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The Senju clan invasion

9 Chapter - 2.784 Words - Developed by:
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Summary: Long before the founding of Konohagakure, ninjas were constantly at war with each other, and were divided by clan. There were strong clans, like the Uchiha and the Senju...and there were weak clans...like the Inuzuka and the Haruno. This story is about one Uchiha in particular, Uchiha Madara, and the Senju clan invasion. Warning: SWEARS..

"Get to the top floor, both of you. Now!", Uchiha Yanamari whispered as someone knocked loudly on the front door. "Mother! I can fight! I don't wanna go up there where I won't be able to--" "Just go! You're not old enough to fight yet, Madara!" The knocking became louder. A deep voice with a strong Senju accent shouted, "You have one minute to open this door!" Izuna, the younger Uchiha, whimpered. "Please aniki! Let's go! Mother is right, we're not old enough!" "FINE. Let's just fucking chicken out." Madara grabbed Izuna's hand and dashed upstairs, managing somehow to not make any noise. Izuna hid in the closet. Madara put his ear to the floor. He heard his mother Yanamari ask the Senju soldier, "What do you want? I told you, I have no information! The other Uchiha warriors never tell me anything!" Madara facepalmed. His mother always gave stuff away with her tone of voice. "We were tipped off that you have valuable info on the Sharingan. By a very reliable source." Madara gasped. Izuna was quick to ask, "What is it, Madara-san?" Madara couldn't reply. He was stunned. It wasn't Yanamari who had the info. It wasn't his father Nayamaru either. The person the Senju was really looking for, the whole reason they were destroying the Uchiha camp, was...him!

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