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When Life Gives 'Ya Lemons

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This a DBZ FanFic. If you don't know what DBZ is, then I suggest you watch all the episodes or leave... The characters of DBZ find out what happens when you read Rated M FanFiction...

    Goku scratched the back of his head; he had just received a strange, anonymous letter. However, the words were strange to him, and he didn't have the slightest clue who the writer could be... Shrugging his wide, broad shoulders, he walked into the kitchen. Where his hotheaded, but loving wife, Chichi was. Along with her two sons, Gohan and Goten. Every time Goku saw his youngest son, Goten, he felt a wave of guilt flood over him. Goku hadn't been present at his birth, and he didn't know much about him. Chichi looked at her husband, "Goku?" She asked. He smiled a wiry smile, before handing her the strange letter. She scanned, leafed through the letter quickly, before a small smile appeared on her face. "Someone's invited us to the theatre. Apparently it's free, and the whole gang will be there!" She had a cold look on her face as she mentioned the 'gang': Chichi wasn't very fond of Goku's friends. They left the house quickly, and met at the theatre. As promised, everyone was there. However, the rules said this: "Please remain quiet while sitting down. Otherwise the owner will be unhappy." They all did as asked, sitting in their seats quietly. Goku sat next to Chichi and Gohan; Goten, Trunks, and Marron had to go to the kids' room. Beside Gohan, Vegeta and Bulma sat. Bulma had a round belly, as she was expecting a baby, as was Videl, Gohan's wife. Which she wasn't here: she volunteered to look after the kids. (After reading a very long FanFiction of "Piccolo Has A What!" I love that fic XD) Goku's eyes were wide. He blinked slowly, turning his head towards where the Namekian was supposed to be. Of course, Piccolo had run away. Unable to read more out of pure embarrassment. Chichi had collapsed in shock, so she lay twitching in her armchair. Gohan's face was scarlet, his eyes wide with shock and disgust. Vegeta stared in silence, while his wife, Bulma, coughed. Breaking the long, awkward silence. "That's enough reading for today..." Yeah, this sucked XD I was in a rush, and I won't be editing it. Since it's limited to ten minutes. -_-* Trust me, I can do A LOT better than this. XD

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450 days ago
what is happening? who's POV is it?
1201 days ago
I dont get this
What is happening