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The Alicorn's Secret

1 Chapter - 339 Words - Developed by:
- Updated on: - 1,672 taken-The story is currently being written

The 6 friends from the successful tv show, "My Little Pony" think they have everything figured out, but when they realize there is more secrets waiting to be revealed they might just have another adventure on their hooves.

Twilight Sparkle watched her friends play outside from her castle. She sighed and started brushing her soft purple hair. After she and her friends had defeated Derrick, it seemed like they had become even CLOSER than before. She didn't even think it was possible. Even though, she still felt like something was missing. Not her destiny, since she had figured out that she could spread the magic of friendship, but something else... like maybe a secret. Twilight shook her head. How silly! A secret? Hah hah! I just need to take a break. She thought to herself. I need some fresh air.
So she trotted down the marble stairs. She soon found herself basking in the sun beside Apple Jack.
"Sure glad ya came out Twilight! Why you've been cooped up in that there castle all day! Some sun shine will do ya some good." Apple Jack said.
"Thanks AJ." Twilight said. "I... I've just had a lot on my mind lately."
"Like what?"
"Well... it’s kinda silly, you wounding understand."
"That’s just plum silly. You can tell me anything. I'm your friend!"
By now the others had overheard and came to stand by Twilight's side.
"Come on Twilight! We are your friends!" pressed a Pegasus named Rainbowdash.
"Well okay..." sighed Twilight.

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