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Miraculous Kids

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    Evie Agreste was the sister of Tyler Agreste and the daughter of Marinette and Adrien Agreste. Unlike her parents, Evie had shoulder-length brown hair but inherited her mother’s blue eyes. Everyone knew the identities of the Parisian superheroes including hawkmoth which was why Evie was sent to boarding school in England along with her brother, the Lahiffe, and the Bourgeois children. This was because the children of superheroes were thought to be in the most danger. However, Evie’s blue eyes were not the only thing she would inherit from her mother…

    “So we crawl through the vents and jump out, then we-” Evie’s plotting was cut off by her best friend Millie Lahiffe, who always went along with plans cautiously yet gave them the benefit of the doubt. “Eve, we’ve been trying to escape for three years and we have been here since we were ten. Until word comes from our parents that Paris is safe, I’m staying here.” Amy, Tyler, and Max nodded in agreement, “It’s not like this is a prison, and Millie’s right, Paris isn’t safe. Although it seems unfair that we weren’t given a choice.” Amy was the sort of girl that tried to please everyone and again she had succeeded… in making everyone argue. “We are older now, the same age our parents were when they got their miraculous’.”
    “You mean, the same age as our parents were when they took the weight of the world on their shoulders.”
    “I STILL THINK WE SHOULD AT LEAST BE GIVEN A CHANCE!” Evie shouted at the top of her voice and a deafening silence rang in her ears. “We are the children of superheroes, not the children of kings and queens. We deserve a chance to be like the other kids our age, not stuck here in boring boarding school.”
    “Well you’re the daughter of Adrien Agreste – AKA Cat Noir – our grandfather is world-famous. He is Gabriel Agreste. Oh and not to mention our mum is Ladybug. You aren’t a normal kid!” Tyler spoke for the first time that morning and knew he had gone too far but Evie just answered coolly “First of all, our grandfather is, or was Hawkmoth, and secondly, our dad said the same as me, and look where that got him!”
    “Guys just stop. This is not a time to argue, and yes Evie I know that brothers and sisters always argue I have a sister myself, but that is not the point. I overheard Mrs. Jamely talking on the phone. We are going to be home soon!” this time Max spoke. “AND YOU’RE ONLY JUST TELLING US THIS NOW!” Tyler, Amy, Evie, and Millie all spoke in unison, and as though on cue Mrs. Jamely, the headmistress at Porterdown’s walked into the room. “I am sure you will be delighted to hear that your parents sent word that you must return home as soon as possible. There is a taxi waiting outside, so please pack your bags quickly and quietly as it is still early morning and the other children will be sleeping.” As she left the room the children started rolling around in silent fits of laughter.

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