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Miraculous Fan-fiction: The Sting of the Bee

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    It was a wonderful day and Paris looked beautiful in the long-lasting sunlight, the sky was a dazzling blue, and not a cloud could be seen. However, M
    It was a wonderful day and Paris looked beautiful in the long-lasting sunlight, the sky was a dazzling blue, and not a cloud could be seen. However, Marinette was paying no attention to the blue sky and ferocious heat nor the fact that she could view this spectacular scene from the roof-tops of Paris as her alter ego Ladybug. All she could think about were the stinging words Chloe Bourgeois had shouted at her earlier that day in school. So far Marinette had been able to put these thoughts at the back of her head to focus on lessons but now that there was nothing to distract her and school was over, it was all she could think about. “Calm down Marinette nobody can control what Chloe says except herself, besides it’s not as if you are her only target, and imagine what Chloe would think if she knew you were Ladybug.” Tikki’s words only cheered Marinette up slightly but she still returned the encouraging smile Tikki gave her. “I know but I’m so angry Tikki and Chloe is just a stuck-up brat who cares about no one but herself!” Giving up, Tikki sighed, there was no point in trying to calm Marinette down as it was more than likely going to make her even angrier, and then she would be akumatized! That would surely be the last thing anybody would want.

    The Next Day

    Marinette went to the school the next day only to go home angrier than she had ever been before, including the time Lila had got her expelled. Chloe had done something horrible even for her and Marinette was almost considering being home-schooled until Adrien flashed into her mind. If Adrien was at school no way was home-schooling an option, but it could remain a possibility…
    Alya and Nino were chatting just outside the school when they saw the Akuma, at first it seemed as though it was heading for Adrien and Nino shouted out in warning. Now everyone was aware of it. The Akuma disappeared around the corner where Marinette was standing, upset and angry. It was only Alya who heard the familiar sound of her best friend’s voice speaking the two words that so many Parisians had spoken before her: “Yes, Hawkmoth.”
    She told everyone who could hear her run but Chloe was not running to safety she was running to the one place the villain would look for her first. Her Queen Bee signal. Alya got her phone out ready to film the villain fight (For Ladyblog reasons of course.) Cat Noir arrived on the scene and warned her to stay out of danger, but there was no sign of Ladybug. She had never been this late for a fight before, not ever. Had something happened to Paris’s beloved heroine or was Ladybug… no Alya couldn’t believe what she was thinking it was surely illogical, but if it was true, if there was any possibility of it being true, Cat Noir would definitely be taking on this villain alone. This was bad.

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Please make a sequel!!!!