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The Sting of The Bee - The story so far!

5 Chapter - 1.717 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 86 taken-The story is currently being written

This is the sting of the bee so far, I reposted all the chapters onto this new account and I have edited all of the chapters, some have minor changes whilst others are completely different! I hope you like the story!

It was a wonderful day and Paris looked beautiful in the long-lasting sunlight, the sky was a dazzling blue, and not a cloud could be seen. However, Marinette was paying no attention to the blue sky and ferocious heat nor the fact that she could view this spectacular scene from the rooftops of Paris as her alter ego, Ladybug. All she could think about were the stinging words Chloe Bourgeois had shouted at her earlier that day in school. So far, Marinette had been able to put these thoughts at the back of her head to focus on lessons, but no, that there was nothing to distract her and school was over, it was all Marinette could think about. “Calm down Marinette, nobody can control what Chloe says except herself, besides it's not as if you are Chloe’s only target, and imagine what Chloe would say if she found out you were ladybug!” Tikki’s words could only cheer Marinette up slightly, however, she still returned the encouraging smile Tikki gave her, “I know Tikki but I’m so angry and Chloe is just a stuck-up brat who cares about no one but herself!” Giving up, Tikki sighed, there was no point in trying to reason with Marinette as the chances were she would get even angry, and then she would be akumatized… and that would surely be the last thing anybody would want.
Marinette went to school the next day only to go home angrier than she had ever been before, including the time Lie-la Rossi had tried – and temporarily succeeded – to get her expelled. Chloe had done something horrible even for her and the stinging memory remained clear in Marinette’s mind. She was almost considering pulling out of school before she realised that she wouldn’t be able to see Adrien again if she did, that meant that it wasn’t an option… but I could remain a possibility.
Alya and Nino were chatting just outside of the school when they first saw the Akuma. At first, it seemed like it was heading for Adrien, who was waiting for his bodyguard to turn up, and Nino shouted out in warning… Now everyone is aware of it. As they all stood in silence, no one daring to say a word, the Akuma slowly turned around the corner where Marinette was standing out of sight, upset and angry. Everyone breathed a joint sigh of relief but Alya was the only one who heard the familiar sound of her best friend’s voice speak the two words so many Parisians including herself had spoken before her… “Yes, Hawkmoth.” Alya shouted out, telling everyone to run, but Chloe was not running to safety she was going to her queen bee signal. Alya began filming (for the Ladyblog of course) Until Cat Noir arrived and told her to stay out of danger, yet there was still no sign of Ladybug… had something happened to Paris’ beloved heroine, or was Ladybug… No Alya couldn’t believe what she was thinking, it was surely illogical, but if it was true if there was any tiny possibility of it being true… Cat Noir would be taking on this villain alone. This was bad…

Word count: 537

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401 days ago
Wow! This is really great! The people who make the show should hire you as a story director!