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Marinette Dupain Cheng Part 1

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Lila and Marinette has finally learned how to get along, and they were even friends, and that was what Marinette had thought until one dreaded day at Adrien's house. Will she discover what Lila is up to?

    Hi. I’m Marinette and I live in Paris. My best friend is Lila Rossi. In fact, we’re in a party at Adrien’s house right now. If you wonder who Adrien is, he is a guy from our school. He’s rich, but he’s not spoiled. Anyways, we’re having so much fun.
    “Lila, you’re the best friend a person could have!” I said as I spread my arms in the air. Lila smiled.
    “I know Marinette. That’s what best friends do. Help each other when they need help, right?” Lila said.
    “Yes. Lila, are you in love with Adrien?”
    “As a matter of fact, I am. I’ve been so in love with him that it had blinded me into bullying you. But now Marinette, we’ve BFFs! Aren’t we?”
    “Yes.” I said. “Anyways, oh there’s Kagami’s car! I bet she’s going to dance with Adrien!” I said as I narrowed my eyes.
    “Oh no! Kagami’s parents and Adrein’s parents know each other! What should we do?” Lila asked, concerned.

    “Well, there’s a lot of plans that I’ve made up for situations like this...and we can try one.” I said.
    Lila patted my back. “That’s my girl. What are we going to do then?”
    I looked around. I had a plan, but it was going to really hurt Adrien’s feelings if he knew that we were faking it. Suddenly, I had an idea.
    “Lila, when Kagami comes in, go next to her and make her mad. But right then, I will be video-taping you two to really ruin Kagami’s reputation. Got it?” I asked.
    “Well, I got it until here.” Lila said.
    “Then, Kagami’s going to say ‘get out of my way,’ or stuff like that, and you’re going to fall off the floor and say stuff like: ‘ouch!’ ‘eek!’ ‘owww’ and ‘ahhh.’” I said.
    Lila smiled. “Sounds okay. Can I say whatever I want to Kagami?” she asked.
    “Yes, Lila. I trust you with my life. Now, this is for Adrien, and us. We don’t want him to fly to Japan and never come back.” I said.
    Lila nodded in agreement.

    “Lila, stand still and stick to the plan. Kagami and her mother are entering the house along with Gabriel Agreste. They’ll be here in less than a minute. Stand by Adrien’s door.” I said.
    Lila walked towards the door as I found a good spot in the room to video it all up. Lila did a thumbs up to me as I did the same to her. And that was when Kagami came.
    “Adri--” Kagami started.
    “Hi, Kagami. I’m Lila Rossi from our class.” Lila said in a friendly way.
    Lila was speaking too soft and quietly for me to hear. But I trusted her.
    “Yes. I know you. Where’s Adrien?” Kagami said coldly.
    “Oh, but, I can tell you where he is. Kagami, I’m a friend. I’m sorry of all those things that happened in the past. Anyways, you might want to know why I was here and all that. Well, Adrien told me to welcome all his guests by the door. And Kagami, I hope that you forgive me. I never meant to steal anything from you, including Adrien.” Lila said as she put her hands on her face as she did a fake cry.

    Kagami smiled.
    “It’s okay, Lila. Everything in the past is forgiven. Now, you must not cry. Come on, let’s have fun with Adrien together. Lila?” Kagami asked.
    “Oh, Kagami, I would love to. But Adrien means everything to you. I never want to ruin your relationship, and I never will.” Lila said emotionally as she acted her best.
    “That’s so kind, Lila. So, where’s Marinette?” Kagami asked.
    Of course, I heard my name. That was when I leaned my ears closer. Lila was acting too friendly, and I was starting to get suspicious. I was almost going to go next to Lila when I stopped, and stuck to the plan.
    “Marinette? Oh, Kagami…” Lila said as she narrowed her eyes and looked at me.
    Lila made her voice louder for me to hear.

    “Kagami, I was just minding my business here, welcoming the guests, when Marinette came next to me and said she wanted help finding the bathroom. Then, I helped her. And she locked me in the room. I got out only when Nathalie found me.” Lila said. As she fake cried.
    Kagami couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Marinette wouldn't have. She just can’t. I need to tell this to Adrien.” Kagami said.
    Lila smiled as she narrowed her eyes. Again. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I looked at Lila as she quietly walked out of the room and into the hall of the house.
    I followed her, and finally made it up to her.
    “Lila! What was that supposed to be?” I asked.
    Lila was quiet for a minute then, she turned her head to me.
    “Marinette, as Chloe said, someone evil will always be evil. I think you just don’t listen hard enough.” Lila said calmly.
    “Lila, but you’re my best friend...I thought that I could trust you! But…” I still kept up with Lila.

    Lila turned around as she got her lips close to Marinette.
    “Marinette, I promised to make your life miserable once. And I will not give up again.” Lila said. She pushed the door and went inside. I was very shocked by her answer.
    But I was also dying of curiosity of what Lila might be doing in there. I looked from the keyhole.
    There was a picture of a yellow haired woman. Lila pressed a few areas of the picture when the ground she was standing on split open and she vanished inside.
    I had discovered a secret, and this was worth it. I might have the chance to know what Lila was up to. I said inside me.


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419 days ago
To be honest, I like the name, Humanizer!
419 days ago
I don’t want to be mean or anything, but can you continue the story where TIKKI IS AKUMATIZED? I would really love that, especially since I really wanna know what happens next!
425 days ago
hey guys this story may get deleted well cuz its not very fun and I am not in the mood to continue this one, but you can read
Because it's by best story yet, love you all. remember this is just a fanfiction don't write hurtful comment.... sometime I run out of idea as well so pls try to be understanding I know alya&mari best friend, not mari and lila, so yeah its a little weird but pls
and pls pls

thanks for understanding me!
522 days ago
I agree fanky,.......................
549 days ago
This is a story I kinda don’t like because Marinette and Lila are best friends, when Marinette and Alya are best friends, not them.