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My Naruto life part 1.

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Today I'm a genin! I meet my squad, team 7, and well I suppose they ain't as bad I thought they would be! Our teacher set up a bell training... We did pass so it wasn't THAT bad, right... Right?

Hi, I'm Belle. Belle! Up you get! Today's your big day! My brother Toby said. I leaped out of bed and got ready in 2 minutes flat! I wore my light pink rose crop top and my aqua blue skirt and I tied my dark purple hair in a high ponytail. Toby put down breakfast, which was scrambled eggs and rice, and said, so, do you want Sasuke Uchiha on your squad? Toby asked. Sasuke was my friend since our parents died when we were about 6. Uh, yeah! I said. I and Sasuke were perfect at combining Justus and fighting together, we were almost Chunin level! Toby chuckled. Don't forget, Talia (Toby's girlfriend) is coming over! What do you want it to be, Girl or boy? I asked. W-what? Toby asked. I rolled my eyes. You said you and Talia want a baby. Boy or Girl? I asked. Umm, I don't know! Toby said. I stood up and said, I should get going. See ya big brother! I said and walked out the door. Sakura and Ino were running and throwing insults at each other. Idiots. I mumbled. I got to the Academy and sat next to Sasuke. Good morning! I said. And Sasuke smiled. My toe was 10th of an inch first! Sakura said. Sakura and Ino ran up to Sasuke and shoved me aside. Hi Sasuke-Kun! Info and Sakura said flirtily. A bunch of other Sasuke's fangirls ran up to him and flirted. Sasuke ignored everyone and said, Belle, sit next to me! Sasuke demanded. I nodded and sat down while every other girl glared at me. A few minutes later Naruto Uzumaki jumped on our table and glared at Sasuke. Naruto! Stop glaring at Sasuke! Sakura said but ignored her. I didn't say anything. Finally, I said, Naruto, get off our table (or what) But Naruto ignored me too. And then an idiot bumped Naruto and he fell on the ground and somehow I kissed Sasuke! Ahhh! Naruto yelled. While Sauskes fan girls cursed and complained that they were supposed to be his first kiss, I just looked away from Sasuke the whole time. At like 9:00 Iruka sensei walked in and started calling off teams. Team 7! Naruto Uzumaki! Sakura Haruno! Sasuke Uchiha! And Belle Black! Iruka Sensi called out. Gah! Why do I have to be with Belle and Sasuke? Naruto said. Because they had the best scores of the class and you and Sakura had the worst! So best to worst! Iruka Sensi said. Naruto growled at me. That's not a surprise! I whisper shouted to Sasuke. Sasuke giggled and said, right! We were down for the day and when I was walking out Sasuke walked up to me. Hey Belle, do you... Want to train with me? Sasuke asked. Sure! I said. We went to the woods and we trained for hours. So Belle. Sasuke said. Hmmm? I said. Isn't it weird were on the same team? Sasuke asked. I nodded. Yeah, but we can't help being geniuses! I said laying in a tree. Sasuke chuckled. Well, I best get going, my brother's girlfriend is coming for dinner. I said. Sasuke nodded and said, see you tomorrow. I couldn't help but think about tomorrow! It was a bigger day than today! I arrived just in time to have sushi and cinnamon rice balls for dinner. At 9:30 I yawned and went to bed. I had a horrible nightmare! My family including Toby were murdered right in front of me and I was next! I sat up breathing heavily hearing Toby snoring from across the house! It was only 2 am but I got ready for today. I was done with everything by 2:14 and I decided to go train. I left a note saying, I'm out training. I'll be back by 6. Belle.
I went outside and trained and trained and trained until my fingers were bleeding from throwing shurikens so much! Huff puff huff! I didn't care my fingers were bleeding, I had to be as strong as I can be to protect everyone! Not even Naruto trained as much as me! I got back by 6 and Toby was there putting down avocado toast and rice down on the table. Hey Toby. I said. Somehow Toby noticed my fingers were bleeding and he put his hands on his hips. Belle... I understand you training hard, but the harder you train the more dangerous it'll become! Toby said. I sighed and said, fine! I won't train so hard today! I said. Good! At least you are safe while your training! Toby said. Umm, whatever helps you sleep at night Toby. I said. Terry sighed frustrated and grabbed the new milk carton. I'll be home by 10:00 pm, I have a serious mission tonight. Toby said. Kay! I said. I hugged Toby goodbye and I was out the door!

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