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The Sting of the Bee PART 2!

1 Chapter - 363 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 55 taken-The story is currently being written

Sorry, for such a long wait for the second part but I currently have 3 fanfics on the go I hope you like this as much as the first one.

By the way, it ends in a cliffhanger so make sure you check out the 3rd part soon!

    PART 2 It had been hours since Alya had given up filming and was sure that she was not the only one who knew the identity of Ladybug, but of course, t
    PART 2

    It had been hours since Alya had given up filming and was sure that she was not the only one who knew the identity of Ladybug, but of course, this was not the worst of the problems at the time. For not only was Alya unable to help out as Ladybug was the one who handed out miraculous but Cat Noir was exhausted. You could easily tell. He wasn’t even trying anymore. Then the idea struck her, as long as the Akuma wasn’t in her earrings Cat Noir could break the object of which the vile creature inhabited and use his cataclysm to get rid of the Akuma. It was a full-proof plan and Cat Noir agreed as Alya told him this. It worked! Marinette was back to normal and Paris had yet again been saved.


    Marinette stayed on the down-low for a few days but when she finally thought everything had blown over she was bombarded with questions, however the look on Adrien and Chloe’s faces was unforgettable. Chloe looked apologetic and Adrien looked, actually, Marinette couldn’t read his facial expressions but it annoyed her that he was just standing and staring at her, it was kind of creepy. When the bell went for the first lesson of the day everyone left and Marinette went to pick up her bag when suddenly someone tapped her on the shoulder, it was Adrien…

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298 days ago
Hey just wanna let u guys know I will be discontinuing this fanfic I honestly wouldn't have made a second part if it wasn't for ur support but I have moved away from miraculous and everything but I have recently got rlly into the harry potter fandom so I will be on wattpad, m.fanfiction.net and quite possibly still on here on a new account: Bonnie Lestrange.
Sorry If I disappointed anybody and I'm pretty sure nobody will read this as I haven't updated for months but If anyone out there is still checking for updates I wanna say tysm even if my writing does kinda suck

Again sorry to disappoint but I was probably never gonna post a new chapter

Bye for now, I might be back one day until then
Miraculous wishes
387 days ago
If you have read every chapter of this fanfiction and hopefully enjoyed then you will be pleased to know that I am holding a competition!
Instead of writing it myself I want you guys to come up with chapter six and my favourite one will be used in the story
The deadline is March 31st
Please send the chapters in the comments
If you would like your name featured or a username please tell me what that would be
This chapter may not come out until July at the latest so I have time to read all the chapters...
There is no word limit
But no rude or unkind words
And have fun!

Miraculous wishes

417 days ago
Omg I love this story, I have so many questions:
Will Marinette be akumatized again, or will she be akumatized as Ladybug?
Will Cat Blanc show up?
And will chloe have the guts to say sorry?
Also in the next chapter I hope LB can like backchat Hawkie or something, that would be purr-fect.
424 days ago
Thank you melonseed54 for the suggestion but at the moment I have already started writing part 6...my main goal is to get to at least 10 parts and it wouldn't have been possible for me to even get this far without all of your wonderful comments they really make my day... I hope to start posting chapters at least once a dl fortnight but no promises... I am also creating a new account and I am currently working on reposting the chapters there... The account will be called MiraBug and I will also be working with another MLB fan called MiraQueen so be sure to check out her work too

Have a miraculous day
430 days ago
This is so good!
Much better than any of mine!
I can't wait for part 8!
If you need any help just let me know ☺️
Melony day!
462 days ago
Hi I know I haven't posted in a while but I have the worst case of writers block... Can I have some suggestions for Part 5 please and sorry for a long wait

495 days ago
Can't wait too @melonseed54! Please do part five!
507 days ago
Please do part five soon! Cant wait!
513 days ago
Loving this story!!!
518 days ago
That is true but without marinette having her miraculous the story wouldn't work!

Thanks for your comment!
521 days ago
Can't wait for the next part!!!!
521 days ago
If an akuma got into Maranette, then her earings would be taken from her to give to hawkmoth.

Sorry for my bad spelling