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Adrien and Marinette are married! They know their secret identities! (Second version) Part 1

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So you’re probably looking at the title and maybe thinking “Why are you doing another version of the story you already made about Adrien and Marinette getting married and they know their secret identities?” The reason is that I was thinking about making another version of that story but BETTER! Once you have read this story and the other version you can comment on which one you like more! (There are 2 parts to this story)

Let’s get into the story!

Ladybug and Cat Noir have finished the battle against Marlena Césaire who has been akumatized (Alya’s mom) “Thank you, Ladybug and Cat Noir! But
Ladybug and Cat Noir have finished the battle against Marlena Césaire who has been akumatized (Alya’s mom) “Thank you, Ladybug and Cat Noir! But I must say I don’t think I remember what happened.” told Marlena. “You got akumatized, Mom, but don’t worry Ladybug will give you a magical charm to stop that from happening again,” replied Alya. Cat Noir looks for a rose in Alya’s house, just as there seems to be a rose on the floor from Alya to give to Ladybug. Ladybug grabs a magical charm from her yo-yo and opens Marlena’s hand to give it to her. “Marlena, here is a magical charm, this will help stop you from being akumatized again and always keep it with you,” said Ladybug. “I appreciate it! Thank you again, Ladybug! responded Marlena. “Bug out!” she called. They all go into their house but just before Ladybug leaves, Cat Noir grabs her arm and says “M’lady! Stay! I have something to show you.” he said. Ladybug looks at him and crosses her arms as she starts to show a face of wondering what it was. “Here you go!” he says. “Cat Noir! I told you to stop bringing me flowers!” she said. “Yeah, I know. When I tried to offer you a red rose, you told me in flower language, red symbolizes “passion” so you refused it! And when I offered you a white rose, you said that white stood for “pure love” and you refused it too! So now I’m offering you a yellow rose, because I’ve looked it up, and yellow represents friendship. Here’s to a perfect partnership!” responds Cat Noir. Ladybug crosses her arms and smiles at him. “Are you sure yellow roses don’t represent jealousy?” asks Ladybug. “Uhh, no, that would be blue roses? Hang on! No, purple! Or was it orange?” he blustered. Ladybug laughs a bit and takes the yellow rose out of his hand. “You don’t need to give me flowers! I already know you’re the best partner ever, Cat Noir! She smells the rose. “It smells really good anyway!” she says. She uses her yo-yo to hook onto a building (I think) “Thanks, kitty!” she said to him. Ladybug leaves, but Cat Noir is still inside the Eiffel Tower. “She’s so amazing! And so am I, by the way! I should be giving myself flowers!” he says to himself. Cat Noir kisses his muscles. Ladybug goes to an alleyway to transform back. Marinette gives Tikki a macaroon to charge up her energy, she runs back to the bakery. Cat Noir secretly goes to the park and hides behind a tree to de-transform back into Adrien. He gives Plagg his Camembert by throwing it to him. “Thanks!” says Plagg, swallowing up the cheese.
Meanwhile back at Marinette’s house...
“Ooh, I almost forgot, it’s my dad’s birthday tomorrow! I gotta knit a sweater for him like I do every year!” began Marinette. “I know you’ll think of something unique and inspiring, Marinette!” says Tikki while eating her macaroon. “Ooh, I’ve got an idea!” she shouted.
At the park where Adrien is... “Why are you here, Adrien? Aren’t you supposed to be home practicing your piano?” asks Plagg. “Sorry, Plagg, but I just want a bit of freedom, you know?” he answers.

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299 days ago
This story had to be published. That’s why it took longer.
333 days ago
Why hasn’t anyone voted yet? Can someone vote which one they like better?
333 days ago
You do have a good point there, Violet. But I took me an hour to make this so please respect me.
360 days ago
This story is good, although I don't know if 500 people will check it out so maybe not worth the wait.
424 days ago
If 500 people or more check out this FanFiction I will make a story where Adrien breaks up with Marinette and Alya fixes the problem. (This will be after this and Part 2)
434 days ago
Miraculouslover is me
437 days ago
Here is the story!

Make sure to vote which one you like more!

If I were to vote, I’d definitely pick this one!
439 days ago
Part 2 of this story hasn’t came out yet. ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️
443 days ago
This is the creator of the story, just saying the second is out and I know you’ll love it! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
451 days ago
This is the creator of the story, just to say maybe not vote yet until part 2 has came out
460 days ago
Thanks! Does that mean you like this one better?
461 days ago
Hmmm the story is very great!
462 days ago
I ;love how it is going! muchmore detail!