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Naruto life: episode one.

6 Chapter - 1.840 Words - Developed by:
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If you like Naruto, here you go I guess...

Hi Sasuke! I said. Hi May. My last name was Quinn... And some people think I'm a little crazy, so, my "nickname" is Harley Quinn. Hey Harley Quinn! Naruto said. Shut up loser! I said. Naruto glared at me and jumped on our table. A bunch of Sasuke's fangirls were screaming, stop glaring! Get off their table! Crap like that. Then, some idiot bumped Naruto and kissed Sasuke! I scoffed with a huge smile. I ship you! I said in a sing-song voice to Sauske. May! Sasuke said, wiping his lips. I've known Sasuke since we were 6 and we were... Not BFFs, just bf's! I couldn't help but burst out laughing. Sasuke glared at me. What? It was kind of funny! I said. Sasuke smiled at me. Iruka sensei walked in. Okay, today you'll be put on your teams, so listen up! Iruka sensei smiled. Eventually, he called Team 7! May Quinn! Sasuke Uchiha! Sakura Haruno! Naruto Uzumaki! Naruto got really mad and pointed to me and Sasuke. WHY DO I HAVE TO BE WITH SASUKE AND MAY? Naruto said. Because Sasuke and May had the best scores in the class and you and Sakura had the worst! Best to great eh? Iruka sensei said. Naruto growled but sat back down. When Iruka sensei FINALLY finished, we were done for the day. I and Sasuke ran into our secret training area. What a coincidence we were put on the same team eh? I said throwing a shuriken. Sasuke nodded. I hummed and Sasuke looked at me. That's...... That's not half bad... Sasuke said. Thank you! I said. I did a back handspring and landed perfectly, then I jumped into a tree and lay on its branch. Chidori! Sasuke said. Chidori! I said at the same time and we did it perfectly. Hmm! I said. Sasuke scoffed. We need to do it better, May! Sasuke said. UGH! You said it yourself, we do it perfectly! What else should we do? I said. Sasuke sighed. Whatever. Sasuke said. I don't even know why I'm friends with you. I said and smirked. We trained for hours and hours until Sasuke had no more chakra. I yawned. Tired? Sasuke asks. Yeah... I said. I didn't have a house or any family or money so it was sort of hard to live. I sat on the ground next to a tree. Sasuke sat next to me and yawned. And before I said anything, I was fast asleep. I woke up around 6 am and Sasuke was still asleep. I gently jiggled him. Wake up Sasuke, we need to get ready! I whispered. His eyes slowly opened and he yawned and looked at me. I smiled. Good morning! I said. And Sasuke smiled and stood up. I'm going to go get ready, see ya in a few minutes. I said. Sasuke nodded and went to get ready. I got some water from the clean river and brushed my hair. I had wavy dark blue hair and bright blue eyes. I wore my black crop top and my black leggings and put on my blue shoes. I put my hair in a high ponytail and I was done! I and Sasuke walked to the Academy and just talked. We went to our room to wait for Sensi but he took FOREVER! Naruto! Get down! Sakura said. Naruto was doing one of his idiotic pranks and put an eraser in the doorway. Do you really think he's going to fall for that? Sasuke said. Naruto got down and a few seconds later, the door opened slowly. Our eyes widened and the eraser fell on his head! Naruto laughed his butt off and Sakura played the innocent card when I and Sasuke said nothing. My first impression of this group..... You are all a bunch of idiots!

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