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Importance- Levi x Petra Fanfiction (Attack on Titan)

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This is a fanfiction of Attack on Titan.

I do not own Attack on Titan, or this fanfiction. The fanfiction is owned by pammazola on Tumblr.

It is Isabel who meets her first.

In vast comparison to the other dorms, the women's sector is arranged neatly without a distinguishable trace of dust or grime. She thinks that Aniki would like the pleasant scent of lemon that seems to linger around the room; maybe she can sneak him in here, just in case of an emergency. The place is not quite so large, but each of the bunk beds looks practically identical. Her initial, sputtering anger of being separated from her family cools. At least she has a bed, Farlan points out, taking refuge within his own, utterly oblivious to Levi's violently throbbing temple as the pristine white sheets are wrinkled in the process. He is right; they have certainly slept in worse places although Isabel cannot say she was necessarily upset about it. Running from the Military Police made every crowded broom cupboard and laundry chute feel like home.

Here, there is no one for her to turn to.

She fakes it, walks with loud, echoing steps, head held high. Her emerald colored eyes glance assertively to the left, to the right, searching for a vacant bed and its conjoining partner. The few soldiers that seem to notice her make no indication of giving Isabel guidance, these women did not jeer or shout insults like she expected, though it is written plainly in their expressions, the way they cruelly put their backs to her and the prominent vibe of ‘unwelcome' seeps like acid down her throat. What would Aniki and Farlan do…? Isabel looks around but of course they are not there, she feels herself becoming smaller, lost in a giant nest of ants that bite and tear at the frayed strands of her confidence.

Fortunately this trance is shattered.

“Hello? Do you need some help?”

Isabel starts, realizing that in her haze she has nearly collided into another cadet. The young woman before her stands with a perfect posture, looking down upon the newcomer, though not in a manner that would be condescending. Curiously, she does not find a hint of the suspicion and mistrust that has quickly become familiar since their arrival. Rather, Isabel sees only light puzzlement in an otherwise clear expression.

It reminds her a bit of Levi.

“Who are you?” she asks uncertainly.

The strange cadet nods. “I am Petra Ral, a dorm prefect. I can help you settle in.” Isabel cannot tell if she says this out of a sense of kindness or obligation, however many of the bystanders are throwing bewildered looks at Petra, whispering amongst themselves. She is inclined to believe it is the former. Regardless, at least someone is willing to give her direction.

“Thanks, I guess,” Isabel surveys the room again. “So… where do you stash the gnash around here?”

She cannot help it. At that, Petra breaks into a broad smile. “That would be the mess hall, and lunch will be served soon. Let's hurry and get you ready. It's five laps for every minute that you're late.”

Isabel blinks in disbelief. “But… the food is free. Why would anyone want to drag their ass…?” She follows the older woman to a bunk nestled in a far corner ideally - she notices - with a window that overlooks the training field. There might be a way to communicate with the boys and her heart lifts a little. Petra follows her gaze out the window, notices her sigh wistfully. She instinctively reaches out and playfully ruffles the newbie's shaggy head of hair. “Hey, there's no time for daydreaming!”

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