all because of the fact that you are not a human, that you can’t fully understand what she means!” Hawk Moth shouted at Tiki. He continued. “Let me help you become a human just like her so you can live your life the way you wanted to and so you can show her you’re way more just than a kwami she can control!”
    Tiki did not say anything and instead made her upset face that she had been doing for the past few days. Hawk Moth grinned. “Yes! The emotions reappeared! I can feel the despair and sadness that has been controlling this kwami!” he said. Then, he continued to talk.
    “Humanizer, you will have the body of anyone's jewelry you get in!” Hawk Moth said. Tiki could not do anything about it any more. She transformed into Humanizer.

    Meanwhile, Marinette was still looking at the ground and back at Adrien, trying to find something to say, though she could not think of anything. Adri
    Meanwhile, Marinette was still looking at the ground and back at Adrien, trying to find something to say, though she could not think of anything. Adrien was still looking at Marinette in a confused look when Marinette had started to speak.
    “It’s just that….” Marinette muttered. Adrien was looking at Marinette.
    “What is it Marinette?” he asked her. Marinette looked away, and then back at Adrien.
    “So you want to know…..” she asked.
    “Yes!” Adrien immediately said. Marinette took a deep breath as she continued.
    “I love you, Adrien!” she said. “Even if you loved somebody else, I had to tell you! That’s why I’m always like this infront of you!” Marinette said as she suddenly felt like she had gotten rid of a huge weight. She looked back at Adrien and noticed that he had started to blush all of a sudden. Marinette immediately blushed too. Adrien started to speak.
    “Marinette…?” he said. Marinette looked at Adrien and suddenly felt guilty.
    “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable…” Marinette muttered quietly. Adrien could not look at Marinette.
    “No…….. it’s just…..” Adrien started to say. Marinette was still looking at the ground.
    “I know that you love somebody else…” Marinette said not looking. She stood up and started to walk away. Then, she turned back to Adrien. “Whoever you love Adrien, she’s a lucky girl….” Marinette said lastly. Adrien was still looking at Marinette, but he did not have the courage to say something. Marinette turned back in front of her and saw Tiki. That was when she noticed that Tiki’s color had changed. That’s when it also hit her. No, Tiki, you can’t be akumatized...no...no.. she thought.
    Hawk Moth started to communicate with Humanizer once more. “Is that your owner?” he asked calmly.
    Tiki nodded.
    Marinette widened her eyes as she gasped.
    “Tiki…..” Marinette whispered.


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662 days ago
Where’s the next part and what number is the episode
668 days ago
What is your backup account’s name?
674 days ago
Hey guys! It's me Miraculous_Queen. Unfortunatly I cannot go back into my acc... but I remember publishing other parts to this story. just search my username and you will see more parts of this story! I will be writing the other parts as soon as I log in to my account!

By the way, the comments are amazing!!! I love you all, and yes there is definitely gonna be more parts coming very VERY soon! Love you all sm!
722 days ago
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Are you ever gonna make Part 3?
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did you make any other stories this one was amazing! i
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Why aren’t you making Part 3?
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This story is epic!! But just like every one else is saying, WHAT HAPPENS Next. 🤔
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This is a good story
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I 🚔 want to know what will happen
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I wanna know what happens next
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I am very excited to know what happened next
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Tell us what happens next
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Cmon the season/episode’s out can’t you just share what happened next?
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What happens next? I’M DESPERATE TO KNOW!!!
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it cool and awesome
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Awesome story can't wait to see what happens next!
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