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Brad will Simpsons’ holiday love

1 Chapter - 274 Words - Developed by:
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Brad has just unpacked his bags and is now ready to meet some new friends and maybe a girlfriend!

"Bradley" His mum was shouting him from down the hall, " James has just called round asking if you have time for band practice, he says there is a new fangirl!😍'' Brad ran down the stairs, kissed his mum on the cheek and rushed out to the garage. Brad paused to see a beautiful tall girl with aurbon locks hanging down to her shoulders watching Tristan play the drums.
"Hello?" Brad called out as she turned around.
"Oh Brad this is Libby, she has shown us around the village and would really like to meet you!" James butted in.
"Hi, you must be Brad then. I love your hair," Libby pulled one of those innocent faces, " OH MY GOD! I'm soo sorry that came out wrong I'm just so nervous, nobody every really comes all the way out here!"
"It's alright, we don't get very much friends as everybody we know are fans so it's kind of nice you here!" James turned to Brad and mouthed, you to make such a cute couple!

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